Menifee Band "Skye" in the News

A Menifee screamo band named Skye was recently interviewed in the Valley News. They have some great music which can be listened to at their myspace page.

Band Members are:

Mikie Perez-guitar/vox
Kyle Carter-bass/vox
Ray Zayas-guitar2/vox
Erik Deandero-is back on drums with vox

"Skye is anything but soft. Their fans know them for their aggressive delivery and onstage daredevilry, but they have a soft side. At their occasional acoustic performances they let their fans hear the more sentimental aspects of their usually thunderous music. Read the rest of the article at or visit them at to listen to their music.


  1. what a winning attitude. I am sure you are a successful person... NOT. I am sure you have never been in the paper for anything. These kids are on their way to bigger and better things.

  2. This group used to practice across the street from us in the garage, several years ago....
    We thought they were good, but not what we would choose to listen to...different strokes for different folks...

  3. By bigger and better things, are you refering to drugs and jail?

  4. You Negative people are so LAME!!!

  5. Playing Music + Joining a band = Felon?? Are you serious?

  6. To all you people thinking that these kids are negative or junkies and felons...think again.

    I've gone to school with these kids and they've definately brought a positive feel to the school during their stay there.

    Skye has been broken up for some time now due to Mikie Perez [vocal/guitar] attending school. He is currently a sophomore at UCR.

    The rest of the guys have reunited the band under a new banner -- Alpha Truama. They have not yet played any shows, but they are back better than ever.

    But please, don't knock it 'til you've tried it. These kids are not bad.

  7. I wouldn't just jump out there and call them bad people, but the Erik kid dumped a bunch of garbage near my house. How do I know? well he left some bills in there... he also left a bunch of love letters from some chick. I was thinking of saving all the trash and dumping it on stage at this next show.