Swimming Pool at Paloma Valley High

Paloma Valley High School still doesn't have a swimming pool. I know over the past few years I've heard other parents complain abou...

Paloma Valley High School still doesn't have a swimming pool.

I know over the past few years I've heard other parents complain about this.

Recently, one local parent, Leslie Kussman has been trying to figure out what needs to be done to get a pool put in.

She wrote to officials at Perris Valley High School District, who did write back to her, but in a long, and politically correct way, they basically said there's no money to build one, and that there are bigger issues to deal with.

So the question she asked in response is...

Simply put, how and where does a community member begin to raise funds to build a pool at Paloma Valley HS?

I recall a year ago, when Donahue Schriber, the builder of Countryside Marketplace, visited Webb Hall in Sun City to give a presentation on the new shopping center, they said that an aquatic center would be put in at the south-west corner of Haun Rd and Newport Rd.

I never heard anything about this since.

But I assume that if such a public swimming pool gets put in, Paloma Valley High would contract to use that pool.

So maybe the question is "What's the status on that aquatic center?"


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  1. Here is an old link regarding the aquatic center.


  2. In this economy, Mrs. Kussman is being ridiculous !! Unless your kid is going to be on the swim team who else would care about a very costly pool at Paloma?
    Paloma has never worked with youth groups on any level, what makes you think they would even open the pool for the public to swim?
    Steve you mentioned the aquatic center, which is a much better way to go. Maybe Valley Wide is reading this.

  3. To the preceding commentator
    "Paloma has never worked with any youth groups on any level..."

    Are you referring to swimming only?

    If you are making a blanket statement covering the entire campus and every program there, you are sadly mistaken.

    Please clarify your comments.

  4. Why would I be referring to swimming? They don't even have that program. Let's turn this around, you name me where Paloma has EVER worked with the youth in our community.
    Again, Mrs. Kussman has wasted her time. That was my point.

  5. I think it would be great if Menifee got a community pool! Perris is working on getting one, even in these tough economic times, why can't we?

  6. I am glad someone is exploring this issue. Menifee kids need more to do than motocross, baseball, and soccor or kid's bands. All the sports in this city are great but swimming offers kids that are not interested in those sports or who cannot afford them something more. Tennis, swimming, cross country, offer opportunities to kids that team sports don't. The more opportunity the better. Screw the economy, let's build a city that is good for families and promotes health. Swimming is a huge vacancy in this city. One more thing to keep the kids busy and out of trouble. Bring it on....

  7. Screw the economy? I am all for building a pool but let's not get stupid here.