Provecho Grill Gives Back

Provecho Grill is one of our favorite local establishments for many reasons, one of which is the ge...

Provecho Grill is one of our favorite local establishments for many reasons, one of which is the generous way in which they have given back to Menifee since the first day they opened their doors.

To say owner and executive chef, Rosie O’Connor, is humble would be an understatement. She charitably gives and has always done so with her heart because she truly cares, the thought of publishing a story about her goodwill was something she resisted.

But at the end of each day it is because of you, her loyal customers, and the continued patronage of the community that affords Rosie and Provecho the opportunity to give back. So it is with humble gratitude that Provecho reluctantly shares some of the ways they make Menifee a better place.

From the first time we met Rosie she was adamant about her desire to be involved and to help grow our community. Her excitement and passion for community service is evident in the emotional way she shares some of her projects.

“This work is meaningful to me, it touches my heart,” she says, “We (at Provecho) are so thankful to this community for embracing us. And we feel so lucky to be here.”

Aside from serving up authentic cuisine seven days a week to the public, Provecho Grill aims to make a positive difference in the lives of people in their community through community service and donations.

This past weekend Provecho cooked up an abundance of summer squash, enchilada casserole with ancho chilies, and all of the fixings to help Faithful Servants feed the homeless through their program Helping People in Need.

Rosie and her staff made each tray of donated food with love and care, and shared “We want them to eat well. Food lets you escape to somewhere else for a little while, it transports your senses and takes you away and that’s what we hope to offer.”

Over the summer Provecho has donated hundreds of lunches to the Junior Golf Program to feed it’s hungry participants. They have donated raffle prizes to Sun City Concern, and are always looking for more ways to give.

Despite the somewhat large population, Menifee maintains the comfort and love of a small town feel to which Rosie relates, “You feel like you matter