Fighting Cancer in Menifee

I recieved this letter from The American Cancer Society at my website. I thought I would pass it on! Contact: Ruben Longoria Jr.American Cancer Society(951) 300-1232

Good morning,The American Cancer Society is looking to hold an special community event in Menifee next summer (2006) called Relay For Life.This is a 24 hour, team event where families, clubs, businesses, schools and the rest of the community walk around a track raising money in the fight against cancer. In addition and most importantly we spread awareness about this horrible disease. Teams will walk around the track from Sat. 9am to Sunday 9am. Each team needs to have 1 walker on the track at all times. In addition we have activities in which we honor local Cancer Survivors and those people whohave lost the battle against cancer. Menifee was selected to host this event and I am looking to form a committee to help organize this Relay For Life. If you are interested, please send me a email or call me. If you want to learn more about this event, please look at our website ( and look under Relay ForLife. As of today, we do not have a location nor a committee, this is justa "Baby event" but we have plans to make this an annual community event. In addition, the American Cancer Society has many, many resources we wantto share with the residents of Menifee. We have speakers avaliable for talks at schools, clubs, organizations regarding cancer or programs developed for school-age children as well as providing services for those who have cancer. If you know of anybody you think might want to be involved in this event,please forward this email to them. I am hoping to hold a "InterestedParties" meeting in late Nov. or early Dec. Thank you for your time, Ruben Longoria Jr.American Cancer Society(951) 300-1232


  1. I just thought someone needed to post a positive "Heck yeah!" to this one!! I can't wait. We need to have more positive things like this listed!