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Jennifer Kunkel, a Menifee Valley resident, announced the Menifee chapter of Team Women. Team Women is an international business networking...

Jennifer Kunkel, a Menifee Valley resident, announced the Menifee chapter of Team Women.

Team Women is an international business networking group where all the members are women. Members consist of business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing and sales people, or anyone in a position of doing business. Members refer business to each other.

The Menifee chapter has eight members so far, and is welcoming more.

They meet every other Monday (not sure which ones) at 6:00pm. But if you're interested, contact Jennifer at (951) 757-5328 or email her at:

Jennifer works as a sales consultant for Tastefully Simple.


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  1. this sounds more like a tupperware party for food.. instead of an actual business women club.. the intent is not appealing.

  2. I'm all for women networking together, especially in a community like ours. It's important that we all network, however....I think the annual $249.00 fee spent on national membership might be better spent within the service groups that already exist, meet locally and could use the resources of young, vital business women.

    Check this out

    We really do have some great ways to Network around town... not to mention the churches, chambers, youth sports, community cupboard... historical society, school boards... let's support our local Groups!

    I know this sounds like a commercial, but we exist at MenifeeLIVE to help build community between the residents and businesses. Heck, we'll even take your $249.00, and we would have built you a better profile page...

    Sorry, I'm not bashing your intent..., I understand very well the need to do whatever it takes to network and make your business grow. But a national organization that takes membership money to add to their own clout while you are left running and financing the local chapter meetings and duties, etc., isn't where I'd spend my time or money. You kind of get the feeling from their site that they have a whole lot more to sell you than just a 'membership'.

    Check them out
    Check us out

  3. The $249.00 fee is pretty standard among all networking clubs like Team Women, BNI, and LeTip. I used to attend a BNI chapter in Temecula, and I'll admit, those folks do build a lot of referrals. Except, you really have to commit yourself to attending the meetings.

  4. Hi! I am a member with the Team Women Menifee Chapter and I love it! I have been with this networking group since it was founded. I am actually member #1, and helped grow the Murrieta chapter for a long time until co-founding the Menifee Chapter with Jennifer Kunkle with Tastefully Simple. My name is Michelle Elias and I am a local Realtor with Keller Williams Realty and I have lived in Sun City/Menifee for 7 years this January. This networking group is unique. We in the Menifee chapter are all about helping each other grow our businesses in a fun and professional atmosphere completely avoiding the stuffy, impersonal, and often unrewarding side of networking. It is great! $249.00 is nothing for what we get out of the referrals, and relationships that we build between us as we meet locally. I have had a referral from another state through Team Women that resulted in a huge sale for me, so I love the national side of TW promotion, who wouldn’t? We don’t have anything to sell you, other than this is one of the fastest growing networks around, and if you don’t believe it, please come and be our guest for a meeting and check us out. This MENIFEE networking chapter is local, we do meet here in town, and we do send out an invitation to any and all women who own or run/operate a business. We also work with other networking groups in supporting them. We are all in different groups for different reasons, and supporting one another is only increasing what you have to offer your clients in your business. When you refer a person, who is probably either, a client of yours or family/friend, you want to have complete confidence that the person you are referring them to will give them the same level of service that you would provide yourself. Our chapter is about getting to know each other instead of a name, face and a business card. We get to know what each others businesses are and what they are about. Not just “Where is my referral” We are a relatively new and growing chapter, still developing our own website as we speak. And yes, our “Profile” page with Team Women for our group is a little weak, yes, but that is not what we focus on. We get together, get to know each other and grow our businesses. But, now that we are starting to see how “important” is to have a good “Profile” page on our group, we will take that as advice, and get a good one. We actively promote each other where ever we go. And...we do it with confidence that we are not going to get a phone call from our client saying, "why did you refer me to that person" We get phone calls like, "thank you so much for the great referral" We get those calls because we give and get valid leads and referrals from each other because of the relationships we build in our group. Our meetings are not structured like a round robin type thing; it is relaxed, professional, in an encouraging setting. ~So, if you’re ready to build your business, make new friendships and experience the power of networking with strong and talented business women, come to a meeting and check us out. Don’t just go to a website, view it and develop an opinion without having the facts…and that is our commercial, can’t wait to meet ya!

  5. I have been a member of networking organizations for years and I find them a very valuable tool. The price $249 is one of the lowest in the industry. I personally am a member of Team Women and the chambers also and I have yet to see anything match the business I have received through Team Women. I have doubled my sales in the last year and have the bank statements to prove it. I think what people do not understand is that growing your business takes time and money no matter what your business is. You can either spend $250 on a newspaper ad for two weeks or join a networkng organization like Team Women for a year and have 20 people networking for you DAILY for a year! Do you see what I am getting at as far as value. Team Women is not a party we are serious networkers that build amazing relationship with one another. I find it to be very rewarding and I would recommend Team Women and other networking venues like the chamber mixers, RBN and many more to anyone I know.
    If you are a woman in business go check out Team Women Menifee and see for yourself!

  6. I am the actual Founder of Team Women Karyn Fagan. I wanted to post my comment in response to above. We do alot for our members as a whole. We promote every chapter and every member with added bonuses like business bundles that go out in bags at expos and events all over, we allow members to work booths that Team Women has paid for where they can promote their own business, I am personally used as a main referral line for many companies and I only refer my members. Team Women is just one outlet to build your business. We promote ALL of networking organizations. I am not into the "bashing" of other organizations because there is enough negativity out there. Networking Organizations like the above should not consider us competition but more of an alliance. I send members to other networking organizations and events all the time that I believe in. Many of them feel like us and do the same in return. This should not be about who is better, who is cheaper it should only be about how can I help the community grow? Who can I send comminity members to to better their business. Team Women has nothing to hide from anyone our fees are standard and are still the lowest. You get out of it what YOU put into it. If you still don't understand it, come visit us or call me personally and I will gladly anwser any questions you have.

    I adore each and every member I have which is now 1000 plus in less then two years, with 85 chapters nationwide in less then two years. We have been called the fastest growing organization for women. We support MEN too in any way we can. Come check us out and decide what is right for you on your own and not by what people say. These ladies work very hard to get where they are and I am very proud of them and of my organization.

  7. Additional info:
    90% Renewal Rate!
    Over 120 currently on an active waiting list to join existing chapters!

  8. Team Women Menifee is no longer meeting. Please go to the Team Women website to find out information about starting up Team Women Menifee or join another chapter in our area.

  9. BNI is now accepting members for a brand new group for Menifee-Canyon Lake. Meets at Canyon Lake Golf Clubhouse Thursday mornings at 7:00 am. I am getting at least one good referral per week!



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