Explosives Stolen from Construction Site

The Riverside County Sheriff yesterday posted a notice that some blasting agents were stolen from a construction site at teh 25000 block of Newport Rd in Menifee.

Here's an excerpt from the notice...

Upon arrival, deputies learned that unknown suspect(s) forced entry into a temporary permitted storage area located at a construction site.

Taken was a quantity of a blasting agent, a compound mix designed to be used in quarry and construction blasting operations. The compound is stable and does not become volatile until used in combination with other explosives.
And here's a photo of the blasting agent...

blasting agent

Because of the nature of the material, the Sheriff has brought in the fed boys. If you know anything, contact the Sheriff at (951) 940-6200.


  1. Note: The ATF announced that they have $5,000.00 for anyone who can provide the tip that leads to the arrest of these thieves. That's a lot of Christmas presents.

    Click here to read the ATF Press Release.

  2. I think I saw these at Ralph's the other night in the meat section...oh my mistake that was packaged Jimmy Dean sausage and hamburger meat.

  3. The material taken did NOT include the blasting caps and is safe.

    Without the caps, the explosives are little more than clay.