Scott Mann Named Councilman of the Year

Public CEO, a website focusing on California's municipal governments, named our very own Scott Mann, as it's City Councilman of the ...

Public CEO, a website focusing on California's municipal governments, named our very own Scott Mann, as it's City Councilman of the Year today.

Mann won the honor, which is their first ever such award, based on his "leadership and innovation", in devising a way to stimulate our city's local economy, namely the Homebuyer's Stimulus Program which was detailed on Menifee 24/7 last May (link).
Mann has spearheaded the city’s stimulus measures and built strong coalitions to ensure the success of the efforts. He has gone above and beyond to ensure that Menifee do all that it can to help the city’s residents.

Public CEO went on to say that Menifee has the second worst unemployment rate in the United States, second only Detroit, MI.

Wow, I didn't know we held such a distinction!

Read the full article at Public CEO...

Congrats to Scott Mann for the award.


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  1. Scott is a good guy and a great councilman. Congratulations.

    Bill Gould

  2. Scott is a class act. We are lucky to have him serving the needs of Menifee. He will always have my vote!

    Jerry Bowman

  3. That's classic Jerry. You just voted to take his job away at the school district and now you kiss up. What a slap in the face.

  4. Congrads to Scott, I have not always agreed with him on some items, such as elimination of school busing for small children(kinders), but I know his heart is in the right place, it is too bad they are eliminating a vital position such as Risk Manager. Let Scott stay and eliminate all the manager positions at the district office. All the chiefs and their indians. Listen I am not Scott's biggest fan, but I know a Risk Manager plays an important part to the school system. He makes sure that all rules and safety measures are being followed. I have called on him several times with an immediate phone call back and action of some sort put in play. He is the leadership we need in this community and he does not fall for partisan ways. Keep Scott working for the benefit of this community. Quality and commitment is hard to find well he is both. I guess I talked myself into being one of his supporters. I seek the citizens of Menifee to contact the School Board and tell them to come up with another solution. Parents take action now, Scott is your last resort in the District office next to Mr. Kennedy. These individuals have true stand up character.

  5. I beleive the Menifee with the 2nd highest unemployment rate in the nation is actually Menifee, KY. Menifee CA unemployment is actually less than the national average.

  6. Scott - Congratulations! You can't keep a good Seabee down. The good citizens of Menifee are fortunate to have you in their corner. I'm in Haiti, (where they have one of the highest unemployment rates in the world), being a Seabee and helping with relief and recovery efforts. All the best! Cliff M.

  7. Cliff M. - Can't believe it's you my friend!!! Stopped by the Pentagon in October to see the Assistant CNO and was short on time. You and I were supposed to meet time I guess. I know you probably can't guess when you'll be back but, I'm trying to get to his retirement ceremony in April. My contact info is the same. Send me an FPO address and I'll get a good Seabee care package off to you! Take care my friend and do good works for humanity. Seabees 'Can Do'! (When are you making ADMIRAL!)

    Scott Mann

  8. Killer Bee Three.... Killer Bee One, Crossing the Sava River. Killer Bee One, out.



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