More Apartments Coming to Menifee

Another apartment complex is coming to Menifee, this one located on McCall Blvd, next to Menifee Valley Medical Center.

According to an article published in The Californian, the Riverside County Board of Supervisors, changed the zoning for this piece of land to make room for this project...

Several of the neighbors and other residents of Menifee and Sun City said the heavily residential areas need more offices and shops before developers move ahead with more houses, let alone apartments. The Board of Supervisors' 4-0 vote June 12 struck commercial zoning to allow apartments on the 19 acres just east of Antelope Road.
Makes me wonder why the County spent so much time and money creating the Riverside County Integrated Project (RCIP) if they keep on changing the zoning?

The Californian went on to name AG Spanos as the developer of the apartment complex, and if I'm not mistaken, that's the same developer that gave us the Enclave Apartments, and the shady bunch of people who came to this community to live there.

Part of my frustration is that all this housing development is dragging my property values down. Yes, I'm complaining about my property value! I think Menifee housing is too readily available. I want it to be harder to come by.

If we have to have more residential here, why apartments? Why condos? How about luxury homes on large lots? We don't have enough millionaires in Menifee!

I think I know the thinking of the Supervisors. In order to attract more retail and industry, we have to have to people first. I imagine apartments and condos are a great way to boost population with smaller parcels of land.

But when this new apartment complex fills up with low-income families, there's going to be even longer waiting at Menifee Valley Medical Center.


  1. In the article Jeff Stone said that the apartments are needed to house people who will work retail jobs at the new shopping center. I'm sure there are already enough high school and Jr. College kids among others within 10 miles of the center that would like a crack at those jobs!
    I'm just thankful that it is not a government supported low-income housing complex being built

  2. Steve,
    There is more to life than property value. What attracted you to this place in the first place anyway isn't it because properties are cheap here compared to other places. Please refrain from calling people 'shady bunch' just because they can't afford to buy their own home, they’re just like you and me trying to find a decent living. We should consider ourselves lucky because we have a place to call our own; we were just like 'them shady bunch' once weren't we? Now through hard work, sweat and a break from somewhere were home-owners and that did not happen over night, did it? I guess all that I’m trying to say is give ‘them’ a break, and besides we can’t take our homes or our property values with us when we die. We can try but it’s not going to happen. Don’t sweat on the small stuff, relax and enjoy your property while you can.


  3. I believe "shady bunch" was used to describe the drug dealers, and low lifes that exist there. Not the hard working people that are trying to get ahead. Further more what attracted me, and I would guess quite a few people to this area was the affordable housing, but with that the hopes that the property values would go up. I do not think anyone decided to move here so they could be closer to the drugs and the gangs. If I had known how bad the problems here were I would have stayed in Escondido, at least I knew what I was up against there.