Menifee's Dog Park Seeks to Add Fresh Water

The flood control basin at Aldergate Park has been a popular destination for locals with dogs, with its large grassy expanse and fenced per...

Menifee's Dog ParkThe flood control basin at Aldergate Park has been a popular destination for locals with dogs, with its large grassy expanse and fenced perimeter. Even though it was never designated as a dog park, Valley Wide Parks & Recreation, which owns the basin has welcomed residents and their dogs there, and has even gone so far as to provide a poop-bag dispenser.

But aside from that, problems still exist.

A committee of dog owners known as the "Dog Park Committee" wants to put in a fresh water faucet. Currently, dog owners fill up bowls at the park's restroom, and then carry the water over to the dog park.

The committee has had talks with Valley-Wide Recreation to put in a fresh water line feeding off of the existing line near the restroom.

Valley-Wide Recreation has generously agreed to pay for half of the cost of installation, if the Dog Park Committee can provide the other half, which will be approximately $2,500.

To help explore ways to raise these funds, the Dog Park Committee is holding a brainstorming meeting on Thursday, May 21, 2009 at 6:30 pm. This meeting is open to the public and all residents are invited. The meeting will be held inside the Dog Park so attendees are encouraged to bring their dogs if they like. Seating is limited, so it is recommended to bring your own chair.

The committee will also discuss other ways to improve the dog park, including adding double-gate entry, and mesh-fencing to keep small dogs from squeezing through the wrought iron fence.

Menifee Dog Park Group Meeting
Date: Thursday, May 21, 2009 @ 6:30pm
Location: Aldergate Park

See the agenda linked below...

Directions: Aldergate Park, which is located at the N/W corner of Aldergate Dr. and Menifee Rd., (Just one mile North of Newport Rd.)

You can e-mail the Dog Park Group at for more information or to be notified of future updates and events.


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  1. Wasteful, if you ask me. What I do is bring a water bottle for my dog. Costly? No! I just reuse a plastic bottle with tap water. You can put water in a gatorade bottle or whatever! No need to pipe in water lines at a time when the state is asking us to tax ourselves. Please!!

  2. This is a good idea and would add to the enhancement of our community.

  3. Wasteful???

    This is a positive effort to enhance services for many tax paying citizens like yourself.

    Many people do bring water for their dogs and water to share with all. I personally bring a 5 gallon container every time I visit and am not looking for any pats on the back, I'm just being a good neighbor.

  4. Problem solved. Bring a jug of water and save yourselves and tax payers $2,500 each.

  5. Let's get it done. It's a necessity for both human and canine considering how hot it gets.

  6. This is a good time to remind people to be aware of any animal abuse going on within your neighborhoods. Are there any dogs being chained up? Are there any dogs without any shelter from the sun and other elements? If so, you can report this abuse without having to give your name to Riverside County Animal Services. It is illegal for dog owners to treat their Pets (?) like this, esp. since the weather is going in the triple digits now. Let everyone keeps the eyes and ears open and help the poor abused animals that live among us.

  7. I remember reading an article last year that stated whenever the outside temperature is going to be above 85 degrees you should never leaave your dog outside. Just because they have shade does not help. A doghouse itself is not considered shade because the temperature inside the doghouse will be hotter inside it than outside of it. Also, access to a garage does not help either as everyone knows how hot their garage gets in the summer months.
    If you have a dog you MUST allow them to have access to your air conditioned home inside during the summer months no matter what.

  8. 85 Degrees? So how did dogs survive before air conditioning was invented?

  9. I recall watching some television news show last summer that stated the same thing and thought it sounded a little strange. However, there were several veterinarians interviewed that provided a bunch of statistical data showing how dogs are affected by the heat. I think the A/C thing is a little much and do recall them stating that as long as the inside temperature of your house does not exceed 85 then they should be fine. Considering that 85 is pretty hot inside a house, even if it does not have A/C.
    I would never leave my dog outside in the sun or the heat we get here.


  11. Since your dog should not be out in 85+ degrees, the dog park should be empty until November. That is if you care for your dog.

  12. What a smart alec.Owners that love their dogs takes them to the park after it cools down. Go check it out for yourself smartie! Also, if you have seen any news reports done on children and animals dying in a hot cars, you would know how hard the heat is for them. Talk about being cold-hearted. I just hope you don't have any animals.

  13. Update... The Dog Park Group has decided to keep this meeting informal and are not going to cover as many of the topics as first announced. It will primarily be exploratory to assess the needs of the park and consider fundraising ideas.

  14. I've never been to this park, but $5000.00 to run a water line seems to be pretty high. How far is it from the restrooms to the dog park?
    I would think a simple trench and some pvc piping wouldn't be that much!
    Either way, fresh water should always be available for both people and animal in the scorching summer heat.

  15. Not sure on the number of feet exactly from the restrooms. I'll estimate maybe 300 feet. The problem is that it will likely have to pass under a parking lot and walkways for the most direct route. We haven't got to the planning stage yet, they had just given us an approximate amount to work with. Hopefully it will come in under that.

  16. Be a smart owner and bring water for your mutt. This area is not even a "dog park" it is a luxury. Why waste tax payers money to 1. to put in the faucet 2. pay for water cost.