If You Want to Look and Feel Your Best, Dr. Gurvits Can Help

Dr. Vadim Gurvits' reputation has been built upon his ability to make his patients feel better....

Dr. Vadim Gurvits' reputation has been built upon his ability to make his patients feel better.

That might mean treating a broken arm, a sinus infection, or a pinched nerve. But it also means making a patient feel better by looking better.

For the last eight years, Dr. Gurvits has helped improve the self-esteem and confidence of his patients through the latest technologies in aesthetic medicine. Using laser treatment and the most effective FDA-approved injectibles, Dr. Gurvits helps his patients feel better about themselves.

Just ask the young girl who was badly burned in a house fire at age 3. By age 12, her poor self-image was affecting her school performance. Thanks to the healing effects of Dr. Gurvits' laser treatments, her appearance has improved, she attends school regularly again, and her academic performance has dramatically increased.

Whether it's a patient disfigured by a dog bite, scarred by acne or embarrassed by sagging skin, Premier Laser and Day Spa can make a huge difference. No other facility in the area provides aesthetic treatment on site by a board certified physician.

"Other physicians in the area offered aesthetic services, but they weren't committed to aesthetics," said Dr. Gurvits, who is Board Certified by the American Board of Laser Surgery in cosmetic laser surgery. "When the economy soured, they closed down. We invested over half a million dollars in laser technology."

Dr. Gurvits' Menifee office also offers extended hours, staying open evenings, Saturdays and holidays. He specializes in laser hair removal, treating acne scars, skin resurfacing, cellulite, stretch marks and much more. Because of the injectibles he uses, Botox patients need to return on average every nine months instead of every four months, which is the national average.

In addition, his office offers five different lines of medical grade skin care, including Jane Iredale mineral makeup and camouflage makeup.

"We can remove the signs of aging that occur from sun damage or sagging skin," Dr. Gurvits said. "We can turn back the clock five to 10 years, all without surgery or down time."

And who wouldn't want that?

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