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Earlier this evening, Jeff Chambers, who is with Donahue Schriber, the developer that's building the Countryside Marketplace, gave a pre...

Earlier this evening, Jeff Chambers, who is with Donahue Schriber, the developer that's building the Countryside Marketplace, gave a presentation at the Menifee MAC meeting.

I attended the meeting, and wanted to fill you in.

First of all, this was probably one of the most well-attended Menifee MAC meetings I've ever seen. There are about 250 seats in the meeting room, and almost every one was filled. There were other people standing in the back as well. The mayor of Canyon Lake was present as well.

Supervisor Jeff Stone did not speak at the meeting, contrary to what was announced in the Press Enterprise article yesterday. I didn't see him there.

Jeff Chambers, the representative from Donahue Schriber was quickly introduced and gave what I thought was a very captive presentation. He didn't give any "business" speak, he recognized the audience as future customers of Countryside Marketplace, and understood that most people wanted to know what kinds of businesses would be in the new shopping center. He spent most of the time identifying which stores, restaurants and businesses would be there, and went into details on why certain brands were coming, and why other brands were not. He also described his company and its history of building shopping centers.

Donahue Schriber has been in the business of building shopping centers for 40 years now. They own 65 shopping centers throughout California and Arizona. They built the Glendale Galleria and the Hemet Mall. They bought the land for Countryside Marketplace in February of 2005, consisting of 70 acres of land. Actual square footage of Countryside Marketplace is 735,000, and is what the company terms a "power center". It's going to be the second largest shopping center in South West Riverside County, with the Promenade Mall being the largest.

In addition to building the shopping center, Donahue Schriber will build and improve roadways, sewers, and other facilities.

Jeff Chambers said that one of the first things they did towards identifying which businesses to bring into the new shopping center was to interview several residents. Overwhelmingly, everyone wanted more restaurants, and there's plenty of food businesses going in.

They also found that people wanted a bookstore, such as a Barnes & Noble or a Borders. However, it won't be happening. Borders is not adding new stores at this moment, and Barnes & Noble is "iffy" at this time. Jeff said that Barnes & Noble may eventually come to Menifee, but not to Countryside Marketplace.

They also learned that residents here wanted some kind of fabric store, such as a Michaels or Joann's, but they won't be coming to Countryside Marketplace either. However, he felt that Michaels is a big possibility for the old Target building, after Target relocates to the new shopping center.

Target, of course, is the key anchor business for Countryside Marketplace. This won't be a "Super Target", but will be a bigger Target, adding an extra 55,000 square feet of space. There will be more food sold at this new Target, but it won't be the full size grocery section found at a Super Target. Once the Target moves to Countryside Marketplace, the old Target building will very likely be remodeled into three separate stores, one of them possibly being a fabric store, Michaels or Joann's.

They expect the first tenant to open its doors to the public in September of 2008.

Below is a photograph I took of a large chart that Jeff had on display. The center of the chart is washed out from my flash...

Countryside Marketplace
Click on the image to see a larger view.

List of Businesses

Here's a list of businesses that Jeff Chambers named as being in the new shopping center. He said these businesses will definitely be there. He also said there's always a possibility that some of these businesses might pull out, but that they are all under contract, and will probably not pull out...


Best Buy
Linens and Things
Old Navy
Lane Bryant
Beverages and More
Payless Shoes
Jewelry Store (yet to be named)

Food and Drink...

B.J.'s Restaurant & Brewery
Chipotle or Baja Fresh (not decided yet)
Jamba Juice
Panda Express (or other fast food Chinese)
Japanese Restaurant (yet to be named)
Corner Bakery or Panadera Bread (not decided yet)
Red Robin
Chick Fila
TGI Fridays
In-N-Out Burger
Round Table Pizza

Other Businesses...

Wells Fargo Bank
Wachovia Bank
Washington Mutual Bank

Jeff Chambers also said they're looking for a few local area businesses to move into Countryside Marketplace. These would be restaurants or retailers that are unique to Riverside County, and offer something with local flair.

Donahue Schriber also has several other buildings that still need tenants.

Questions and Answers

The presentation then shifted in a question and answer session. I've presented them below. Note that these questions and answers were read off very quickly, and I could not write them down word-for-word. These are simply my interpretations and summarizations...

Q: Will there be room for a movie theater?
A: There are no plans for a movie theater at Countryside Marketplace.

Q: What about Whole Foods Market, Nordstom Rack, and a Hallmark Store?
A: Hallmark Store is a possibility. Nordstrom Rack is not likely. Whole Foods Market is not interested in Menifee, their clientele is largely in urban and upscale communities.

Q: Will the new Target have a bigger grocery section?
A: Yes, but it won't be a Super Target, just a bigger Target with more food offerings.

Q: What about Long John Silvers?
A: Probably not. Countryside Marketplace has plans for a Japanese restaurant, that will be their fish restaurant.

Q: What accomodations have been made for more police?
A: They're going to take a "wait and see" approach first. Donahue Schriber does provide private security, and they will work with the Sheriff if the situation calls for increased police presence.

Q: When will the aquatic center be open?
A: It probably won't start construction until another year, and will likely open in late 2008 or early 2009.

Q: What's the status on the shopping center at McCall and Encanto streets?
A: There was an Albertson's and a fitness center proposed to go there, but those have fallen through, and nothing is happening right now. Nothing will happen unless an anchor store like Albertson's or something else is committed.

Q: Who are the contractors that will be doing the construction, how many contractors have been hired?
A: Donahue Schriber usually has about 12 different general contractors working at the same time. They've not done any bidding as of yet. Lyle Parks is one contractor that will likely be there. Some of the businesses do their own construction, such as Target, Kohls, and the banks, and they hire their own contractors. In all, there will probably be between 30-45 different contractors working there.

Q: Will Donahue Schriber create underground utilities?
A: No. The above-ground transmission lines currently lining Newport Road will still be there. They will, however, move those poles to different areas, but there will still be poles lining the road.

Q: What will happen to the North-East corner of Newport Road and Antelope Road?
A: There will be a gas station there, a motel, and about 150,000 square feet of retail space, including a fitness center.

Q: What about a Red Lobster and a Wal-Mart?
A: There are plans for a Wal-Mart on Scott Road by the 215 Freeway, at the north-west corner, but there are no plans to bring in a Red Lobster.

Q: What about bringing a drug store?
A: The new Target will have a pharmacy section.

Q: Will the realignment of Newport Road have any effect on Countryside Marketplace?
A: The realignment at both ends of Newport Road, on the Hemet side, and the Canyon Lake side, will definitely bring in more traffic. There are plans to widen the intersection of Newport Road and Haun Road to 7 lanes. There are plans to widen the Newport Road bridge over the 215 Freeway, and turn it into a partial cloverleaf, but those plans won't happen until 2011.

Q: Will the aquatic center be open to the public?
A: Yes, there will be several pools, including a competition pool, and plans to provide senior services such as aerobics.

Q: Are there plans for more parks and bicycle paths in the area of development?
A: There are plans for another school and more parks. As far as bicycle paths, yes. There are plans for an improved flood control system, and there will be a bicycle path running next to it.

Q: Will there be an overpass between Newport Road and Scott Road, connecting Antelope road to the new shopping center?
A: Riverside county has a plan for that, but it's very long term. Not in the near future.

Q: How will Countryside Marketplace emulate the neighborhood?
A: Donahue Schriber designed Countryside Marketplace to have an "agrarian architectural" theme. The buildings have a rural look and feel to compliment Menifee's agricultural character.

Q: What stores are going in at Ethanac and the 215?
A: There will be a Winco Food and a Home Depot.

Q: Will the stores at Countryside Marketplace have shade structures or canopies?
A: Yes, there's actually a county ordinance requiring a certain amount of shade structures.

Q: What about Henry's, Fresh & Easy, Costco, Fish House Vera Cruz, Farmer Boys, Black Angus, Steer & Stein, Siggy's?
A: At this point, the building spaces still available are not big enough for some of these stores and restaurants. All that's left is for smaller businesses. That's not to say these brand names are not coming to Menifee, they just won't be coming to Countryside Marketplace.

Copies of Plans

Jeff Chambers brought copies of plans and layouts of Countryside Marketplace, but didn't bring enough copies for everyone. He can provide copies to you, if you contact him.

Call him at (714) 966-6496, OR e-mail him at


Countryside-Marketplace 3057940155231165292

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  1. Sounds very exciting!!

  2. Looks good for the area. How do we find out about these meetings? The Menifee Incorporation website was not updated to reflect this meeting. thx

  3. This wasn't a Menifee Incorporation meeting, it was a Menifee MAC meeting. I had asked other MAC members to notify me of upcoming meetings so that I could post it on this website, I haven't received any notifications from them. About a month ago, I did in fact post last night's meeting.

    Last night, I did meet another Menifee MAC member, gave him my card, and asked about getting notifications. He had never heard of Menifee 24/7. We'll see what happens.

  4. It is necessary to establish to have Rubios and Costco and Henrys market and Japanese Restaurant (Todai) and in Menifee at Countryside Marketplace. That's enough to drive up too far Rubios and Costco and Henrys market in Temecula that is not fair.

  5. I think this shopping center is a step in the right direction in light of all the houses that are being built here. However, I think it is imperative that we not only get shopping facilities, but places like a movie theater and bookstore. What are the youth and young at heart suppossed to do out here other than eat and shop?

  6. Steve, We appreciate your information and want you to know what an awesome job you are doing. Thanks again for keeping us posted.

  7. Please, please! I vote for Baja Fresh.
    Menifee needs more entertainment. There is plenty of space to build a movie theatre or a Discovery Center like in Santa Anna.

  8. Looking at this has just made me feel like I made the right investment. I cannot wait until everything is done. I know that it will only help our property values. This has only made me want to stay in Menifee. We all just need to be patient. I really feel that we are all going to benifet.

  9. This is really great, esp for the seniors in the SUN CITY area, it will revive our unexciting area. It would be great if we had a movie theater. Can't wait to go shopping close by, and may bring in more seniors in our community, it has been depressing as of last yr.

  10. What if the old Target were turned into a bowling alley? The ceilings are currently not high enough for a movie theater but a bowling alley would fit in there nicely.

  11. costco please....

  12. PLEASE!!!!!!!!! No Wal- Mart!!!
    We need a great competitor like Costco to up our value, land and homes.Wal-Mart will hurt us in the long run, mabe even worse than now.

  13. Is there any way that we can talk about getting a Trader Joe's in the new marketplace? The one in Temecula is just too hard to get to and I know it would do well in our area.

  14. Sophisticated Shopping and Dining will appeal to sophisticated and discerning people. This will bring land values and tax revenues up to support the Menifee Community. Lower-end retailers, tends to bring area values down, and additional problems that surface with these types of retailers. Do we want just another strip mall with the same old stores, with the same old dining experiences? Tax Incentives must be used to attract High-End Business like, Trades Joes, Henry Market, Costco, and Edwards Cinemas all of which would fit nicely within the Country-Market Place theme. What are the plans for the property to the south west the Marketplace? A Mall would be nice.

  15. Does anyone know how to get one of these businesses that will help home values to come to Menifee? Do we contact the business? I have no idea what would need to be done but am willing to put forth an effort to get a Costco, Trader Joes or a movie theater closer to home.

  16. To the above commenter, about what to do to get a Costco or movie theater...

    One, you can join the Menifee Valley Chamber of Commerce, and join their Economic Development committee. That committee is suppose to interact with the County economic development agency, which is the agency trying to lure businesses into the county.

  17. I have and you can also, go directly to the different Companies web sites that you like and leave them a e-mail telling them about our desire to have them come to our Community. I also posted the Menifee Countryside Market Place Story, from Menifee 24/7 directly to the e-mail, allowing them to see what the people of Menifee Valley are saying about our needs. We should not have to drive 15 – 20 miles to shop at the stores we like, besides how do our Seniors who might not have transportation get to Temecula or Riverside to shop. Bring shopping here allows all of us to benefit, from added jobs, tax revenues, a place for our young people to hang and work, and for the convenience to the people of Menifee Valley.

  18. Many of us live with our families in Menifee and would like to see more entertainment facilities for the kids such as a bowling alley, movie theater and a boys and gils club.

  19. Trader Joes & Costco would increase value and future opportunities, not to mention local jobs and economic growth. This is exactly the kind of "push" our community needs.

  20. Costco wont open in menifee, there's already ones in lake elsinore and temecula. It would be more likely that they would put on in hemet. A trader joe's in the marketplace would fit perfectly in one of the larger pads, perhaps in the empty anchor pad or one of the larger freestanding buildings. and YES there definately needs to be a movie theater and a bookstore...Its imperitive. Wal Mart sounds like a bad idea, even down on scott road. Target is all we need and it doesnt have the bad stigma of walmart. Dont expect a Henry's or Baron's or anything similar to show up until that whole section between canyon lake and menifee is filled up with houses occupied by 70K+ annual income families. You could all go to sun city and support the lady who runs the health food store in the meanwhile.

    1. It's true that there are Costco warehouses in Lake Elsinore, Temecula, and other surrounding areas, but they are simply too far and too hard to get to with all of the congestion on the 15 and 215 freeways. I know they won't put a warehouse INSIDE the Menifee Countryside Marketplace, but if they put one nearby or next to the shopping center, it would help out the area and give residents better access to the goods and conveniences they need.

      So, a word of advice to the city:

  21. I think this is great for the Menifee area so many people have bought homes here & we have to travel a little ways for almost everything. I think all the stores that are going in are awesome. I havr to disagree with those who does not want a walmart off scott road. I say yes please put a walmart there target is good but walmart is better.

  22. Movie Theater Please. No Walmart - there are already 2 so close ! I also vote for Trader Joes and more upscale stores.
    Plus - Im for having places where kids and teens can hang out. Its their community too !!!

  23. I'm happy about the Lowes, Petco, Staples and Kohl's. That takes care of home improvement, pet food, office supplies and clothing without having to make the trip to Temecula. The Starbucks, Panera and BJ's Brewery will be very welcome indeed as far as I'm concerned.

  24. We need a TRADER JOE'S!!! Also I agree with a past anonymous comment, that we need something for the teens. I feel sorry for them as all they can do right now is hang out infront of Target, Cold Stone, or Arco, as there is nothing for them now....