Homes are Selling in Menifee

I posted an article on the Menifee Homes blog today, based on some sales data I got from Steve Calder , an agent specializing in Menifee... ...

I posted an article on the Menifee Homes blog today, based on some sales data I got from Steve Calder, an agent specializing in Menifee...

Normally, I wouldn't remind you that there's a new article there, except I haven't been posting much stuff there lately.

Anyways, it's interesting food for thought.


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  1. I'm so glad to see such a large quantity of homes being sold here in Menifee.

  2. I am glad too. Just hope that majority will be owner lived in and not investors looking to rent them out. We have more than enough rentals here!

  3. Those numbers seem to be a little unrealistic. Every 5 days or so over 600 homes are being sold in Menifee? I find that to be impossible.

  4. That's the number of homes currently available for sale.

  5. It would be nice to also include all of the foreclosed homes.
    I hope that once the emergency ordinance of all homes in foreclosure be registered with the city we can have a link to that with specific numbers and locations.

  6. The Press Enterprise used to publish a list of the residences sold in its Sunday Homes section. The listing included price-per-square-foot figures by ZIP code, but the PE stopped publishing the information a couple months ago, so now there’s no easy way to monitor price trends.

  7. I agree it is good to see homes selling, but a lot of them are being turned over to Renters. Section 8 occupied homes have hit Menifee. Our area is starting to look like Perris..pretty soon they are going to say we are South Perris if we do not setting regulations about owner occupancy. Also Kudos to homeowner Associations that are enforcing their CC&R's that is one way to rid a lot of problems legally. This area has worked to hard to see it turned into a Ghetto or Barrio. If anyone is offended by this remark then go visit or leave in either.



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