Visioning Session Cancelled

The City of Menifee announced moments ago the cancellation of the Special Visioning session set for Saturday, January 31st, due to an emergency in the Mayor's family.

City Manager George Wentz noted that "it is vital that each Councilmember be available for this important strategic planning session" and therefore it is in the best interest of all concerned in the City to reschedule the meeting.

The visioning session is supposed to determine what the city council members want for Menifee, in terms of development, infrastructure, recreation, and generally what direction the City Manager and his staff should be moving towards.


  1. I sincerely hope that as the MUSD budget committee considers the current crisis, that they will consider the fact that several teachers are taking huge salary cuts to switch from an extended contract to a shortened one. Why are administrators still given a 225 day contract. Shouldn't their contracts be shortened and their pay reduced on a per diem basis?

  2. The MUSD Budget Committee should be a topic on here. My concern would be that our Measure 'B' funds for new, quality schools might somehow end up funding the modification of current classrooms to accomodate more students. We didn't vote for that bond to facilitate larger class sizes.

    If you see construction going on at one of our schools, ask what they're doing and how it's being paid for.

  3. This comment (suggestion) may be better posted through the MUSD website ( under the Budget Advisory Committee button on the left side of the page. Suggestions may also be made as Anonymous.

  4. Visioning? This is not all that complicated. Keep the city clean and safe and keep your nose out of everything else. I need another group of self appointed visionaries spending my money like I need a whole in the head.