Former Council Member Kristjansson to Run in a New District

Among the three candidates who have qualified to challenge incumbent Tom Fuhrman for the Menifee C...

Among the three candidates who have qualified to challenge incumbent Tom Fuhrman for the Menifee City Council seat representing District 2 is a familiar face in city government.

Sue Kristjansson, who served on the council in 2011-12, has decided to run once again. She bought a house about a year ago in District 2 (the southwest portion of the city) and recently chose to re-enter the political arena.

In addition to Fuhrman, Kristjansson will be opposed by Planning Commission Chair Matt Liesemeyer and first-time political candidate John Baker.

Since losing her District 1 council seat to Greg August in 2012, Kristjansson has been busy heading up the movement to create a Boys & Girls Club in Menifee. Now that the center is operating smoothly, she said she hopes to make another contribution in city government.

"John is doing such a fantastic job, it frees me up to do this," she said, referring to Boys & Girls Club Executive Director John Whann. "Knowing the club is so successful already ... we have a huge entry list for the after-school program. Now that I know that's good, maybe I can affect more change on a higher level."

After being appointed to fill the council seat vacated through the death of Fred Twyman, Kristjansson found herself on a council that often was divided on key issues concerning growth of the city. The controversy peaked in the fall of 2012, during her campaign for re-election. Fliers circulated anonymously made unsubstantiated accusations against both her and mayoral candidate Darci Kuenzi, who also lost the election.

The author of that smear campaign has never been publicly identified, but tactics such as that have not scared Kristjansson away from the political wars.

"I know who I am," she said. "I'm truthful and straightforward. When I hear things like that, I just don't affix them to me. They don't count.

"My overall priority is the same as it's always been -- moving and maintaining the growth of Menifee. I realize District 2 is a different demographic. There are the rural people who just want to be left alone, and I respect that. Then there's people in single-family residences, like me. We need more jobs here so if a working mom or dad wants to get home in time for their daughter's softball game, they can do so."


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