Traffic Concerns

Three Comments!

The Traffic along Newport Road is awful in the AM. I am concerned about what will happen with Centex at The Lakes is completed and the Newport Road Extension to Winchester. Does anyone know if there are plans to widen Newport, between Menifee Road and Antelope? It would appear that the island down the middle would need to go?

Second- What about plans for a fwy bridge at Holland or Garbani, in addition to an onramp? This would alleviate a lot of the traffic.

Third- I have seen the light poles on the floor at Scott and Antelope for the last week, it would be nice to see them up and working sometime soon!

FYI: I have heard a few plans from Murrieta leaders. I understand that Clinton Keith construction will begin next year and the plan is take it all the way to Winchester. Also, there is supposed to be new bridges, about 6 lanes built at Scott Road/215 and Clinton Keith/215 and also at Baxter Rd, where on onramp/offramp will be. This is in preparation for the new hospital off Antelope in 2008 (See previous listing, there was an article in the Californian last month).


  1. eric,
    the newport bridge was just compleated in the last 3 to 4 years.

  2. Eric, the Newport Road overpass was widened about three years ago. It was originally like the Scott Road overpass, and even worse. So, I doubt there are any plans in the near future to widen.

  3. I was wondering when they plan on putting up the lights at Scott and Antelope too... The guys they have out there directing traffic is nice but they aren't there long enough each day... I drove through at 6:30p.m. on Friday and they were already gone.. the traffic on the other hand wasn't!


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