Anna Hill - Wine Consultant

Anna HillAnna Hill, who's name is frequently seen around the Menifee Valley as a Realtor, wants everyone to know that she's started up a new business as a wine consultant for Wine Shop At Home.

She'll set up a "wine tasting party" at your home to introduce you and your friends to a wide variety of red wines, white wines, sparkling wines and dessert wines.

All you have to do to prepare for a wine tasting party is to get some glasses, some appetizers, between 8-14 friends, $59.00, and call Anna at (951) 672-4237.

Ask her about joining the wine club, where you'll receive two to four bottles of wine delivered to your door each month.

Visit her website at:


  1. I have been to one of her tastings and had a realy good time. Its a great way for your couple friends to have an evening together.