It's Back to School Time for Students Throughout Menifee

Cars dropping off students at Menifee Valley Middle School make their way through the parking lot Th...

Cars dropping off students at Menifee Valley Middle School make their way through the parking lot Thursday.
Nearly 9,000 students attending nine elementary schools and three middle schools returned to campus Thursday, the first day of the academic year in the Menifee Union School District.

An increased number of cars and pedestrians maneuvered through streets surrounding local schools as parents and students struggled to adjust to a school year in which district budget shortages have resulted in a reduction of school bus service. Paloma Valley and Heritage high schools opened a day earlier, on Wednesday.

Herk Bouris Elementary School, the newest elementary school in the district, opened its doors for the first time on Wednesday. Although it is located just across the Lake Elsinore border, Herk Bouris serves Menifee students living in the southwest part of town.


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  1. This is what happens when you put educational funds in with general funds. We need to take control of the funds allocated for our children’s education. Our children suffer when politics plays with their education. And everyone wants to know why we as a country are failing educationally. Because political greed trumps the educational needs of our future.

  2. ... no buses... pay attention there are a LOT of kids walking and parents who are 'running late and dont have to watch for others" out there...Drive like you'd want others to drive while YOUR child is out there...

  3. I'm so the glad that the dispatch for the buses told a driver to leave a young girl on the side of the road while she was having an asthma attack!! My daughter and two other moms sat with her while waiting for the ambulance to arrive (which we called). Way to go menifee union school district! This was after the bus was 30 minutes late getting to the stop because they sold too many passes and didn't plan well. Another great result of the bus cuts. So disgusted with our school board. What a joke!!!

  4. Parents, Please find a bus line and pool your monies together and rent buses for your children...its imperative. Its really NOT that expensive if your all paying, it covers the drivers, the insurance,. the responsible in case someone gets sued, it handle bullies on the buses, they get your child to school on time, you don't have to worry some sex pervert is out roaming the streets looking for your child, no worries about walking in traffic, there is a hugh positive for this action. Somebody make it work...start calling around and gets some bids..the school IS NOT going to do it for you.

  5. With the opening of Herk Bouris Elementary School combined with the increased auto traffic due to the bus funds shortage, students of all ages are endangered as they try to navigate to and from school. Holland Road is the only “road” through Menifee to access the new school. The narrow road is unpaved with alternating soft sand and deeply rutted hard pack with no shoulders or sidewalks. It has blind hills, it floods in winter and has a history of being a dangerous road for passenger vehicles. There is no way for Menifee children to safely travel by foot or bicycle to or from the school.

  6. 1:57p You made some excellent points on why parents should NOT let their children travel this road, one wonders why on earth the developer and builder of Bouris School wouldn't have purchased property to build a road from Murrieta thru the mountains to this school, or around the mountain..there had to be other alternatives other than this tractor trail on private property. Yet the road leaving this school until your reach this dirt trail appears in perfect order, why then didn't they buy property to the west and go around these houses to meet up with Murrieta Rd?

  7. Menifee bus transportation needs to get a grip .
    Our chidren are very important to us.
    Where is all the funds going to ?
    My daughter road the bus all three years when she went
    To menifee middle school and boy that was expinsive . Well i will tell you why there is no money because there are so many parents lying about there income . And they ride for free .

  8. It is the parents responsibility to furnish transportation, whether car, bus,by foot or whatver for their children to get to school and back. It has never been the schools responsiblity. Now that the economy is so bad parents really need to think of other alternatives. PTA or some other parents groups need to call around to different bus lines and get quotes how much it would cost parents to lease buses for a school year, you'd be surprised if you pool your money, you all can find a bus line to all help you. No more worries about how you'll get your children to school, esp for those who work outside the city. Someone out there take the initiative and get this going....

  9. To AnonymousAugust 23, 2012 11:31 AM

    Is it also the parents’ responsibility to provide the school supplies and money for field trips and everything else that goes into to educating a child? What is the school actually responsible to provide?

    An over compensated, self-serving, entitled teacher? Nothing else?



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