I-215 Widening Won't Happen

According to a recent article in The Californian, that I-215 freeway widening will be done only up to Scott Road, with no plans to widen in...

According to a recent article in The Californian, that I-215 freeway widening will be done only up to Scott Road, with no plans to widen into Menifee...

But because of the sharp decline, that's as far as I-215 improvements will go. Roberts said there is no money on hand to continue widening the highway north of Scott.

Widening to six lanes will be done through Murrieta, but as soon as the 215 hits the Menifee city limits, it'll bottleneck back into four lanes. And it'll be 2013 by the time that gets done.

Originally the plans were to widen the 215 to six lanes all the way to Nuevo Road in Perris. But falling Measure A revenues have derailed that.

"So all we're going to do, by doing this expansion down here, is shift the stop-and-go traffic further north," Roberts said. "But I guess that's better than nothing."

Yeah, I guess so.


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  1. This is just plain stupid. Why do we have roads larger than our freeway? sometimes it takes me 40 minutes to travel from mccall to los almos, this is insane, we need the extra lanes, menifee needs to do something about this!

  2. Wow! Apparently the people of Menifee need to make it known to our government our outrage or nothing will change... we will be swept under the rug again! This is ridiculous!

  3. It was obvious that the widening of the 215 was NEVER going to happen through Menifee! The current shopping center and various other business' that have been build along this section of the 215 would prevent it from being widened.
    I would like to know if on/off ramps will be built at the location of the new hospital?
    We still need a bridge at Holland over the 215. A bridge at this street over the 215 with no on/off ramps would eliminate a significant amount of traffic off of Scott and Newport.
    Just sit and watch the traffic at either of these locations and you will see that over 60 percent of all traffic is travel over from either side of the 215 with no entrance or exit off of the 215.

  4. The 215 needs to be widened all the way to Nuevo!! The traffic is ridiculous where it goes into 2 lanes. Our population in Menifee is going to grow, and we won't have adequate freeway lanes to acomodate. Such horrible news!

  5. March 03, 2010

    Both the Murrieta Hot Springs Road to Scott Road project and the Scott Road to Nuevo Road project are high priorities for the Riverside County Transportation Commission.

    RCTC expects to start construction in early 2011 on the six-mile section of Interstate 215 between Murrieta Hot Springs Road and Scott Road. Although The Californian article stated that no further widening would occur north of Scott Road, RCTC has named the widening of Interstate 215 between Scott Road in Murrieta and Nuevo Road in Perris as one of its top five construction priorities. Work is continuing on the Project Approval/Environmental Document phase, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2010. Also later this year, RCTC also expects to begin the final engineering design for the project, which will take about two years. Construction will follow the completion of the final engineering design.

    Thank you.

    Elsa Argomaniz
    Interstate 215 Widening Project

  6. I totally agree that a bridge should be put over the freeway at Holland. That would free up Newport quite a bit. Right now getting back and forth to the college is a nightmare...a 10 minute trip takes 30 minutes or more ! They built one down by the newest Target just before Clinton Keith and it hardly gets any use. One at Holland is an urgent need !

  7. the new hospital and the new firestation by it are not going to access to the 215 thats a accicedent in its self waiting to happen make a off & on ramp at Kellar nice and simple one more option a private company that wouldn't have to deal with the bureaucracy could have it done in a week

  8. There will widen the 215 from Scott road all the way to Nuevo but unfortunately construction is going to begin in 2013, after the widen from 15 to scott road



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