Breakfast Club of Menifee

From our "Ask and You Shall Receive" department, comes the following information about a frequently asked-about restaurant going i...

From our "Ask and You Shall Receive" department, comes the following information about a frequently asked-about restaurant going into the new Countryside Marketplace.

Breakfast Club of Menifee is like what the name suggests, a place to have breakfast. But while the name also includes the word, "club", it's open to anyone who wants to come in and enjoy a really good breakfast.

After getting so many questions from people wanting to know more about this establishment, I did some poking around and finally got hold of the owners.

Breakfast Club of Menifee
Stu and Tracy are Menifee residents, having moved here in 2001 coming up from San Diego. Stu spent 40 years in the restaurant industry, mostly with large corporate players. "It's all about the bottom line in the corporate world", Stu says. "There's almost no room for creativity, and little time for good quality service".

From that spawned the idea to just focus on one restaurant, offer some creative new ideas, and provide the best service.

Stu left his corporate restaurant career to pursue this new venture, and this location in Menifee is all that there is. Some of you might have a done a Google search for "Breakfast Club", and saw many other establishments with the same name, but this one in Menifee is not associated with any other.

The concept is a full-service "sit down" style restaurant that serves all the familiar breakfast fixings, but with some twists. You'll get the omelettes, but you'll also see a ceviche omelette. They'll offer hot tea, but you'll get 16 different varieties. If you want fruit you won't be limited to just grapefruit, you'll get that plus mangoes, peaches, plums, grapes, and acai berries.

Sure they'll have pancakes galore, but they'll have "baked pancakes". It uses a special kind of batter that they put inside an oven and it rises high (Stu used his hands to suggest something like 6 inches high), it eventually cools and shrinks back down. But the baking allows the ingredients to mix its flavors into each other more completely. "Banana Foster" and "Cinnamon Apple" were a couple of varieties he threw at me.

If you just want a hearty steak and eggs, they'll be serving up steakhouse quality beef. He used the word "Outback Steakhouse" to describe the quality, but without the Outback Steakhouse prices.

He also mentioned Tracy's very own "Breakfast Club Potatoes".

They'll have fresh squeezed orange juice, and a variety of other juices each morning. They'll be making fresh salsa and guacamole every morning. And while you're waiting for your meal to come out, you'll get to enjoy freshly baked biscuits.

If you're one of those types who'd rather just sit up at the bar, they'll have one of those too, but it'll be a cappuccino bar. And all the tables will be covered in cloth.

And if the first meal of the day isn't all that's important, they'll have televisions running the morning news programs.

The "Club" in Breakfast Club is an optional membership, which for about $25.00 per year you'll get all the coffee you want at no additional cost. They'll give you a personalized mug with your name on it, and it'll hang in the dining room. When you walk in, just grab your mug, sit it on the table or bar, and get your fill. My wife wondered if hot tea was included, but I didn't ask.

The club membership also gets you on a mailing list for members-only specials and discounts.

If you don't have the time to dine in, all orders are available to go as well. And for those folks who need an omelette to go, they can put it in a wrapped form making it easier to eat.

It'll be open every morning starting at 5:30am and closes at 1:00pm. After hours the restaurant will be available to private parties, meetings, clubs, banquets, etc.

Both Stu and Tracy moved into Menifee to get away from the congestion of the big city, and fell in love with the small town feel. When they found out about Countryside Marketplace being built, they wanted to get in on it. If you recall when Donahue Schriber came to Sun City to speak about the new shopping center, they said they were looking for some kind of local business that offered something unique (see previous article). This is it. When Stu and Tracy presented their idea, Donahue Schriber jumped on it and have been helping the pair move as quickly as they can.

As it is now, Breakfast Club of Menifee will have Tracy doing the day to day management while their college sons, plus a littler one, will be helping out. Stu talked about future expansion plans possibly placing more locations throughout Southern California.

If all goes well inside City Hall, they're looking at this April to open their doors. And for their opening day, they're thinking of doing something similar to Red Robin, where they do an invitation only for a day or two to give their staffers some practice before the grand opening.

Note to City Hall: fast track this thing will ya?


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  1. Great to see another truly local establishment going in. While you can find these kinds of places easily in larger cities, the more out-of-the-way towns like Menifee are left with the big corporate chains.

    Hopefully BCM will get green lights from City Hall soon and open up for all of us to enjoy!

  2. Now I'm really hungry!

  3. anna's estate salesJanuary 24, 2009 6:23 PM

    I just read the write up about our new breakfast club restaurant. I live here in Palmilla, the senior community here in the neighborhood. My friends and I are so happy you're opening and we wish you the best. I'm blessed to still have my husband but quite a few of the people here are alone and your restaurant is going to be a God send for these people because they don't like to eat alone and it would be a place for them to have breakfast and have nice social chats. I will be passing the word around of your opening.

  4. Im so excited and cant wait what a great idiea and i hopr to be one of the first to get my mug!!!

  5. Steve,
    Tell you wife that we will include Hot Tea with the Breakfast Club Of Menifee membership now good for free drip coffee AND Hot Tea choice with membership. Thank her for asking.
    Stu and Tracy

    I hope you'll enjoy our concept even better that any large city concept put there. We are sure you will.
    The Breakfast Club Of Menifee

    We can't wait to have you and your friends enjoying the best breakfast you'll eat outside of your own kitchen.
    The Breakfast Club Of Menifee

    Glad your hungry but please eat something now so your strong enough to enjoy our restaurant when we do open.

    Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day and we will make you feel that way eating it.
    The Breakfast Club Of Menifee

  6. I was just telling my friend today, we need a place
    to sit and have coffee and feel comfortable.
    We go to breakfast once a week, but we always end
    up in Temecula.
    We both keep driving by keeping
    tabs on the progress !!
    I'd love to be the first in line for a mug with
    my name on it !!

  7. Steve, as usual, great coverage of what the community is wanting to know! Sounds wonderful; I just hope its big enough; seems its going to be busy! Get my coffee mug ready!

  8. Yeeeees! That sound perfect! Good job BCM.

  9. I have a feeling we will be regulars !!! S.O.M.

  10. Great news. I sure will be a regular. Looking forward to having my own mug. Chris

  11. This is such a wonderful idea and we can't wait! the food sounds so yummy but the best part is the warm social feeling that comes across...wishing them all good things...

  12. Does anyone know if The Breakfast Club will be hiring and when? Not only does the food sound delicious, but I imagine it's a great place to work, too!

  13. Steve: As evidenced here and most all the other topics, it arouses community interest and often leads to other "what's/when's that, etc"; usually about our new city or shopping marketplace. Then, you, yourself hit upon a great idea for a place on your site for just such dialogue among the community and keeping up with things. How about a "Ask and..." or "Community- Clothesline" or "I'm Justa Wondering"-type column! What'cha think? I appreciate your wisdom in maintaining approval for all the comments before printing them. Thank you for the endeavors you assume for the community!

  14. I didn't realize that all comments needed approval before being posted. I hope it is just to weed out filthy language. Is it?

  15. Foul language hasn't been the problem, mostly people using comments for personal vendettas.

  16. I like that there will be a place to have meeting, banquets as well. I hope its kid friendly! LOL We moms love kid friendly restaurants with good food.

  17. The Breakfast Club sounds wonderful! I can't wait to try it. The only problem I have found with the new marketplace is the traffic jams. The traffic is so bad I find myself not even shopping over there until 7 or 8 at night. I would shop more if traffic wasn't such a nightmare! Also, any news about a PF Changs or any nice sit down Chinese Rest?

  18. I hadn't heard of PF Changs coming to Menifee. There is a Panda Express at Countryside, if that fits the description of sit-down chinese.

  19. PF Changs is coming to the promenade in Temecula. Soon I think, the sign is up. As far as the traffic goes avoid Saturday and Sunday, also try going up the the 3rd entrance to enter. I'm there at least 3 times a week and have no problem at all. We need to keep our tax dollars here in Menifee.

  20. Changs is coming to the Promenade, the new sections are supposed to be completed in March according to the website-it looks like downtown Disney to me but will be nice. Many of us are still hoping to see that theatre coming locally too-but are so happy at thw well designed Marketplace and the new places to go. How nice. I actually drive over from the Scott road side and like that way better......

  21. To the 'moms and toddlers club': We're seniors and any time we hear little ones crying or acting up in an eating place; I ask the Lord to remind me there was a day when that was MY own little ones or my grands; then my sense turns to compassion instead of aggravation. BUT, while I honestly don't mean offense to the mom looking for 'kid-friendly' places, I also hope the Breakfast Club does not become the 'moms-and-kids' favorite hangout. I love a good cup of coffee and chitchat. The BC sounds like just what's needed. Vibes in the community prove that many adults/couples have already sworn-off Red Robin because of the loud noise and distractions, making it next to impossible to hold a normal conversation. But Red Robin is traditionally a great place for families with little ones, so that should be expected. Goodness, after this blog, I'm still wise enough to know I'd better hold a cover over my head to stave off the moms, but I honestly mean it in a good way.

  22. Ya' hear that folks? Nobody take your kids to the Breakfast Club 'cause this person wants it to be quiet.

    You've all ruined Red Robin already!

    I think Boston Billies and Coco's are pretty quiet.

    Seriously though, Red Robin is supposed to be a zoo. That's what RR wants it to be.

    I'm sure the Breakfast Club will have a much different atmosphere.

    I'm still bringing my kids though.

  23. When I posted about the traffic problem, it wasn't traffic inside the mall but on Newport Road. At times throughout the day traffic comes to a dead stop. It is so maddening!

  24. I dont agree that Breaskfast Club's idea requires to have people join to pay 25.00 per year membership for what!. It suppose to open public to people without membership!!!

  25. When I am walking behind or driving behind an elderly person I have to ask the Lord to remind me that I too one day will be that elderly person.

    Good grief people.

    My kids are very well behaved in public. And how did I get them to behave in public? By taking them out in public and teaching them what is okay and what is not. Parents these days seem scared to take their kids in public. I will not be that person. My kids know how to behave and if they forget, they are taken outside until they can calm down. If someone doesn't like sitting next to my kids, too bad. They are people too and deserve to be able to go out to eat w/o people giving them dirty looks and getting irritated with them.

    BCM, I am very excited for your opening and can't wait to bring my family in to eat. I hope to become regular costumers. Good Luck!

  26. Keep in mind that this place is only open from 5:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. How can those hours be conducive for bringing your toddlers as a classroom for etiquette training? No, this is as it should be: A much needed place for social chatting over a good cup of coffee with a bite. Okay Menifee Dad; its a date; this senior will see you there bright and early, maybe sunrise...with your entourage!

  27. Wish them all the best. New restaurants have it tough

  28. I give this place 6 months tops

  29. Is the Menifee Breakfast Club ever going to open????

  30. Hello,

    my name is Michael and i live near by your future restaurant there if menifee. I was wondering what is the status of your locatoin there? i notice that not too much is happening with the construction i drive by weekly to see if somethings has started and nothing. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and i am really looking forward to visiting your restaurant and trying it out. If you need help with anything construction related please contact me @ I am a General contractor and would love to help.


    Michael J. Leonard

  31. I want to know when they are going to start taking applications & how I would go about applying?

  32. I will also be eating there alot!

  33. Bethany,
    Thanks for asking about hire dates. Please watch on 24/7 and we will blog when we will start taking applications. We will also place banners on site as well as local ad print and radio. We are scheduled to start construction end of March and open mid June.
    Just Breakfast LLC
    dba the breakfast club of menifee

  34. The Breakfast Club Of Menifee also wants to clarify what was written in the 24/7 article.
    There is NO requirement for a membership to eat at the restaurant. A membership WILL get you free drip coffee or hot tea for a year and a coffee mug with your name and our company logo on it that we hang up in the restaurant so it is waiting for you on your next visit. Again, it is a public restaurant and we want EVERYONE to enjoy our food,service and atmosphere with or without the free coffee membership as it was detailed and described in the original article.
    Just Breakfast LLC
    dba, the breakfast club of menifee

  35. To the individual that "gives us 6 months tops"..Well, I just hope your wrong by many,years! :-)
    Just Breakfast LLC
    dba, the breakfast club of menifee

  36. My kids and I can't wait until you open! We will be some of your first customers. GL and I too hope you last much longer then 6 months!

  37. my family can't wait for the breakfast club to open. we will make it our saturday breakfast place for sure. currently annies in elsinore...but look forward to down home cooking here in menifee our new city

  38. Thank you Anonymous,
    We cant wait to open either. Looks like June.

  39. Stu and Tracy,
    I think what you have created is a wonderful establishment for good fellowship and breakfast. I am interested in employment. This is just the type of enviornment that my personality would fit. I love people and am very bubbly. Please let me know what the employment opportunities are for your restaurant. Thank you so much!

  40. Stu and Tracy,

    I can't wait for you to open...
    Breakfast is my favorite 'eating out' meal and you can print my coffee mug up early.
    Can you contact me through my blog connection and let me know how to get in touch with you regarding your evening meeting facilities.

  41. Seniors, Stay at Coco's and Boston Billies. My kids aren't always good in public, although most of the time they are... People can disapline their children for fear of people butting in and the rude comments about child abuse. I have two children with ADHD and they aren't always fun to deal with, and it pisses me off that especially the seniors either critisize me for not spanking my kids(like they did it 100 years ago) or they butt into situations that they take out of context bcause they don't now the full story. Everyone could learn a little something here, BUTT out and mind your own buisiness, it would be different if someone was physically beating a child or something graffic like that, but you who want children to be perfect and quiet all the time(KEEP DREAMIN')need to let the parents do what they need to to control their children.Sorry, way off track but... You will be encountering lots of children @ the Breakfast club and like I said if you don't like it stay @ Coco's, their coffee has got to be better then their food!

  42. Stu and Tracy,
    --I am so excited for you guys to open. I was wondering, is it possible to apply for a position after hours? Like for the meetings, and clubs and whatnot? I have some experience within that stuff-- and already work during the day.

    Goodluck! and hope to hear back from you

  43. Catlin,
    Our business phone is 951-301-9800. You can listen to a lengthy message and then leave ur number.
    The Breakfast Club Of Menifee

  44. Thank you guys! Look forward to hearing back from you :). I'd love to be a part of your restaurant.

  45. I think there should also be a Super Taqueria and an Erik's Deli Cafe in the Marketplace location. They have those restaurants in Northern California and they are good restaurants.

  46. To Mar 11-5:25 a.m.: sound like you've too much to handle with all your responsibility! I feel sorry for you with all that you're coping with...BUT your hostility seeping thru your words is a bit scary for the kids! WHY take it out on Seniors? Has someone let you know that "doing what you need to do to control your kids" is not okay? If you think I'm going to admire you for "doing what you need to do" while I'm sitting in your presence (hopefully across the room); think again....I'm more apt to call CPS and have them meet you in the parking lot. NOW...WHY do you feel you need to warn us you'll be there with your lessons in behavior?? Comments like yours would surely sour the fun of looking forward to the opening of BC! Get some help're running on overload! And for goodness sakes, put spellcheck on your computer! just another thought: "Spanking like they did 100 years ago" hints that you pound them into submission...not good!!! Sorry...I KNOW I've "p..... you off" (your words not mine)...please don't make the kids pay for it!

  47. Hello,
    I am very interested in working for breakfast club as a server and was wondering if you know when Breakfast Club would be hiring? I have 2 1/2 years of breakfast servng and a total of 4 years serving! I am very excited for a new breakfast restaurant opening! Cannot wait! I hope to be part of the team!Thanks so much!

  48. I really hope this job-seeker gets hired. He/she sounds really enthusiastic and ready to work ! Breakfast is always a time when a friendly smile is appreciated! Bring her/him on!

  49. hey BC!
    I just moved here to menifee and i love it already! its a nice little town and i am really happy with the new developments so far.. i also would love to be a part of the breakfast club.. i only have a few months of restaurant experience at the yardhouse in temecula, but i would definately love the opportunity!

  50. I just wantd to update where we are in the process. I also want to thank all of our future guests that have called and inquired about the opening of "The Breakfast Club Of Menifee"
    Thankfully we just recieved word on Thursday that the city of Menifee has permitted the construction. The Health Dept. also gave us the go ahead on Wednesday with 3 minor changes.
    Construction is scheduled to start on April 27th and will take approx. 45 days, but we all know how that goes. The projested opening date as of today will be June 15th. We have many exciting opportunities planned for our opening and the first will be going out in a direct mail piece that the center is sponsering.
    COuntryside Market Place is also having a Grand Opening the first weekend in June for all business's so we have been told.
    Again, Thank you all for your calls and looking forward to "Feeding You Soon"

  51. Thanks for the information on Breakfast Club as we are all awaiting the opening! Is there a date yet for when you will be hiring? Im very interested in working for you! Looking forward to meeting you all! Thanks!

  52. Trevor VandeveldApril 23, 2009 7:56 PM

    Stu & Tracy

    I'm looking forward to your opening and hopefully trying some food during the grand opening this June!! I was right next to you at the merchant meeting this Monday but didn't have a chance to introduce myself. Hope to see you soon!!

    Trevor @ Affordable Portables

  53. Stu and Tracey,
    I was wondering what type of stlye/outfit the servers will be wearing and what type of shifts there will be for servers? for example will the server open in the am and stay till close or is there split shifts?
    thank you,

  54. What are they building next door to Best Buy?

  55. what is the opening date?
    Are you holding interviews?

  56. My family and I moved up to Sun City from San Diego last year and have enjoyed the small town feel, but have yet to find a good breakfast spot. We look forward to your opening. And wishing you much success.

  57. Thank you Jen as we are looking forward to having you as a guest.
    The Breakfast Club Of Menifee

  58. Is this place really going to open? The hype has had me driving down there several times after dropping my daughter off at school and the Feeding you Soon sign has really just led me to stop trying. Any update?

  59. I picked up an application today and I'm not sure where exactly to return it? Where do turn the app. in?

  60. I need four invitations. How do I get them?

  61. To All Menifee'ns,
    Someone posted a comment asking for 4 invitations. Not sure what that meant so if you could blog back and explain that would be great.
    As an udate regarding our opening. There has been a water line issue that was in place when the center was built. While digging for our sewer line and grease interceptor we uncovered a leak that has not yet been found by our landlords. Although they are doing everything possible to detect and fix it, it has yet to be found and we might be delayed.
    During this process I must say the City Of Menifee Inspectors are really great. They know their stuff and are also working with us to be sure the problem is solved and not just covered.
    Our date we are pushing for is still June 22nd but if all is not well with the leak repairs on the landlords end we might be delayed until June 29th.
    Inside is coming along well and our General Contractor has been great in working around the issue for now.
    As we get closer we are getting very excited about "Feeding You All NOW" which we know will happen sooner than later.
    Our food and service will be worth waiting for (we hope you will all feel the came) as well as our prices.
    The Breakfast Club Of Menifee

  62. thank you for the update!
    are you still hiring servers?

  63. As an update on our hiring process.

    We passed out over 600 apps. THANK YOU ALL for being interested in becoming a part of this venture. We have currently interviewed over 200 applicants and the process is ongoing.
    There are still applications at the location and we are still calling for interviews.
    Thank you,
    The Breakfast Club Of Menifee

  64. The Breakfast Club finally opened this week. Was it worth the wait ? Maybe....While the coffee,service, atmosphere, and homemade buiscuits are great, the egg dishes leave much to be desired. All ingredients are really fresh, but there is nothing, nothing, nothing worse than overcooked eggs. Mine would have bounced if I had thrown them on the floor. Given time maybe this will improve. I am just greatful for a special breakfast place in Menifee.

  65. I had a delicious breakfast at the breakfast club. The corn beef hash was extraordinary. The biscuit tasted home made. The decaf coffee was great. I enjoyed my overhard eggs.

  66. My friends and I have given the breakfast club a few trys (5 to be exact) and have yet to get a good meal. we've had everything from the eggs ranchero to the baked pancakes. lets start with the eggs ranchero I have yet to have them with diced tomatoes and diced fresh jalapenos on top threr call "ranchero" cuz it's a sauce. the eggs weren't poached nor do I think they can poach an egg,as i asked for mine poached with my FATTY ham and eggs. The toast isn't buttered nor do they offer it.Lets just say we will not be recomending The breakfast culb to any one and if anyone ask let it be known we tell the truth.

  67. My husband and I went to Breakfast at the Breakfast Club here in Menifee this morning and were gravely disappointed. My husband had a dirty coffee cup, and the gravy was like paste. Being older I try to eat better and asked if they had turkey sausage and was told no not today. My husband had huevos rancheros and normally it has beans, well this didn't and no salsa, it was tomatoes cut up but no spice in it at all. The prices ... I could get a better breakfast at either Coco's or IHOP. Here at the Breakfast Club they had almost more servers then customers, no wonder the prices were a little high. I will never go back to The Breakfast club again.
    Cheryl and Dieter

  68. Hello Folks,

    Honest suggestion... Please teach your staff to assist all customers not just "their" assigned table. As a new business, I brought my mom in this morning for breakfast. We were seated, however, not one staff greeted us afterwards. Not one person (waitress, table clearer, etc) made eye contact, nor assisted us. Mom is 85 and we were not asked about drinks... not even water. We heard a couple of girls discuss which tables they were assigned to, and watched 4 additional staff walk by our table.

    Due to my mom's age and need for food and drink, we left.

    The young workers need to be taught it is about customer service not just the table they are assigned to. We have always been good tippers but your staff was too busy ignoring your potential customer.

    It is my hope that you will work out the opening issues, and we may attempt to try your restaurant in the future after you have been established.

  69. this is a reply for Cheryl & Dieter: you got the BFC confused with Yellow Basket cuz I saw you there!!

  70. My boyfriend and i had breakfast at the breakfast club last wednesday and it was wonderful. Everything came out exactly as i ordered, and i am a picky orderer. My eggs were perfect, the portions were generous, the biscuits are delicous.the gravy is to die for, i didn't think it was pasty at all. I was so pleased with the ambiance and atmosphere, I felt very welcomed. Everyone was very friendly, and three different servers came up to me and refilled my cofee and asked me if everything was okay. Oh and the coffee is great!! I will definitly be going back and telling my friends. Thanks

  71. I ate at The Breakfast Club the other morning and I tell you I could not be more impressed. The service was fast and the food was perfect. Very fun and friendly atmosphere. The food was priced very well and was delicious. I will definitely recomend this place to my friends and family and will eat there again very soon.

  72. I wish this place will be on Yelp for me to really pick the place apart.

    Let's just say I have already contacted the fire marshall of Menifee to check on this place for dangerous seating placement and max capacity limit.

  73. Jackie,
    As an FYI the plans are approved by Fire, City, and Health before construction can ever start.
    As an FYI the completed project is yet again approved by Fire, City and Health before ever allowed to open. They also approve floor plans which include seating and table layout.
    As an FYI Fire and City establish capacity.
    I have seen other, bigger, and smaller establishments be twice as packed. Don't you like having a succesful business in Menifee that most people say they love?
    Breakfast Club Of Menifee, stay packed and just stay!!
    We Love You Guys!
    Jackie, go to a place that is empty.

  74. Jackie,
    Anonymous is almost right. Don't go to an empty place...just stay home.
    What do you have against Breakfast Club Of Menifee?

  75. I would love to see another business to do well in Menifee, but not in this condition.

    Just because the orginal plan is approved along with first inspection, it doesn't mean the place is safe now. Business owners often change plans after they are opened, just hoping the next inspector will miss the change.

    I will head back in with my family in a few weeks, let's just hope the poor service and food are only caused by a busy opening.

    PS. Please get your website up and running. I would really like to know what is on the kids menu for my children, since last time the menu wasn't there.

  76. Jackie,
    I have eaten here numerous times and my family (of six) has enjoyed it very much. We plan on eating here regularly.
    Was it a busy establishment? Yes, but that is a good thing! Was it overly crowded NO, seriously what is your issue here?
    I am glad to know that you are willing to go back and try it out. All business openings are busy and everyone is just learning the ropes. So, it is good that you recognize that and are willing to give it another shot.
    I highly recommend everyone eat here, I strongly believe once you do, you'll go back!!

  77. We like most of the earlier posters were eagerly waiting for the Breakfast Club to open, so excited to have a place to go because there are just no good places in our area. Sorry to say we still don't have a good place. The industrial look is less than pleasing but it is the food that is most disappointing. Not bad prices but the quality just isn't there. My husband is very easy to please and my daughter in law has never complained about a place but neither want to return after giving it a 2nd try.
    Let's start with the good points: The coffee and complimentary biscuit (not biscuits bec it states right on the menu only one per person or there will be a charge).
    Now for the bad:
    Everything else. Dirty cups, no butter on the toast and none brought to the table even after numerous requests like the coffee refills that are hard to get. Dry French Toast and rubbery pancakes, tasteless sausage and Tracy's own potatoes which are tasteless and go from half done to brown and hard not crispy.
    I don't like IHop or Denny's but would rather eat there or at Yellow Basket across the street because at least our expectations would be met there.
    Please we implore you improve the quality of your food and the service so we can make your place a regular stop, we eat out almost daily. Also keep the a/c up it is hot in there!
    A very disappointed local family here!

  78. To All You Negative Bloggers Re: The Breakfast Club Of Menifee...

    Being in business myself I really can't understand the people, and a couple of you have never been there, post such negative items when a business first opens or predict their demise. I also did not read anything about any of you asking for a manager about a possible concern so they could fix it!!!
    A few things to cover...I have been to The Breakfast Club Of Menifee and have overheard customers talking to what looked like the owners. I actually heard one say they did not like the corn beef hash because it was fresh and they were used to canned, can you believe that?! I have also seen and heard the people mentioned above replace food items if there was an issue or once a customer was surprised when her item was removed from her check! Those were a few times I heard of an issue. Every other time me and my family with my small kids (they love the paper to draw on and actually so do I, and oh, by the way, they have a great kids menu. If you were in there you would know that!!) have heard all other customers actually applaud after they have eaten their meal or have told either the male or female manager about how perfect the food was including potatoes and every other item on their plate. To bad those people have a life and don't sit around and blog all day. Here you have a new restaurant which Menifee needs and you negative writers, after the place has only been open about 3 weeks just trash the place.
    Jeanie, you actually sound sour because they give out a FREE biscuit and not several. Your lucky to get one in this economy or any other economy. Did you talk to a manager? Doesn't say you did. What is your issue? Your probably the type that buys something and if it breaks the next day you just want to complain other than going to the source to get it fixed or replaced.
    Jackie, You really need to settle down. My Gosh, dangerous! No one changes anything after final plan approval and if they did at that time the Fire dept. should be called. There is nothing dangerous about them or any other business in Menifee that follows proper procedures during construction and after.
    Let me close by saying that it's good that we live in an area that finally has choices. If you like CoCo's than go to CoCo's, if you like Denny's than go to Denny's, and if I-Hop is your favorite than continue to go there. I am sure there is enough of us to go around.
    As far as myself, I will continue to go to The Breakfast Club along with all the people from Menifee that have gone since it is so busy everytime I am there and they handle it perfectly. It is nice to get fresh made salsa, quacamole, sirloin patties, oh and yes fresh made corned beef hash not from a can. A place with some class and lower prices than all of the above with much bigger portions.
    Breakfast Club, Prosper and thrive for years to come!

  79. So they have a kids menu now, it's about time.

    Usually I let a new establishment have some benefit of doubt when it just opened, but Breakfast Club was just too much of an insane experience for me to let go. Especially with anonymous keeps on plugging the place.

    Here is my issue, the so called 40 years of management experiences didn't reflect the service and food at hand. One more week before the 2nd try, I hope the visit will be better this time.

  80. Jackie...
    You speak asif you are doing The Breakfast Club Of Menifee a favor by going in again?
    If I were them I would ask very politely NOT to do them any favors and stay away. Menifee already see's that you have a pre conceived unfair opinion. You have made that obvious so anything negative you have to say will be ignored by all!!
    It's still very busy there so stay home.

  81. me and my wife ate there , the tables are to crowded . the food is not real good . the amount of potatoes are small and have no taste. for a breakfast only place they better find a better cook or they wont be there long. i will give it a few more weeks and try it again, if it dont get better i will drive to spend my money elsewhere. with a lot of servers the service was bad. i would rather drive thru jack in the box. one of the worse meals i ever had. hope it improves or they wont be there long

  82. food is just right, nothing extraordinary. i am still driving to The Original Pancake House in Temecula or Silver Dollar Pancake House in Corona. At least those places are worth driving for, one has a Zagat rating and one has an approval from Food Network's Diners, Dive-In and Dives. But let's give it a chance, it still got room for improvements, who knows, MAYBE someday it will be featured in Food Network as a local Menifee favorite! hey, they went to Corona, right!

  83. Why does Menifee eat its young? What is wrong with all of you negative people who don't know how to spell or write in correct grammar? And then you have the audacity to write negative connotations re; Breakfast Club! Maybe you should try to live outside of Menifee & experience the world! We went there this am & had an outstanding breakfast. I had the Baja Omelette & the breakfast potatoes which were huge portions. The sourdough toast was great as were the complimentary biscuits. The ambiance & atmosphere was wonderful with very professional waiters/waitresses, and I loved the paper cloths that could be written on. My only suggestion is to enlarge the restaurant so more people can enjoy this wonderful restaurant. Oh yeah, and have people with little minds & vocabularies enjoy simple restaurants like IHOP or Denny's. Go Breakfast Club! Yahoo!!!

  84. Anonymous AKA The owners of The Breakfast Club,
    Instead spending all of your time attacking people who don't like your restaurant why don't use that time to find a new cook. I am amazed you could hear anyone applaud because it is so loud in there I can't even hear the person sitting across the table from me. The servers are nice they just never come back. You say if I don't like your restaurant then just go to Dennys, IHOP, or Cocos as if they are horrible establishments at least they have better food. I know new restaurants all have to go through growing pains but if you cannot take constructive critism and improve upon it boo on you. If you want good breakfast try the Swing Inn Cafe, it is worth the 10 minute drive to Temecula. Good Luck!

  85. I can't believe the owners of the Breakfast Club are not interested in reading the negative comments and using them to improve their restaurant. Commenting on grammar or making personal remarks is not professional or helpful and won't help them stay in business.
    I am leaving this post with a vague hope that it will help things improve as I seriously want the BC to be good and succeed.
    Here are a few suggestions given very seriously.
    1-Your coffee is good but really a coffee bar with barista is a little pretentious for Menifee.
    2-Your restaurant is in the Countryside Marketplace in Menifee so the industrial look really doesn't fit. We expected a more country atmosphere and were disappointed in the minimal decor.
    3-Your food is just not good. Tracy's special potatoes need seasoning at least salt and to be cooked all the way through and personally we like them well browned. Butter the toast or serve it on the side and offer nice homemade berry jam. The complimentary biscuit is a nice touch but ours was a bit dry. I could go on with every item we ordered but I think really what you need is a new cook.
    4-The servers are nice but seem to have a hard time remembering to bring anything you request even after 2 or 3 times.
    5-No we didn't complain but at no time were we asked if everything was satisfactory, not by the server or the owners or managers or by the hostess opon leaving.

    Finally I would like to ask that you stop answering the negative posts and take them to heart to make the necessary improvements. Your comment about hearing customers applaud their meal is ridiculous. I have never seen anybody applaud a meal. Come on now.
    I am looking for improvement but after two bad experiences and reading the bitter replies posted here I am not too hopeful.

  86. I was just checking in to see if you had posted anything about making changes per the requests of your customers. I am sorry to say all I see are ridiculous posts answering negative comments made with bitter retorts, my personal favorite being that you have seen people applaud their meals. Come on now. Calling attention to the grammar used is just insulting unless you are saying you only serve scolars and if you are going to make that comment you better spell and grammar check your own posts. Calling people sour or bitter is certainly not professional or helpful.
    I can't tell you how disappointed my family is in your food, service and attitude towards the customers who took the time to post a comment in hopes that you would improve.
    We will keep driving to Temecula to have a nice breakfast!

  87. Four words:
    Get a new cook!
    I have just read the comments posted and it seems to me the theme is clear, most people like my family were not at all happy with the food or the service or lack there of. The posts that seem to answer the negative posts range from rambling and odd to ridiculous like the one about people applauding their meals. My daughter & I read these posts together and we both decided we have to write our own.
    Positives: Coffee and complimentary biscuit.
    Negatives: Everything else served.
    Pancakes are like rubber.
    Toast needs butter or some served on the side.
    Bacon and sausage are poor quality.
    Eggs are overcooked or half raw.
    Tracy's own potatoes are bland and under cooked.
    Prices are fine but not for bad food. We tried it twice and would try it again if we thought you were working on improvement but sadly it looks like you are too stubborn to admit you need any.
    Still driving to Temecula for a good breakfast!

  88. Customer service flat out stinks! Will never go there again!

  89. My Husband and I went to the Breakfast Club today. The food was outstanding and the service great! JP was our waiter and he was the best..
    Tracy came over to make sure we were happy.We loved the biscuits..
    What a great place to enjoy a relaxed breakfast. Everything we ate was suberb!!
    Everything was exemplarary..

    We will be back..
    Thanks to all for a great experience.

    P.S. Our neighbors were able to receive a flyer for a free breakfast. We never did get ours..
    However, we were on vacation so it may have gotten lost at the P.O...They held our mail...
    Maybe we will still receive one....

    Thanks again...
    K & G. McDonough

  90. I'll stick with Big City Bagel in Murrieta

  91. My husband and I have read the comments and can't stop laughing!!! Does Yellow Basket, IHOP and Denny's have all of their employees post negative blogs??? Today was our first day eating there and the food was superb!! The omelettes were delicious and the cinnamon apple pancakes and the banana pancakes were outstanding. FINALLY, we have some great breakfast food that is local:) We were so tired of the bland, "cookie cutter" food that has no distinctive taste. Why is it that people around here hate change or anything different???? If it's not the same, exact, "cookie cutter" food that tastes like it is either out of a can or the frozen food section, folks have a fit!! I just don't get it:( The restaurant was wonderful. Ambiance was lovely! Service was great! Will definitely return again...TOMORROW!

  92. I was not satisfied at all. and actually to me it tasted like it was out of a can the hollandaise sauce was horrible...the fruit in my fruit bowl was old...service was not up to par not very entertaining. I felt as if my server felt that if she smiled too much then she was going to get a good tip.... the apple cinnamon pancake is ok...but again tasted out of the can...obviously the person above has not had home cooked apples from an organic orchard..they are wonderful. the pancakes did not look baked as promised. The other thing that bothered me is lack of space....It reminded me of a cafeteria of a public elbow room...I will not be returning...nor would i recommend this restaurant to anybody

  93. all you people need to get a life and stop what a bunch of boobies..too hard to satisfy and not grateful for the new business that is out here trying to make a go of it in these hard times. we need more people venturing out and giving it a try and not just all the large corporative big box or franchise type i give these new business owners my applause in fact i stand up in front of my computer clapping for their courage and hope thier dreams come true of a sucessful business here in our little town of menifee. lots of hard work on money on the line for these people....trying to do a new start up business here. stop complaining take your kids, old people and teens and enjoy. stop complaining and remember you are not going to change the way the world turns but could make or bread the way a persons life turns out. thank you brave people and thank you for giving menifee a chance to have something nice here

  94. It sounds like this place has more negative comments than positive. I hope the owners try to improve it or they will be gone faster than you can slap a tick

  95. OK, As the owner of Breakfast CLub Of Menifee I would like to Comment on the "Comments" that have recently come in and future ones as well. I will be as unbiased as possible but I will admit I am a bit whitty so please forgive me if I have some fun with them, both positive and negative...

    To anonymous January 8 2010...I promise that our hollndase sauce is NOT from a can, but it is one of those food items that is difficult to get right. We have changed it 3 times since we opened and the current one gets the fewest complaints. Actually 98% of the people that have it say it's the best they have tasted so we have stayed with this recipe. Regretably there is the 2% that we can't please everytime.
    I didn't understand the fruit comment because we sell so much of it. Actually we go through it so fast sometimes we have to cut it to order. We ONLY use FRESH FRUIT so with the weather issues currently in some areas of the country the quality might not be at the level it could be. But i promise it will never be old. We receive produce deliveries 3-4 times a week. Even though FRESH FRUIT is very expensive at the Beakfast Club Of Menifee we refuse to use frozen, pre cut, or bagged fruit products. Ya gotta give us some credit for that. As far as the service...I was not aware we should be entertaining our guests as well as serving them. I am not sure but were you complaining because she was smiling to much or not enough?
    The apple pancakes, I have never heard of any pancakes coming from a can?? The Apple Cinnamon Pancakes are one of our best sellers, 3500 guests a week can't all be wrong, can they? Orchard grown organic apples are GREAT but I do not want to charge our guests $25.00 a pancake...yikes! I don't remember PROMISING Baked Cinnamon Apple Pancakes. Over a year ago during our first interview and over 6 months BEFORE we opened our intention was to have them baked. After several times of trying and the quality not being what we wanted for our guests we tried several other methods. The current one has been the most successful. OK, now the room comment, boy do I wish we had a public cafeteria style restaurant. It would have cost us half the price to open and we would be 3 times the size but here is the facts...The City and the Fire Dept determine seating capacity in all public facilities. We have been coded to seat 99 guests in