George Wentz Hired as Permanent City Manager

The Menifee City Council on Tuesday appointed interim City Manager George Wentz as the permanent City Manager. Here's the press release...

The Menifee City Council on Tuesday appointed interim City Manager George Wentz as the permanent City Manager. Here's the press release...

The Menifee City Council voted Tuesday to appoint George Wentz as the City's first permanent City Manager. Mr. Wentz has served as Menifee's interim City Manager since the City's incorporation in 2008.

Mr. Wentz brings to the City three decades of experience in municipal services, including the last couple as a consultant for Winzler & Kelly, an engineering consulting firm. He has extensive experience in City government and has served as an Interim City Manager, Assistant City Manager, City Engineer and in numerous other leadership positions for several other municipalities.

Mayor Wallace Edgerton said the City of Menifee is pleased to have a City Manager of such caliber.

"We are fortunate to be able to retain the services of an experienced Manager such as Mr. Wentz who already has served the community and Council well," Mayor Edgerton said. "We look forward to his stellar management and service to the people of Menifee in the years to come as our new City grows."

Mayor Edgerton and Councilman Scott Mann negotiated the agreement with Mr. Wentz, which takes effect July 1. Mr. Wentz currently is a resident of San Clemente, but his new contract provides assistance to "stimulate" a move to Menifee.
Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone praised the City's decision to hire Mr. Wentz as its first City Manager.

"The City of Menifee has made an excellent selection of a well-respected and seasoned executive in George Wentz," Supervisor Stone said. "George has decades of business and municipal government experience that will serve the citizens of Menifee well for years to come. Menifee is poised to become an economic force in the County, and the City is off to a great start with George Wentz in the chief executive’s chair."

Mr. Wentz, 59, has worked closely with the City Council since Menifee's incorporation on October 1, 2008 and assisted with key tasks such as the creation of a planning commission and focus on stimulating development. He will work closely with the City Council to implement strategic planning goals that have been developed over the past several months and to build the City’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year.

Mr. Wentz has a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Michigan State University and a master's degree in public administration. He and his wife of 41 years, Kristine, have two adult children and two grandchildren.


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  1. This is great news. I have been a huge fan of George's since his days on the television series Cheers... oh wait... that was George Wendt

  2. Is Mr Wentz Salary in Peso or Dollars? 200K annually, really? I hope he is worth it, and not like the city next door (murrieta) who decided to build furniture row and look where it is now. Good luck to you Sir, do not let us down. We do not need more homes here, we need companies to bring work closer to home.

  3. He doesn't even live here in Menifee. Are WE going to have to pay for his moving expenses! What are all of you smoking?

  4. Congratulations to George. He is going to do wonders for our City.

    He's done a great job and I for one, think he's going to kick ass in City Hall. He doesn't put up with anything from what I have seen.

    George, give me a call....I'll help you move for free!! On second thought, you may want to stay outside City limits, you don't want people knocking on your door.

  5. I had the honor of working with George at a local City when he was a consultant project manager for our capital projects division. He is a good person with a strong work ethic and I'm very happy to see that he will be our permanent City Manager. Congratulations George!

  6. I glad for all who wanted cityhood. I believe one of the pro's of cityhood was we can keep more tax dollars here in the city than going to all of Riverside County. thank goodness, or how could the city afford a $200k position like this, and for someone who doesn't even live here. I feel so much better now that my tax dollars are hard at work.

  7. The City Council overpaid this salary for a start up City. San Diego City Manager with a budget of 3.4 billion makes 224,000. Our Budget of 1.6 million and they are basing that upon falling property tax dollars...We are in for a spin..This is way too much money.

  8. so a city manager makes more then a us senator no wonder california is in the toilet sure glad i have a ranch in arizona. this is a joke isnt it?

  9. All I can say is all of you better hope he does not run the city, like he ran his W&K office in Anaheim! Need I say more?



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