More Car Vandalism in Menifee

I wanted to pass along some reports of car vandalism in Menifee. The first is an e-mail from Sabrina, concerning car windows bashed in duri...

I wanted to pass along some reports of car vandalism in Menifee.

The first is an e-mail from Sabrina, concerning car windows bashed in during Halloween...
Is it just my street? I live on Ridgemoor Rd. and yet again our street has been hit by the window bandits.

These bandits break car windows that are left parked on the street.

So far cars parked in their driveways seem to be spared. The trend seems to be on a holiday weekend. I’m wondering if

it's out of town visitors who hit and get sort of speak. This last round was on Halloween and the time before was 4th of July.

I'm just curious if others are experiencing window bandits in your neighborhood.
Another report was posted online on another blogger's website...
Well it was an act of vandalism and the guy said over this weekend there was 11 incidents of slashed tires in Menifee/Miralago alone... So yeah WTF! last time they were nice enough to leak my tires and leave a note of hatred >__<
Back in July 2005 we reported another incident of smashed car windows. Click here to read.

The San Jacinto College Campus Police doesn't venture out into the western side of Menifee where Ridgemoor Rd is. We gotta get more cops on the street. I'm siding more and more with Menifee Cityhood, and getting our own law enforcement.


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  1. I work at Ridgemoor Elem and around 6 weeks ago another employee who had parked her car on Ridgemoor Rd in front of the school, had her window broken in her car and her purse was stolen. So be careful of leaving your valuables in your car, as the thief's are very brazen about their activities.

  2. I am for cityhood as well. If we become a city our contract with the Sheriff's dept could ask for more patrol deputies. I think this would be better than having our own police department.

  3. If you know when and where these activities are taking place maybe a few proactive neighbors can patrol the streets.

  4. lol patrol the streets.

  5. I live off Lindenberger and am seeing a rise in vandalism. A group of unruly teens going around egging cars and homes, breaking in to cars, and even attempting to kick in a neighbors's front door while they were eating dinner! The police were called but didn't seem to be in any hurry to go after the kids even though the neighbor identified them and where they live.

  6. Actually the Menifee College Police do venture into those areas. I have seen them working patrol with the Sheriff and stopping cars, arresting people for drugs and drunk driving. They do venture there but I'm not sure how often.....



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