Brenson Community Condos Cleared for Takeoff

The Californian reports today that the County Board of Supervisors voted to approve a zoning change that would allow Brenson Communities to...

The Californian reports today that the County Board of Supervisors voted to approve a zoning change that would allow Brenson Communities to build a new condominium complex in Menifee.

We published a description of this proposed complex back in August. Read it here.

There are arguments both in favor and against this move. Here is an quote from The Californian in opposition to that decision...
Menifee resident Les Nursey said two weeks ago and again Tuesday that land zoned for businesses is critical for Menifee Valley, where many residents support incorporation.

To become a city, incorporation leaders will need to prove to the county Local Agency Formation Commission that the community will generate enough tax revenues to support essential services.
And here is a quote from the same article in favor of the decision...
Barbara Spencer, the president of the Menifee Valley Historical Association, spoke in support of Brenson. She told the supervisors she was impressed that the company's representatives had approached her group for their feedback early in the planning process.

"(They) had the desire to honor the valley's founding fathers," said Spencer of Brenson's architecture and design plans for the site.
The new community will also produce $1.7 million in fees that Brenson Communities will pay to for road widening along Scott Road.

Road widening along Scott Road is something that everyone in Menifee wants to see happen, and is perhaps enough to convince most people to welcome Brenson Communities. And while I agree that the I-215 corridor is what's key for Menifee's future, the only ground-breaking I ever see there is the dust getting kicked up by grazing sheep.

But as it is now, neighboring cities like Murrieta and Temecula are the ones who stand to gain from more homes in Menifee; they get our shopping dollars, but they don't have to provide us services.

What do you think about the County's decision to change the zoning to accomodate more condos?


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  1. The county knows they need to fix the Scott Rd. situation. They re-zone this lot and get the funding from the builders. Problem solved. The real problem is that over the last 3 years Menifee has generated no new retail tax revenue, and we never will when the county keeps giving property zoned for retail to housing.

    The bogus argument for this project was to "provide more affordable housing in Menifee."

    The discription of these communities sounds great on paper. But
    Let me interperet this description with a more realistic perspective... Dogs barking, loud music, trash, 12 people in one condo, and unsupervised teens. How nice they'll have small back yards (storage areas) for "gardening". How about a 90# rotweiller (sp?) and nobody picking up after it?

    We need "Affordable housing in Menifee" like we need more dirt and rocks. I hope the HOA will be equipped to deal firmly with such issues. Sounds like Hell to me.

    I'm sure the models will be very nice!

  2. I have to agree with you about our hard earned dollars going to retail venues in Murrieta and Temecula.

    I'm also concerned with future businesses coming to Menifee. Where are the large employeers besides Abott in Temecula?



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