How To Get a Pet Through Summer Heat

By Pam Bishop Correspondent It’s going to be a hot summer for your pets. Are you prepared? While we are in the house with the A/C on ful...

By Pam Bishop

It’s going to be a hot summer for your pets. Are you prepared? While we are in the house with the A/C on full blast during the next week or so, where are your pets? They should be in there with you! Here are some suggestions:

Don’t use metal bowls for water outside. The metal heats up and heats the water. Use ceramic crocks that are hard for the larger dogs to pick up or knock over and keeps the water cool. Have more than one water crock in case the one is not enough water for your dog while you are gone.

Keep wading pools for dogs empty until they are ready to use it. The sun will heat the water up to a point that it can hurt both the dog and any wildlife coming into your yard looking for water.

If you are not home, or the wading pool or spa is in the shade, put something like a brick inside. Birds looking for water can land in the pool can drown because they cannot get out.

If you are gone all day, call one of the local boarding kennels about "doggie day care." Your dog will be safely cared for and have a cool fun day while you are gone.

When walking your dog in the summer, do it only in the early morning or later in the evening.

Before taking your dog on a walk, check the surface your dog is walking on with your hand or bare foot to be sure it is not too hot. Even dirt can heat up to a point that it can burn their pads.

There are sandals made for dogs to protect their feet if you want to try them.

If your dog has long hair, consider having a professional groomer take it back short. Heavy coasted dogs should be in the house or shaved down in the summer.

Long, and especially thick hair, does not insulate the dog, it only makes them hotter and can bring on life threatening conditions. Your dog will be so much more comfortable during the summer months without longer hair and only a quick hose down will cool them off.

Never ever take your dog in the car during the summer unless you are staying in the car with him and can have the air conditioning on.

Remember, if you are going to be parking on asphalt or another hot surface, your dog will have to walk on that surface to get to where you are going. Is it really worth it to take your dog?

Like everything, plan ahead for a fun summer with your family and your pet.

For those Menifee residents in the rural areas, please remember your livestock.

Horses can sun burn and it is miserable for them if they do not have good shade.

When possible, horses should be together. They are a herd species and together, they keep flies off of each other's faces.

They also need an area large enough to move around to keep the air flowing around them.

Also, be sure that water is fresh and cool and in the shade. Your horses will need more water in the summer and if it’s been standing in the sun it will be too hot to drink.

Your pets and livestock depend on you. Please be responsible in your care of them.

Pam Bishop has been a Menifee resident for 30 years. Now retired, Bishop was the owner of Dobra Dog Grooming and Pet Pals Pet Boutique. With 20 years of dog rescue under her belt, Bishop started the first national Fox Terrier Rescue organization and the So Calif. Fox Terrier Rescue. She was the founder and president, and serves as the current Vice President of the Fox Terrier Network at, an educational and support organization for those who own or are interested in the Wire Fox Terrier or Smooth Fox Terrier. She is a trainer, behaviorist, author, breeder/exhibitor, professional handler and professional groomer.