Menifee School Board Considers School Bus Fee Hike

As reported in The Californian last Tuesday, the Menifee School Board is considering raising the fe...

menifee school busAs reported in The Californian last Tuesday, the Menifee School Board is considering raising the fees parents pay to let their children ride the school bus. The proposed fees are $190.00 a year per student, up from the current fee of $170.00.

A week ago, The California went into greater detail on the issue. Of interest, it costs the school district about $590.00 per year to transport a child, yet parents are only having to pay $170.00 per year right now. The difference is eaten by the school district.

In total, the school district eats about $1.15 million per year, just busing kids to school. Actually, the school district is not eating that money, we are. As homeowners, we're paying that money. How could Menifee schools use that money if they didn't have to spend it on busing?

I don't mean to be nasty at Menifee parents. But it seems that in times when our school districts are stuggling to find money, and when we as taxpayers are already taxed as much as we can be taxed, we need parents to step up and solve this issue for us.

In other words, this shouldn't have to be the school district's problem. It should be the parents problem. Either charge the parents the full cost of $590.00 per year, or shut the whole busing system down.

Education is not a right, it's a responsibility. It's every parent's responsibility to get their kid into the classroom on time. The school district shouldn't have to deal with that.

I don't understand why kids can't walk or ride their bikes to school. The neighborhoods and streets here in Menifee are some of the safest I've ever seen in my life. This coming from someone who walked and rode his bike to school in City Heights of San Diego, and Santa Ana, two communities that make Menifee look like "It's a Small World". And I did this from kindergarten all the way through high school, and at one time was doing for twelve miles each way. If I could do it there, why can't kids do it in Menifee?

And the irony is that parents today walked and rode their bikes to school, just like me. How is it they can't allow their kids to do the same?

I know I'm being harsh on this, but then again, I think this needs to be said. $1.15 million is a lot of money I feel could be better spent. I think parents need to step up to the plate and take ownership of this issue.


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