Menifee Valley Incorporation Committee

Another invitation for interested people to join us at our next meeting. This will be December 6,2006 at the Haun Community Center at 7:00pm. I haven't received the agenda but I will put it on the MVIC web-site as soon as I receive it.


Heart of a Hero Benefit Concert

This Sunday, Dec 3, Menifee's very own Michelle Crowley will be performing a benefit concert, here in Menifee, to raise funds for the families of the fallen firefighters in the Esperanza Fire.

We wrote about Michelle Crowley last May, as a rising country music artist, having opened for Carrie Underwood at a concert in Morongo.

The event takes place at the Wooden Nickel Ranch, at 1:00pm, and runs all the way to 8:00pm. Michelle will be performing her signature song, "Heart of a Hero", which happens to be about firefighters.

Tickets cost $15.00 per adult, and $8.00 per child (0-13), or $50.00 for a group of five.

You can listen to Michelle's music on her website here.

You can also visit Menifee Mail Station (next to Fantastic Sams in the Albertson's Shopping Center), to buy Michelle's CD.

Heart of a Hero Michelle Crowley

Explosives Stolen from Construction Site

The Riverside County Sheriff yesterday posted a notice that some blasting agents were stolen from a construction site at teh 25000 block of Newport Rd in Menifee.

Here's an excerpt from the notice...
Upon arrival, deputies learned that unknown suspect(s) forced entry into a temporary permitted storage area located at a construction site.

Taken was a quantity of a blasting agent, a compound mix designed to be used in quarry and construction blasting operations. The compound is stable and does not become volatile until used in combination with other explosives.
And here's a photo of the blasting agent...

blasting agent

Because of the nature of the material, the Sheriff has brought in the fed boys. If you know anything, contact the Sheriff at (951) 940-6200.

How Was Your Thanksgiving Holiday?

Thanksgiving Day in Menifee went by pretty smooth and uneventful for my wife and I. We had her mother visit us for a few days.

My wife went all out, roasting a turkey, putting on the full Thanksgiving Day spread, complete with brand new silverware, and pulled out the high-priced crystal for drinks and plates. She put out all kinds of appetizers, which had already filled me up. Prior to that, she had baked a pumpkin cheesecake pie.

Thanksgiving Dinner

After we ate, she ran four loads of dishes in the dishwasher, carved up the rest of the turkey and put it in the refigerator, and put all the other leftovers away too.

If this all sounds par for the course, consider that she has kidney failure, has hemodialysis three times per week, had her thyroid removed, and doesn't normally have a lot of energy. She hasn't put on a spread like this for years, probably over a decade. I was really proud of her.

Since my wife and I don't have kids, and much of our family lives out of state, we're used to having a "traditional Thanksgiving" by sharing it with Native Americans. That is, we go to the indian casino and eat at the buffet!

So how did your Thanksgiving go? Click on "Post a Comment" below and tell us all about it.

Santa Claus Comes to Menifee

The Lake Menifee Women's Club will be host to Santa Claus' arrival to Menifee, on Sunday, December 3, 2006, from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. at the Menifee Community Center, 28545 La Piedra Road.

Admission is FREE and there will be prizes, games, crafts. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

If you have any questions, please contact Pat Rich @ 679-8391.

Menifee JAAF Goes to Superbowl

Dave Fokken, a JAAF coach submitted the following e-mail to me...

Hi everyone, just to follow up on what Doug mentioned about hoping to have some of our own Menifee teams in the Super Bowl, GREAT NEWS! The Div. 3 Micro team, 9 & 10 year olds, beat Big Bear 26-6 yesterday in the Semi-finals.

They boys played really hard and earned a solid win. The Jr. Peewee Menifee team, 11 & 12 yr. olds, also won on Saturday to advance to the Div. 3 Jr. Peewee Super Bowl!

All the players are very excited to play in the Super Bowl especially on our home field, Paloma Valley HS. I am sure the teams would be grateful for any local support and cheering we can get on Sunday, 11/26.

The Micro team plays at 11:00am and the Jr. Peewee team plays after them at 1:00. Hope to see you there.

Dave Fokken, one of the Micro Div. 3 coaches.

More Car Vandalism in Menifee

I wanted to pass along some reports of car vandalism in Menifee.

The first is an e-mail from Sabrina, concerning car windows bashed in during Halloween...
Is it just my street? I live on Ridgemoor Rd. and yet again our street has been hit by the window bandits.

These bandits break car windows that are left parked on the street.

So far cars parked in their driveways seem to be spared. The trend seems to be on a holiday weekend. I’m wondering if

it's out of town visitors who hit and get sort of speak. This last round was on Halloween and the time before was 4th of July.

I'm just curious if others are experiencing window bandits in your neighborhood.
Another report was posted online on another blogger's website...
Well it was an act of vandalism and the guy said over this weekend there was 11 incidents of slashed tires in Menifee/Miralago alone... So yeah WTF! last time they were nice enough to leak my tires and leave a note of hatred >__<
Back in July 2005 we reported another incident of smashed car windows. Click here to read.

The San Jacinto College Campus Police doesn't venture out into the western side of Menifee where Ridgemoor Rd is. We gotta get more cops on the street. I'm siding more and more with Menifee Cityhood, and getting our own law enforcement.


I am back for the last time with this subject. The festival is being held this Saturday at the Mt. San Jacinto campus in Menifee. My wife reports that she has over 60 vendors, many from the local area and offering a wide variety of products. She also has announced that Supervisor Jeff Stone will be there at about noon to talk with residents and generally share in the festivities. There will be something for everyone from pony rides for the children to jewelry and clothes for adults and a line of apparell for man's best friend. Remember, Tarbell will be holding a raffle at their booth to benefit the lost firemen's families from the recent fire. Here is a chance to give back to those who gave so very much in protecting property in the Esperanza fire. Let's all get out and help create a community spirit for Menifee. We need an identity and here's just one way to help in this regard.


Verizon FIOS Television Coming to Unincorporated Areas of Riverside County

Verizon announced today that it will be bringing it's FIOS Television service to unincorporated areas of Riverside County.

The service will become available to more than 41,000 households in unincorporated areas. FIOS Television is already available in Murrieta, Temecula, Lake Elsinore, and Perris.

FIOS TV is a new competitor to cable and satellite television. It's basically another cable television provider, delivered on 100% fiber-optic cable, and delivered exclusively by Verizon. Verizon touts the advantages of FIOS TV as providing "room-shaking" sound and crystal clear digital pictures. FIOS TV also offers several high-definition channels.

It also offers all the same channels available through cable and satellite providers.

Click here to visit FIOS TV.

Click here to read the press release:

Team Women - Menifee Chapter

Jennifer Kunkel, a Menifee Valley resident, announced the Menifee chapter of Team Women.

Team Women is an international business networking group where all the members are women. Members consist of business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing and sales people, or anyone in a position of doing business. Members refer business to each other.

The Menifee chapter has eight members so far, and is welcoming more.

They meet every other Monday (not sure which ones) at 6:00pm. But if you're interested, contact Jennifer at (951) 757-5328 or email her at:

Jennifer works as a sales consultant for Tastefully Simple.

Menifee Woman Finds $3,000 and Gives it Back

Another installment of "Menifee in the Blogosphere" show us what's being said about life in Menifee from other folks on the Internet...

1. Cristine, who lives in Menifee, tells the story of how she found $3,000.00 cash at a McDonalds (presumably the one in Sun City?) and gave it back to the owner...
I found a woman's purse in the bathroom of McDonalds (I was in the drive through to get a grilled chicken sandwich and suddenly had to pee badly so I ran inside!). I called a number in her L.V purse (filled with at least $3,000 CASH, credit card's and big checks) and the person had her call me *I didn't mention where I was - just that I found a purse* the lady identified herself and arranged her best friend in Menifee to meet up with me and get it.
Apparently the lady offered Cristine $400.00 in reward money, but she declined. But when the lady described herself as a developer living in Palm Springs with three nannies, she decided to take the money to buy some new glasses.

Click here to visit Cristine's website and read the rest.

2. Christopher writes about a woman he talked to at Revival Christian Fellowship (formerly Calvary Chapel). Here's a snippet...
I think our church today is really sad with the exception of those few good ones. I look at our church and I just think to myself My Gosh! There is no power and no faith and in this one chruch I was Going to no Love for the body Of Christ.
Click here to visit his website to read the rest.

3. Porter is determined to open a "ramen bar" in Menifee...
Is ramen not the food of God? BTW, why are there no ramen bars in Menifee? I'm gonna open a ramen bar and make friggin bank! Anyone who wants to help, comment this! It'll friggin happen!
I'd welcome a ramen bar. I've eaten tons of it growing up. Better yet, I'd recommend udon. Or what about a sushi bar? Teppanyaki?

Click here to visit Porter's website.

4. David and Roxanne Hardy, Menifee residents who operate a garage organization business, are offering Christmas decorating services...
Your working, untangled lights can be used or new lights can be brought for you to keep and use again. When the holidays are over doesn’t mean the service stops. In January we come back to take the lights down and box them so they are ready to hang next year.
And to top if off, Roxanne will gift wrap, box, and mail all your presents for you.

Click here to visit MenifeeLive and read the rest.

Brenson Community Condos Cleared for Takeoff

The Californian reports today that the County Board of Supervisors voted to approve a zoning change that would allow Brenson Communities to build a new condominium complex in Menifee.

We published a description of this proposed complex back in August. Read it here.

There are arguments both in favor and against this move. Here is an quote from The Californian in opposition to that decision...
Menifee resident Les Nursey said two weeks ago and again Tuesday that land zoned for businesses is critical for Menifee Valley, where many residents support incorporation.

To become a city, incorporation leaders will need to prove to the county Local Agency Formation Commission that the community will generate enough tax revenues to support essential services.
And here is a quote from the same article in favor of the decision...
Barbara Spencer, the president of the Menifee Valley Historical Association, spoke in support of Brenson. She told the supervisors she was impressed that the company's representatives had approached her group for their feedback early in the planning process.

"(They) had the desire to honor the valley's founding fathers," said Spencer of Brenson's architecture and design plans for the site.
The new community will also produce $1.7 million in fees that Brenson Communities will pay to for road widening along Scott Road.

Road widening along Scott Road is something that everyone in Menifee wants to see happen, and is perhaps enough to convince most people to welcome Brenson Communities. And while I agree that the I-215 corridor is what's key for Menifee's future, the only ground-breaking I ever see there is the dust getting kicked up by grazing sheep.

But as it is now, neighboring cities like Murrieta and Temecula are the ones who stand to gain from more homes in Menifee; they get our shopping dollars, but they don't have to provide us services.

What do you think about the County's decision to change the zoning to accomodate more condos?

Gregory's On The Course - Grand Opening

The Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce announced a grand opening event in Sun City for a new business called, "Gregory's On The Course". It's a restaurant and banquet room owned and operated by Damien B. Hooks, who's also the chef there.

The grand opening will be held at the California Golf and Art Golf Course (formally known as Cherry Hills Golf Course) at 26583 Cherry Hills Blvd, Sun City.

It's scheduled for November 11, 2006 (this Saturday). The event starts at 5:00pm with a ribbon cutting, followed by hors d' oeves and entertainment.

Phone 679-1911 for more info.

Lake Menifee Women's Club New Website

The Lake Menifee Women's Club announced the launch of their new website today. They've never had a website before, so this is breaking new ground for them.

The club hopes to leverage the Internet to help spread the word about their organization. The new website features the club's latest news and meeting notices.

Visit their website at:


With over 50 vendors signed up, this years festival looks to be better than ever. Tarbell has reserved a booth and is planning a very special event. They have acquired a number of very nice items that they will raffle off and the entire proceeds will go to the families of the firemen that were lost in the Esperanza fire. They have also scheduled a fire truck and firemen to be present for picturetaking. Because of Tarbell's generous gesture, the Menifee/Sun City Chamber of Commerce, the festival's sponsor, will forego their planned raffle. There are still a few booths open for anyone with a product they would like to offer for sale.


CHRISTMAS IN MENIFEE FESTIVAL-SATURDAY,NOVEMBER 18, 8:30AM to 3:30 PM. There will be music all day and live entertainment. The Menifee Middle School Choir will perform at 10:00AM; Polywannahula, Hula Dancers will perform at 12:00noon and a solo singer will perform at 2:00.

There will be pony rides, food and lots of great shopping for unique gift ideas from over 40 different vendors. If you have a great product, there is still room available for additional booths and we have more time available for other entertainment acts. For more information, e-mail ALBY57@VERIZON.NET or call 951-813-5589.

Come join the fun and participate in this community event sponsored by the Menifee/Sun City Chamber of Commerce.