Provecho Grill Brings Authentic Mexican To Menifee

In Spanish Provecho means “enjoy your meal,” and at the appropriately named, and new, Provecho Grill...

In Spanish Provecho means “enjoy your meal,” and at the appropriately named, and new, Provecho Grill in Menifee you are sure to do just that.

provecho grill
Brand new owner Rosie O'Connor, daughter of Ricardo and Mirian Solano, completely rebuilt her carefully selected location in the Sun City Shopping Center including not only décor but the menu and entire kitchen as well.

As owners of two other popular Mexican restaurants, Guadalajara Mexican Grill and Cantina in Lake Elsinore and Temecula, the Solano's and their daughter have extensive experience serving up authentic fresh fare to returning fans.

Over their many years in business they have proven their restaurant capabilities and finally decided to bring their famed favorites to Menifee in the form of Provecho Grill. Growing up in her parent's restaurant, Rosie decided it was time to try her hand at owning and operating her own venture.

Previously Mi Casa, and then Provecho Modern Grill, the new owners wanted to keep the blessing of the provecho name, without the soured reputation people had come to expect of the establishment. After a massive renovation, the new and much improved Provecho Grill opened their doors to a bright new future of success.

The décor is all tied to the name, with a broad representation of modern Latin culture including travel, music, art, and tradition.

Open for almost nine weeks now, the restaurant continues to add new menu options on a consistent basis. The Solano’s daughter, Rosie, has taken on the role of executive chef and she could not be happier.

Growing up in the family’s restaurant and going on to graduate from the Culinary Arts Institute, Rosie remarks, “I love to cook and create. It’s not a job for me because I love it. It’s my passion, and a family passion too.”

In addition to the warm and welcoming atmosphere, you can nearly feel the family love poured into the restaurant’s operation and also taste the care cooked into every dish.

provecho grill
provecho grill

Provecho Grill features many menu items you won’t find anywhere, simply because they are too time consuming. “But we are not your typical Mexican restaurant,” Rosie says.

Her special authentic mole sauce, for example, takes over four hours to make. In explaining the process she says it requires a great deal of attention, “Stir, stir, stir. Skim, skim, skim, Love, love, love.”

When you taste her Puebla made chicken mole enchiladas, you will appreciate every heartfelt moment that went into their creation. The recipe alone combines a copious list of ingredients including such surprising components as raisins, almonds, peanuts, chocolate, and four different types of chilies.

provecho grillYour first bite will taste familiar, in a deliciously homey way, with so many recognizable yet indefinable flavors simultaneously delighting your taste buds.

Rosie says, “We make sure it’s fresh, quality, and made properly. This is our home, we eat here three times a day, and we ensure it’s good food.”

With a father from Mazatlan and her mother from El Salvador, their fusion of flavor is not specific to one region but rather seeks to incorporate the best from all over Mexico.

Offering authentic and traditional homemade Mexican food is what they came to Menifee to do, “We are getting to know our community (here). We built Provecho for you (Menifee) to come and enjoy.”

As Rosie recounts the influence growing up in the restaurant business has had on her, she laughs as she says that some people have childhood memories of experiences, but all her memories are of the meals she ate.

provecho grill
She relates each recipe she creates to a family member and their influence on her culinary growth and success. Her amazingly delicious sweet corn tamales were modeled after her mother’s recipe.

Each tamale is served decadently smothered in a unique sour cream and cheese sauce that seamlessly compliments the dishes sweetness.

Because her father is from Mazatlan, everything seafood is inspired by him. Their one of a kind shrimp cocktail can’t be found anywhere else.

Containing fresh avocado, cucumber, succulent shrimp, spices, cilantro, and lots of citrus this refreshing appetizer makes you simply say, “wow!” There is a depth of flavor in every bite, nicely balanced between subtle sweetness and a citrus burst.

provecho grillNo meal is complete without an over the top dessert, of which Provecho delivers in the form of fried vanilla ice cream. Incased in a double thick shell, the outside stands sticky and sweet before cracking into the cool ice cream center.

Through and through, this family owned establishment delivers quality freshness you can taste and an equally impressive atmosphere. Come into Provecho Grill and taste the love for yourself.

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Provecho Grill
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Monday - Friday, 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
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