The Children’s Dental Practice of Menifee Makes Kids Smile

Advertorial Supplement: The Children’s Dental Practice of Menifee is in the business of making k...

Advertorial Supplement:

The Children’s Dental Practice of Menifee is in the business of making kids smile and making sure those healthy smiles sparkle and shine. Their creative approach to engaging children in dental procedures utilizes fun and enjoyable methods for ensuring the dentist a happy place. Their main mission is to create a positive association with the dentist so that children will keep up their oral health and care long after their childhood passed.

One of the ways the Children’s Dental Practice of Menifee has made their practice an exciting destination is with the help of a therapy dog named Deogy. Deogy is a spunky little pug who brings joy and elation to patients young and old. Little ones can pet and interact with Deogy during their appointment, and at the end of their visit they get to strike a smile for the camera with this playful pup.

Deogy received her training and certification at Sit Means Sit Dog Training in Temecula and is calming presence in the office. Her small size and loving disposition helps create an environment that is unlike any dental office you have ever been to. With a real passion for children and their oral health, Dr. Ruth Bol and her wonderful team have successfully changed the way local little ones view the “dentist”.

As a working dog, Deogy’s days are pretty busy as soon as she gets to the office. She starts her day with a brisk jog followed by a snack and a perimeter security check. After her morning rounds she’s ready to greet her patients as they check in for their appointments. She frequently poses for pictures with new patients throughout the day and comforts children who need a little extra reassurance. Deogy absolutely adores all of her patients and just loves her job.

Deogy is a celebrity in the Menifee community, so much so in fact that one of her fans has written and illustrated a series of books about the pup’s adventures. Maya Luckinbill is a patient at the Children’s Dental Practice of Menifee and all but loves going to the dentist. At only 10 years old Maya is already a promising writer, and also reads her books to young audiences during the Menifee Reads events at the Sun City Library.

She has currently completed two books and has two more in progress. In her series, Deogy is a super hero w