Aquatics Center Groundbreaking Set for Tuesday

City officials from Perris and Menifee and local residents will gather Tuesday at 9 a.m. for a groundbreaking ceremony at the site of the Perris-Menifee Valley Aquatics Center.

The 12-acre facility will include a 50-meter competition swimming pool, "lazy flow" river, children's water playground and water slides. The project, coordinated by the Riverside County Economic Development Agency, is being funded by I-215 Corridor Redevelopment Capital Improvement Funds.

The aquatics center will be built next to the Perris Valley Big League Dreams baseball facility on Trumble Road, just east of Interstate 215 and north of Highway 74.

Estimated completion date for the project is late summer or early fall 2013, according to Nathan Hultgren of the EDA. The facility will include an 11,000-square-foot administration and operations building and 220 parking spaces.

For more information, call 951-201-3483.


  1. what a waste of money should have planned for a better nicer location

  2. I agree the location couldve been better but maybe that was the cheapest land for the amount of space they need to be Anonymous on your posting though

  3. spread the joy....

  4. Cost, I'm certain, was the reason for the location. Even taking that into consideration, it's what...1-2 blocks off the freeway. If it's going to be that easy to get to, and such a location might actually allow for the prices being a touch lower, I'm all for it.

    What I'm not all for, however, is "Estimated completion date for the project is late summer or early fall 2013." Seriously? I wish they would have started it a few months ago so that it could be ready by the end of Spring, early Summer 2013. It would have been great to have that next summer when, again, it would be hot.

  5. agreed , doesn't do us any good for 2 years:-(

  6. Not sure where you two live, but it's hot around here until well into December. I swim in my pool year round.

  7. I'm excited for it& it's right by my house. I can go walking :D catch me there lol


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