City of Menifee Announces Local Stimulus Package

The City of Menifee has developed a "stimulus package" to help spur the development of new homes, and to provide financial incenti...

The City of Menifee has developed a "stimulus package" to help spur the development of new homes, and to provide financial incentives to get families to buy or lease into Menifee.

Here's the press release...

Menifee's City Council has decided to bring a stimulus package to the local level by directing City Staff to present recommendations for the City's own stimulus plan at the May 20th Council meeting.

The Plan: Menifee's City Manager, George Wentz created a dynamic Strike Force Team consisting of developers and builders in order to identify the most meaningful elements having positive impact on the housing industry. The areas that were specifically addressed as part of the plan include: Plan Processing, Cash Flow and Fees.

"Menifee's Stimulus Plan has both a supply side and demand side component. It improves cash flow for the builder and sets a fee structure to help them earn a profit and it gives the homeowner an incentive to not only buy the home but to buy a new refrigerator or a washer and dryer or even a ceiling fan or two in Menifee stores. In this regard, it also returns sales tax dollars to the City Treasury. So, our stimulus plan has something for the seller, the buyer, the City of Menifee and it puts local sub-contractors back to work in Menifee neighborhoods. No other city is getting this creative in stimulating their local marketplace." - Councilmember Scott Mann
One of the initiatives noted in the plan includes timely handling of application and turnaround time on projects which has been a "sore spot" for developers. Also included is a temporary reduction of 20% in hourly rates and a 50% reduction of fees which would lower the current rates from those charged by the County of Riverside.

The City is also developing and implementing a Marketing/Advertising Plan; Retailer Workshop and "Menifee Money" program that will provide a retail benefit to home buyers or those who lease a minimum square footage for a given period of time. The program would include: A gift card to be used in Menifee along with a coupon to be used in Menifee that is the equivalent of 50% of the first year's property tax, as calculated by the City. Staff will continue to work with the development and retail community to develop the mechanism to fund and provide the cash flow needed for the programs.

In addition to this incentive, on May 11, 2009, John E. Husing released a recent study titled: "Economic Impact of Residential Construction Decline & Potential Impact of Fee Reductions Riverside County". In the study, it noted, that according to MetroStudy, a Riverside based company that tracks the status of new home markets throughout Southern California, "there was a 3.8 month supply of new homes in Riverside County in March 2009. That was the lowest level in Southern California".

This is great news for our community.

"Menifee is encouraging the community to take full advantage of the unique opportunities that this stimulus plan has to offer. It allows us to do our part to enhance the economy while helping our community get through these tough times." – City Manager, George Wentz
As the program moves forward, additional information will be available on the City's website:


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  1. This is all fine and dandy. However, what is the city of Menifee going to do for financial support when we lose all of the revenue from property taxes? If you haven't heard by now, the governor is going to redirect property tax income from the various counties and cities back to Sacramento. This means a huge loss of income to our city.

  2. What about all the "used" homes that are unsold?

  3. So the owners of homes purchased responsibly in the past are going to continue paying the larger property tax (even with new tax appeals) and Mello Roos for our infrastructure. Remember the school tax bond for a new school, and improvements? We kept adding to our annual tax and so far keep getting less.Lucky we're a new City without old debts to contend with....So far.

  4. I would rather the builders not build anymore new homes so that the values of current homes could have a chance to reclaim part of their old value. But, governments are not interested in the welfare of the people they represent, they have to be shown the money!

  5. how can we keep bulding homes if the EMWD keeps telling me that we are in an emergency water shortage?

  6. What about the people who already have homes?? Do we get a break?? I say no more home building until all all the homes here are bought.

    We need business construction not home construction.

  7. Menifee GrandmaMay 21, 2009 11:12 AM

    I wonder why there were no current homeowners on the "Srike Force", only builders and developers.

  8. Councilmember Scott Mann, City Manager, George Wentz

    I feel the need to thank you for sticking in there and doing what you think is best for our city. To push forward with an idea that you know is going to meat with opposition is very courageous and bold. I would like to ask you just one question if I may. Please gentlemen can you pull your heads out of your butt long enough to see that if you continue to build more homes then the homes that are vacant and unsightly will remain vacant and unsightly. I beg you get the developers and the builders out of your pockets just once and put the people of this city first.

  9. Are these guys serious? More homes when we have hundreds sitting empty? What about the water problem? I am really questioning our councilmen, esp. Mann. I think it is time for recall collection and let us start over with people that think about us instead of their own pockets.

  10. Why more homes? Why not a movie theater?

  11. The city is playing up to the builders $$$!! They do not care about the people of Menifee and our concerns. It's all about about them.

    More homes is not the answer. Some Menifee neighborhoods look horrible, grass dying, homes trashed and tons of for sale signs.

    Lets fix up the homes and sale the ones we have. Then we can move forward to other things.

  12. Such a sad state of affairs. In the past if you didn't like the way things were being run or if your neighborhood was going down hill you could up and move. Now it virtually impossible unless you've got lots of cash. I bought my house 5 years ago for 379,000 put 125,000 down, thought I was in great shape. Last week a home just like mine sold for 172,000 OMG. We don't need anymore homes. We need lots more retail/restaurants to entice more people to Menifee.

  13. I agree with the above poster, it is sad! I bought my home 4 1/2 years ago for $515,000 and now my same model down the street sold for $202,000.

    So where is the relief for the home owners who are staying and paying for there home even though our homes have lost there value?

  14. How about an incentive to buy a foreclosed home!!

    Get the inventory of empty homes to zero before even thinking of building more.

    Seriously, is this City Counsel smoking dope?

  15. Dear Readers,

    Dealing with foreclosures is the next phase of the city's stimulus plan. Stay tuned for details as private entities are being socialized to work with the city on this and we're still working things out. Other cities are doing this and we're just getting started. We recognize the foreclosed property issue.

    The council approved an emergency ordinance last night that requires the registration of foreclosed properties at city hall. Having a foreclosed registry will enable the city to conduct better code enforcement. Also, with the inventory documented, the city can enter into double-escrow deals with private companies to recondition the properties and get them back on the market. Getting these formerly foreclosed properties 'flipped' puts property tax $$$$ back to the city. Those properties certainly are not producing property taxes sitting vacant!

    The city is also exploring a 'down payment incentive' as part of Phase II of the stimulus plan geared toward 'first time homebuyers' and not investors. The FHA defines a first time homebuyer as someone who has not owned a home within the last three years. (Realtors weigh-in if I'm wrong here.)

    With respect to comments about being upside down in your homes bought recently (within the last 3 years), there are programs out there for you to refinance your mortgages to help out your own individual cash flow. It adds interest in the long run but, right now what you need is improved cash flow. So, refinance and wait for recovery if you can.

    The city cannot do anything about your home value going from $500K to $202K... those are market conditions. The stimulus package is designed to get things moving again. Now that inventory has been reduced, demand, in theory, will begin to increase, thereby causing your existing home values to go back up. There is not enough supply to meet demand in Riverside County and in Menifee specifically.

    E-mail me if you have more questions: or call the City Manager at 672-6777.

    Councilman Scott Mann

  16. We don't need new housing. There's about 15 empty house's with In a two block radius of my house. My area Is only 7 years old. The people who do move In, half renters, are trash and have no respect for the rest of us. Dirt bikes racing up and down the street, cars racing and loud parties. I guess building new homes that no one can afford Is the best a new City Manager making $210,000 a year with health benefits and an $800 a month car allowance can come up with.

  17. I agree with everyone else in saying that we need to improve the community before we build more houses. I am a current resident of Heritage Lake. I love the community but hate the fact I have to drive over two miles to reach a grocery store or gas station. To get more people in the area you need more supermarkets and gas stations and entertainment venues. Now, at the same time I am not knocking the construction of the new shopping center off of 215/ Newport Rd, but there are areas off of McCall and Menifee that could also be developed and there are plenty of residents wanting/ needing these stored to be built. So let put a halt to more homes and get more community essentials before we build more communities. Besides businesses bring in more taxes to the city that a homeowner would anyway.

  18. Those properties certainly are not producing property taxes sitting vacant!Property taxes don’t go away just because the former owner defaults or the property is vacant. When a lender takes a property, that lender is the owner and pays the taxes.

  19. I am curious what industry you people think sparks the economy in Riverside county? CONSTRUCTION !

  20. I still have not hear a response to the question of "What is the city going to do when we lose the revenue from all property taxes since the governor is going to take them away"?

  21. I am curious what you think brings down the price of a house?

    Increased Supply!

  22. Are you serious Mann? Dealing with foreclosures will be the next phase? When will that happen, three years down the road after thousands more homes wil be built first? Don't you guys read what the people of Menifee here are saying? You and the others are to keep the home builders out of your pockets and build more business around here and let the demand for homes increase here so these empty homes haved a chance to be bought. How hard is this to understand? No more new homes!Repeat after us, No New Homes!

  23. Most banks won't let you refinance if your loan is bigger than what your house is worth. And with the Obama plan you have to be behind in your payments to get any assistance. It's ridiculous. Again, the responsible people are being punished.

  24. I am curious what industry you people think sparks the economy in Riverside county? CONSTRUCTION !Relying on home construction for the region’s economy has a lot to do with why the housing bubble grew so big and why the fall has been so hard. Our economy should not be so reliant on home construction, making it even more of a bedroom community for other areas that provide jobs. We should reward construction activity that results in permanent, good-paying jobs in our community.

  25. Mr. Mann,

    Their are no companies out there that are willing to refinance me or anybody else. We have looked into it and we are unfortunately stuck paying for a home that is less than it was 4 years ago. I love my home, the area where we live and my neighbors. I don't want to move and I don't want to let it go.

    It's not fair!!!

  26. Scott Mann,

    I know people struggling to stay in their homes and the bank will not help them unless they miss a payment. Then the bank wants you to supply them with your monthly income, your bills and so forth to determine if you need assistance. After all of that they are still not willing to work with you.

    I think it's a shame that the bank will not work with you until you miss a payment. By then it's too late!

  27. We need good responsible commercial construction and business plan to support a stable foundation for the residence already here. That should attract more buyers for the surplus housing before adding to the problem with new vacant homes...
    Look at the possible vacancy factor at the new development by Mt. San Jacinto College. We'll need a lot of business to support the families moving there. I'm sure there not dorms for the college