Julie Fired

Julie, what happened? http://www.nctimes.com/articles/2005/11/18/news/californian/menifee/23_53_2211_17_05.txt

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Julie, what happened?



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  1. Hi everyone....I'm alive, well and surviving! I've had so many wonderful phone calls which has made me feel so loved. Many thanks to all.
    All I can say is what I said to the reporters...I was terminated (no reason given) but they said I did a wonderful job...(go figure)!It could have something to do with a merger with the other chamber...but I'm not sure. I do know that the old chamber did want to merge but their Chairman said that I was "NOT" part of the deal.
    I am anxious to see how everything turns out myself. Let's see what happens next!

  2. Julie's Dellusions

    Claiming she was terminated for "doing a wonderful job" is ludicrous. Who cuts the head of the goose who lays the golden egg? Perhaps Julie fails to recognize the difference between weakness and kindness. The Menifee-Sun City Chamber board chose to take the kinder attitude by refraining from listing the litany of legitimate greivances by Julie that forced it to its decision. What greater proof of Julie's incompetence does the community need than her own naive statement she imagines the public believes "They fired me for doing a wonderful job."

    Therese Daniels
    Secretary of the Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce


    History tells us there are two reasons that lead to social conflicts. They are called remote and immediate. Thus there are two reasons why, temporarily, two chambers-remote and immediate. The Menifee-Sun City Chamber Of Commerce was founded in May 2005 by approximately seven business people some of whom were members of the Menifee Valley Chamber Of Commerce. It was founded on the philosophy that Menifee Valley needed a fresh, progressive and active Chamber to attract new business and to promote the success of existing business in Menifee Valley. The former members of Menifee Valley Chamber serving as founding member of the new chamber were sadly disappointed with the business attitudes, operations, and the intended direction the chamber was heading. they felt a merger with the Hemet Chamber was business suicide for the present and future business of Menifee Valley. When all reason with the leadership failed, all there was left to do was agree to disagree.
    It didn't take much research to discover the business community of Menifee Valley agreed with the founding members of the Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce. Armed with their support, a lot of courage, hard work, and inspired belief,, the new chamber was launched. Almost immediately it filled with members.While we were growing, dark attacks were made upon this new chamber, BY THE MENIFEE VALLEY CHAMBER.It seemed as if they wanted to do everything in their power to see us fail. We were wiser we focused on our mission, and not waste valuable time answering stupidity.That was a good strategy.Today the Menifee Valley Chamber has us to consider a merge with them. The Board met and decided in the best interest the Menifee-Sun City Chamber, will NOT merge. Our reply has been publicly noted in serval newspapers as well as our members have notified. In spite of this, the Menifee Valley Chamber has persisted impinging upon us this merger. This has created the immediate cause of conflict between the temporarily two chambers.

    In conclusion the Menifee-Sun City Chamber of Commerce has no intentions of merging with the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce. They never seem content unless they are trying to merge with some other chamber be it either the Hemet Chamber or the Menifee-Sun City Chamber. The Menifee-Sun City Chamber will have a spectacular 2006 to set Menifee Valley permanently on the map.

    Under no circumstances, would this Chamber jeopardize its profound success by allowing counter productive forces into its pure road to the top.

    Cheryl L. Ferrulli
    Menifee-Sun City Chamber



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