Winchester Will Never be the Same

The following letter was received from Jeanne Holbrook, a Realtor, regarding the massive community developments of Winchester Ranch, and Dom...

The following letter was received from Jeanne Holbrook, a Realtor, regarding the massive community developments of Winchester Ranch, and Domenigoni Valley...
I was nosing around your site and noticed several comments about winchester ranch so i thought i would send you the site .... all questions will be answered once you read this . and life as we know it will never be the same . but be sure to read the lifestyle page and the newsletters

it is is for 16,000 homes .... no that is not a typo..... there are huge multiple parks for sports activites ,commerical centers , schools, hiking trails. It is the city that Winchester never got around to building. it starts at newport, east of briggs , goes to 79 , right across from Diamond lake ... to the south it backs up to another future development Domenigoni Valley of 5000 homes with a village and schools . this other development then ends at scott road .... and crosses 79

Winchester Ranch
Domenigoni Valley

though i will miss the open farm land and watching the mist roll over the pastures early in the morning i have to say both developments are well done, and as beautiful as a development of this sort can be.. Rancon did an amazing job . As a ex creative director for commerical store planning and sales promotions I am in awe at the quality of their plans.

I also aprepicate the need for homes. Developers would not build these homes if they did not sell. So clearly people need these places to live and build a future for themselves and their families. As a current realtor I love handing someone the key to their new home. there is nothing better, as it represents a new life and the hope and fullfillment of their dreams.

But good and bad it will never be the same here. Winchester will become a sophisticated town center with all the shopping and lifestyle options you can imagine. Scott road will be 6 to 8 lanes . 215 is approved for an aditional lane but 3 more have been requested.

a huge trendy shopping center will be built at 215 and clinton keith.... besides several others in the general area.

I am torn . I find the development exciting , and the opportunites interesting but i love the open pastures , the surprise of following a back road.... not knowing if you will pass buffalo or sheep grazing. I love discovering that one of Menifee's main beloved attractions is a honey bee farm .... and i am afriad that will be lost. I want both the old and the new.

Jeanne Holbrook
Let's not forget that the Sobobas just recently acquired land outside of their reservation, in Winchester. Their goal, of course, is to build a casino, hotel, and resort, on the corner of Domenigoni Parkway and the 79. It'll be interesting to see how the casino fits in with Winchester Ranch.


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