Countryside Marketplace Presentation

Earlier this evening, Jeff Chambers, who is with Donahue Schriber, the developer that's building the Countryside Marketplace, gave a pre...

Earlier this evening, Jeff Chambers, who is with Donahue Schriber, the developer that's building the Countryside Marketplace, gave a presentation at the Menifee MAC meeting.

I attended the meeting, and wanted to fill you in.

First of all, this was probably one of the most well-attended Menifee MAC meetings I've ever seen. There are about 250 seats in the meeting room, and almost every one was filled. There were other people standing in the back as well. The mayor of Canyon Lake was present as well.

Supervisor Jeff Stone did not speak at the meeting, contrary to what was announced in the Press Enterprise article yesterday. I didn't see him there.

Jeff Chambers, the representative from Donahue Schriber was quickly introduced and gave what I thought was a very captive presentation. He didn't give any "business" speak, he recognized the audience as future customers of Countryside Marketplace, and understood that most people wanted to know what kinds of businesses would be in the new shopping center. He spent most of the time identifying which stores, restaurants and businesses would be there, and went into details on why certain brands were coming, and why other brands were not. He also described his company and its history of building shopping centers.

Donahue Schriber has been in the business of building shopping centers for 40 years now. They own 65 shopping centers throughout California and Arizona. They built the Glendale Galleria and the Hemet Mall. They bought the land for Countryside Marketplace in February of 2005, consisting of 70 acres of land. Actual square footage of Countryside Marketplace is 735,000, and is what the company terms a "power center". It's going to be the second largest shopping center in South West Riverside County, with the Promenade Mall being the largest.

In addition to building the shopping center, Donahue Schriber will build and improve roadways, sewers, and other facilities.

Jeff Chambers said that one of the first things they did towards identifying which businesses to bring into the new shopping center was to interview several residents. Overwhelmingly, everyone wanted more restaurants, and there's plenty of food businesses going in.

They also found that people wanted a bookstore, such as a Barnes & Noble or a Borders. However, it won't be happening. Borders is not adding new stores at this moment, and Barnes & Noble is "iffy" at this time. Jeff said that Barnes & Noble may eventually come to Menifee, but not to Countryside Marketplace.

They also learned that residents here wanted some kind of fabric store, such as a Michaels or Joann's, but they won't be coming to Countryside Marketplace either. However, he felt that Michaels is a big possibility for the old Target building, after Target relocates to the new shopping center.

Target, of course, is the key anchor business for Countryside Marketplace. This won't be a "Super Target", but will be a bigger Target, adding an extra 55,000 square feet of space. There will be more food sold at this new Target, but it won't be the full size grocery section found at a Super Target. Once the Target moves to Countryside Marketplace, the old Target building will very likely be remodeled into three separate stores, one of them possibly being a fabric store, Michaels or Joann's.

They expect the first tenant to open its doors to the public in September of 2008.

Below is a photograph I took of a large chart that Jeff had on display. The center of the chart is washed out from my flash...

Countryside Marketplace
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List of Businesses

Here's a list of businesses that Jeff Chambers named as being in the new shopping center