Shorter Shopping Commute Coming in 2008

Nelson Wheeler of Strategic Retail Advisors has been kind enough to provide us with some information on the new proposed "Countryside Marketplace" to be located on the SWC of I-215 and Newport Road.

According to Mr. Wheeler construction for the project is to begin early 2007, and the shopping center will open early 2008. Merchants such as Lowes, Target, and Kohls have all approved the site. I'm not sure why Target was on his list, being that they already have a store across the freeway. Perhaps they are planning on moving.

For those of you who are interested in leasing space, the lease rates I was told will be $3.00 to $3.50 psf per month.

See brochure below for further details.


Refi or Roll the Di?

With rates slowly on the rise, and home prices starting to level off, we are left with a conundrum.

My family and I bought a home in Tierra Shores nine months ago. At this time we have a plethora of equity in our home, and are planning to put between $15K and $20K back into it in the form of a back yard, some tile work, etc.

When we purchased the home we were able to negotiate the builder buying down our 5/1 Arm interest rate to 4.5% (no pre-payment penalties). Obviously that means we have another 4 years and three months until our rate adjusts.

Should we refinance our loan to a more conventional loan while the rates are still relatively low and take out the money we need? Or should we roll the dice on future interest rates, enjoy our low payment for the next four years, and take out a home equity line?

What would you do? Why?

Menifee School Board Considers School Bus Fee Hike

menifee school busAs reported in The Californian last Tuesday, the Menifee School Board is considering raising the fees parents pay to let their children ride the school bus. The proposed fees are $190.00 a year per student, up from the current fee of $170.00.

A week ago, The California went into greater detail on the issue. Of interest, it costs the school district about $590.00 per year to transport a child, yet parents are only having to pay $170.00 per year right now. The difference is eaten by the school district.

In total, the school district eats about $1.15 million per year, just busing kids to school. Actually, the school district is not eating that money, we are. As homeowners, we're paying that money. How could Menifee schools use that money if they didn't have to spend it on busing?

I don't mean to be nasty at Menifee parents. But it seems that in times when our school districts are stuggling to find money, and when we as taxpayers are already taxed as much as we can be taxed, we need parents to step up and solve this issue for us.

In other words, this shouldn't have to be the school district's problem. It should be the parents problem. Either charge the parents the full cost of $590.00 per year, or shut the whole busing system down.

Education is not a right, it's a responsibility. It's every parent's responsibility to get their kid into the classroom on time. The school district shouldn't have to deal with that.

I don't understand why kids can't walk or ride their bikes to school. The neighborhoods and streets here in Menifee are some of the safest I've ever seen in my life. This coming from someone who walked and rode his bike to school in City Heights of San Diego, and Santa Ana, two communities that make Menifee look like "It's a Small World". And I did this from kindergarten all the way through high school, and at one time was doing for twelve miles each way. If I could do it there, why can't kids do it in Menifee?

And the irony is that parents today walked and rode their bikes to school, just like me. How is it they can't allow their kids to do the same?

I know I'm being harsh on this, but then again, I think this needs to be said. $1.15 million is a lot of money I feel could be better spent. I think parents need to step up to the plate and take ownership of this issue.

Fighting Cancer in Menifee

I recieved this letter from The American Cancer Society at my website. I thought I would pass it on! Contact: Ruben Longoria Jr.American Cancer Society(951) 300-1232

Good morning,The American Cancer Society is looking to hold an special community event in Menifee next summer (2006) called Relay For Life.This is a 24 hour, team event where families, clubs, businesses, schools and the rest of the community walk around a track raising money in the fight against cancer. In addition and most importantly we spread awareness about this horrible disease. Teams will walk around the track from Sat. 9am to Sunday 9am. Each team needs to have 1 walker on the track at all times. In addition we have activities in which we honor local Cancer Survivors and those people whohave lost the battle against cancer. Menifee was selected to host this event and I am looking to form a committee to help organize this Relay For Life. If you are interested, please send me a email or call me. If you want to learn more about this event, please look at our website ( and look under Relay ForLife. As of today, we do not have a location nor a committee, this is justa "Baby event" but we have plans to make this an annual community event. In addition, the American Cancer Society has many, many resources we wantto share with the residents of Menifee. We have speakers avaliable for talks at schools, clubs, organizations regarding cancer or programs developed for school-age children as well as providing services for those who have cancer. If you know of anybody you think might want to be involved in this event,please forward this email to them. I am hoping to hold a "InterestedParties" meeting in late Nov. or early Dec. Thank you for your time, Ruben Longoria Jr.American Cancer Society(951) 300-1232

Julie Fired

Julie, what happened?

Traffic Concerns

Three Comments!

The Traffic along Newport Road is awful in the AM. I am concerned about what will happen with Centex at The Lakes is completed and the Newport Road Extension to Winchester. Does anyone know if there are plans to widen Newport, between Menifee Road and Antelope? It would appear that the island down the middle would need to go?

Second- What about plans for a fwy bridge at Holland or Garbani, in addition to an onramp? This would alleviate a lot of the traffic.

Third- I have seen the light poles on the floor at Scott and Antelope for the last week, it would be nice to see them up and working sometime soon!

FYI: I have heard a few plans from Murrieta leaders. I understand that Clinton Keith construction will begin next year and the plan is take it all the way to Winchester. Also, there is supposed to be new bridges, about 6 lanes built at Scott Road/215 and Clinton Keith/215 and also at Baxter Rd, where on onramp/offramp will be. This is in preparation for the new hospital off Antelope in 2008 (See previous listing, there was an article in the Californian last month).

Winchester Will Never be the Same

The following letter was received from Jeanne Holbrook, a Realtor, regarding the massive community developments of Winchester Ranch, and Domenigoni Valley...
I was nosing around your site and noticed several comments about winchester ranch so i thought i would send you the site .... all questions will be answered once you read this . and life as we know it will never be the same . but be sure to read the lifestyle page and the newsletters

it is is for 16,000 homes .... no that is not a typo..... there are huge multiple parks for sports activites ,commerical centers , schools, hiking trails. It is the city that Winchester never got around to building. it starts at newport, east of briggs , goes to 79 , right across from Diamond lake ... to the south it backs up to another future development Domenigoni Valley of 5000 homes with a village and schools . this other development then ends at scott road .... and crosses 79

Winchester Ranch
Domenigoni Valley

though i will miss the open farm land and watching the mist roll over the pastures early in the morning i have to say both developments are well done, and as beautiful as a development of this sort can be.. Rancon did an amazing job . As a ex creative director for commerical store planning and sales promotions I am in awe at the quality of their plans.

I also aprepicate the need for homes. Developers would not build these homes if they did not sell. So clearly people need these places to live and build a future for themselves and their families. As a current realtor I love handing someone the key to their new home. there is nothing better, as it represents a new life and the hope and fullfillment of their dreams.

But good and bad it will never be the same here. Winchester will become a sophisticated town center with all the shopping and lifestyle options you can imagine. Scott road will be 6 to 8 lanes . 215 is approved for an aditional lane but 3 more have been requested.

a huge trendy shopping center will be built at 215 and clinton keith.... besides several others in the general area.

I am torn . I find the development exciting , and the opportunites interesting but i love the open pastures , the surprise of following a back road.... not knowing if you will pass buffalo or sheep grazing. I love discovering that one of Menifee's main beloved attractions is a honey bee farm .... and i am afriad that will be lost. I want both the old and the new.

Jeanne Holbrook
Let's not forget that the Sobobas just recently acquired land outside of their reservation, in Winchester. Their goal, of course, is to build a casino, hotel, and resort, on the corner of Domenigoni Parkway and the 79. It'll be interesting to see how the casino fits in with Winchester Ranch.