Menifee 24/7 Reader Poll 34: Housing Density Debate

Includes updated results: The Menifee City Council is split on the issues of setting a minimum l...

Includes updated results:

The Menifee City Council is split on the issues of setting a minimum lot size for future housing developments in Menifee and establishing a moratorium on additional apartment buildings in the city. Read our story here.

How would you vote? Take part in our reader survey below and check back often for responses. Below are some of the comments we have received so far.

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Reader comments on the question of minimum lot sizes:

-- I could never afford to live on a 15,000-square-foot lot. How about some options?

-- Current approved building projects have high density housing at almost 50 percent of the Menifee build-out. Limiting the remaining 15 percent of the available property to 15K square foot minimum will ensure that Menifee remains suburban, not urban, and the quality of life that most bought here to enjoy is not corrupted.

-- The City of Menifee must comply with California and Federal housing laws. Our Housing Plan must provide housing opportunities for all socioeconomic levels.

-- My kids deserve yards to play in and I'd rather not hear our neighbors as if they were in the same house as us!

-- Yes yes, please! It's too crowded out here and I'm afraid that this will turn into another Lancaster disaster!

-- Maybe 10,000 but no smaller.

-- No, it needs to be bigger!!! Try 45,000 square feet.

-- Larger lot sizes to fit larger houses do not make housing more affordable for new small families!

Reader comments on the question of a moratorium on apartments:

-- The Council can approve or deny apartment building project by project. Why say no to everything? That sounds less like a plan for the benefit of Menifee and more like a political agenda.

-- They don't need more apartments. They need townhomes and condos.

-- Again I DON'T support ANY new developments of land for housing of ANY kind. They have ruined our Valley with all this overbuilding of home, apartments, etc.

-- I've lived in areas where apartments were approved when previously it was only single dwelling houses. Crime went up and property values went down. Please do not allow our city to become another Moreno Valley.

-- We need some really affordable apartments for seniors!

-- The concentration of people in an apartment complex is too much for the road system we presently have.

-- We need townhomes for young families.