Menifee Woman Finds $3,000 and Gives it Back

Another installment of "Menifee in the Blogosphere" show us what's being said about life in Menifee from other folks on the In...

Another installment of "Menifee in the Blogosphere" show us what's being said about life in Menifee from other folks on the Internet...

1. Cristine, who lives in Menifee, tells the story of how she found $3,000.00 cash at a McDonalds (presumably the one in Sun City?) and gave it back to the owner...
I found a woman's purse in the bathroom of McDonalds (I was in the drive through to get a grilled chicken sandwich and suddenly had to pee badly so I ran inside!). I called a number in her L.V purse (filled with at least $3,000 CASH, credit card's and big checks) and the person had her call me *I didn't mention where I was - just that I found a purse* the lady identified herself and arranged her best friend in Menifee to meet up with me and get it.
Apparently the lady offered Cristine $400.00 in reward money, but she declined. But when the lady described herself as a developer living in Palm Springs with three nannies, she decided to take the money to buy some new glasses.

Click here to visit Cristine's website and read the rest.

2. Christopher writes about a woman he talked to at Revival Christian Fellowship (formerly Calvary Chapel). Here's a snippet...
I think our church today is really sad with the exception of those few good ones. I look at our church and I just think to myself My Gosh! There is no power and no faith and in this one chruch I was Going to no Love for the body Of Christ.
Click here to visit his website to read the rest.

3. Porter is determined to open a "ramen bar" in Menifee...
Is ramen not the food of God? BTW, why are there no ramen bars in Menifee? I'm gonna open a ramen bar and make friggin bank! Anyone who wants to help, comment this! It'll friggin happen!
I'd welcome a ramen bar. I've eaten tons of it growing up. Better yet, I'd recommend udon. Or what about a sushi bar? Teppanyaki?

Click here to visit Porter's website.

4. David and Roxanne Hardy, Menifee residents who operate a garage organization business, are offering Christmas decorating services...
Your working, untangled lights can be used or new lights can be brought for you to keep and use again. When the holidays are over doesn’t mean the service stops. In January we come back to take the lights down and box them so they are ready to hang next year.
And to top if off, Roxanne will gift wrap, box, and mail all your presents for you.

Click here to visit MenifeeLive and read the rest.


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  1. I went to the Albertsons on Newport a couple of weeks ago. I was in a hurry and had my young son with me so instead of taking my purse I grabbed my wallet and ran into the store to grab a few items and get $20 cash back. Fast forward to my son’s soccer practice; I needed the $20 as a contribution for a coach and team mom gift. That was when I realized that my wallet had never made it out of the shopping cart. I called my husband on his cell phone and it just so happened he was headed to Albertsons but there was no sign of my wallet. So we canceled all my cards. However, I still had some hope there was a Good Samaritan out there. Well, let me tell you there was. She arrived at my door the next day and rang my doorbell. She had used the address on my driver’s license to find me. I asked if I could give her a hug and she let me and I thanked her and told her she made my day. It’s so great to know there are still people out there who remember to do the right thing.




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