Top 3 City Council Requests

Was listening to Fred Twyman speak on Menifee Valley Talk Radio last night, and heard him mention that he wants to hear from residents on wh...

Was listening to Fred Twyman speak on Menifee Valley Talk Radio last night, and heard him mention that he wants to hear from residents on what we want for our new city.

I've heard other city council members say that they want to hear from residents, and the fact that they keep saying this, makes me wonder if anyone is communicating with them.

So here is my top three "to do" items for the city council...

  • Bring in more high-paying jobs. I'd like to see more office buildings and industrial parks here. What can we do as a city to make Menifee an attractive place for companies to move to? I thought I heard Twyman say last night that Pardee Homes is backing out of building homes next to Countryside Marketplace. Good. Then let's build industrial and corporate centers all along the I-215 between Newport and Scott. We also have space to build along Hwy 74.

    As it is now, Menifee is a commuter town. We can't go on paying $4-5 a gallon for gas. We need to build jobs here.

  • Gang task force. We need more police, but we need it where it counts the most. Gangs are what bring in the violence, the prostitution, the drugs, the tagging, and corrupts the kids. We need a team of investigators tracking every gang and gang member in this town, watching their every move, busting them everytime they make a mistake, and making Menifee an awful place for them to operate.

    I've already made my opinion known about traffic patrols. You can make arguments on speeders, child safety seats, lack of registration, etc. But having more cops hiding behind bushes and busting moms on their way to the grocery store is petty, compared to gangs moving into Menifee and recruiting your kids into their ranks.

  • Infrastructure. Part of the success towards luring more employers into Menifee is creating the thoroughfares to improve the flow of traffic. Complete the Newport Rd realignment. Get the Scott Rd overpass widened. Extend Bradley all the way to Scott. Pave Holland Rd all the way into Canyon Hills.

    Improving the flow of traffic is something we're going to need for trucks to carry materials to and from the business and industrial centers. Employers won't move here if they can't move around in here.
There are other things I'd like to see done, but that's my top 3.

Knowing that some, if not all, city council members are reading this, what are your top 3 "to do" items?


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  1. Those three sound good to me!

    Speaking of infrastructure, is it possible that we could get another route west from Menifee/Quail Valley besides Railroad Canyon? Has this even been looked into by the county? Going north to Perris and then south on the 74 is not really an option. We need another route going to N. Lake Elsinore, somewhere off of Goetz and going over the river/Canyon Lake would be nice. Just food for thought.

  2. There are already plans underway to extend Ethanac westward and connect into Hwy 74, somewhere in the Meadowbrook area.

  3. I have heard that, but also that it's dependent on developers building there. At this point, it doesn't seem that that's going to happen any time soon.

    Ethanac is a little far north still, but better than nothing. I was hoping for something closer to Canyon Heights, maybe even near the "grid" in QV off Goetz going west.

  4. I am all for a Gang Task Force and believe this is very important. The tagging is already out of control and needs to be stopped. Any and all gang activity needs to be met head on and with immediate consequences. We need to keep Menifee clean and safe for all of us.
    I would like to see a bridge overpass connection holland rd. over the 215 freeway. No onramps or offramps for the 215. This will reduce the traffice congestion at both the Scott Rd. and Newport Rd. bridges by about 30 percent if not more. It will also provide convenient access to Countryside Marketplace for all of the residents east of the 215.

  5. They need to do some traffic studies to figure out how to fight this growing congestion. Now that Dominigoni connects from Hemet, it takes me 10=15 min to get from my Menifee Lake home to the 215 on ramp. I am looking foward to the Countryside shopping center but I am afraid the traffic is going to be increasingly worse.

  6. Those three sound good to me!

  7. oh yeah, I'm glad that Pardee is backing out making homes by the new shopping center. We don't need more houses, we need more businesses for jobs.

  8. Put a road right down the middle of the river/spillway between the 215 and quail valley. I'm sure they could find a way to run it straight through to the 15 as well. And we need more greenery around town! Walkways and parks!

  9. I agree that we need to create a no-friendly gang environment. Menifee really doesn't have a huge gang problem, in fact a neighbor of mine is a Sheriff, and he said that "true" gangs are almost non-existent in Menifee. There is a problem with taggers though. The solution is to keep our eyes open and to remove the grafitti as soon as it goes up. The sad thing is that the root cause of the vandalism is a lack of parental control and responsibility. If we know our neighbors are lack in controlling their kids, we need to stand up against it. We had an issue in our community with a set of kids hanging out in the park at midnight, raming the streets, etc...When we found out who they were we paid a visit to the parents and guess what, the graffitti stopped. We still see grafitti around the community occasionally, but we are fervent about it's removal and the problem around our community has improved drastically. If we stay focused on our goals, we can conquer this social ill.

  10. Bringing high paying jobs to Menifee is important to keep up with the cost of living.

    Connecting Keller road to scott road east of highway 215 will reduce the traffic on Scott road exit. Right now it is a gravel road connection.

  11. Steve's intentions are good, but off-target. I agree we should do all we can to keep Menifee gang free. However, there's is no proof that gangs cause prostitution. Further, even most teenagers would tell you that taggers come from many different backgrounds, races and neighborhoods. I despise gangs like anyone else, but "sweeping generalizations" are not warranted either.

  12. Those three sound good to me...
    Especially for a Gang Task Force and believe this is very important.The tagging is already out of control and needs to be STOPPED. Unfortunately these parents do not know where their kids are and have no control over them. If we stay focused on this goal we can stop this tagging.

  13. I would like to see a task force go thru Quail Valley (I live in the soon to be former Quail Valley) and get some of these properities cleaned up. I know on one street alone (Conejo) there is some properites with cars that have been sitting around for ever and a couple of those are auto repair buisness which I didnt think were allowed in residential areas.

    I would like to see Newport finished.

    I'm one of those commuters that goto OC because of not enough high paying jobs in the area, so I would like to see some of those buisnesses as mentioned.

    Would like to see more retail, restaurants would be great instead of having to deal with trying to goto Murrieta and Temecula. I know in the new Countryside market place there are some coming in which will be great.

    I would like to see the gang activity and everything that goes with it minimized.

  14. Police
    Parks that can be used in the hot summer months

  15. How about buiding a community center where there can be classes and activities for all ages.

    I agree though with the jobs, and the overpass at Holland. That would be awesome! I know its coming sometime down the road!

  16. I agree with Mark. I actually think we live in the same neighborhood (Summerhouse). If not we had the same issue and we confonted them as well and it got better.

    We can all agrue whether it is gangs or just lack of parenting but I think the greater issue is the lack of police. I am fairly new to this area and I rarely see police. We need to have a greater police presence. It will help with people speeding, gangs and graffiti.

  17. I currenlty commute from menifee to San Diego. Menifee should really start looking at adding high tech jobs. Offer companies some type of incentives if they move in. I believe this would definitely help the area.

  18. I’m all for luring businesses here to improve our community, but that goal may be elusive in the current economic climate. As companies downsize, office and manufacturing space is becoming more available in San Diego and Orange counties. Any business that wants to expand can immediately occupy space there, while moving here would involve a lengthy building process that includes installing basic infrastructure (i.e., roads, electricity, sewer, water, gas). There are good reasons to locate here for the long run, but companies may not be willing to make the move any time soon.

    I can see the logic of companies buying relatively cheap land that they will eventually build on, but we will probably have to offer substantial and costly inducements as part of any arrangement.

  19. Just like Steve says, bringing in high end jobs and business is what this city needs. Since the Audie Murphy development fell apart, the city can rezone that land into a commercial development. This may get the Newport Rd. extension completed quicker than waiting for the bond money that the developer put up to finish the job.

  20. I want to see them do something about all of the tagging and squatters. I have had to call the sherrifs dept 5 times in 3 weeks because I saw 1. kids destorying a fence on a forclosed home 2. squatters going into a forclosed home (that was an arrest BTW)
    I am so tired of seeing this. I have been here in menifee for almost 2 years now. I have only one neighbor next to me since all the other homes around us are bank owned. I am a firm believer that these homes have yet to be sold because they look like trash from the vandals that have come in.

  21. One other thing is that Menifee needs to be family friendly like Temecula and Murrieta have become.
    Many of them have parks with newer equipment that is safer for kids.
    Some also have water features that help keep kids cool during those hot days.
    Menifee Lakes Beach club shouldnt be the only place in Menifee that kids can go cool off.

  22. The Gus & Bryce CircusJuly 09, 2008 9:41 AM

    Steve...dead on with the gang monitoring! We are part of a neighborhood watch program in which Riverside Sheriff has addressed to us at the meetings that starting the watches early when new housing developments are implemented provides a strong deterrent to gang growth!

  23. To: Mark
    Regarding no gangs in Menifee.
    Has anyone heard of the "VC Crew"?
    It may not be a gang like the "Blood" or the "Crips", but in any case, it is a bad group of kids who are out to cause trouble. They have been around for several years, and I now have this gang harassing my 15year old in and around the Menifee Lakes area. My oldest son was sent a death threat from one of these gang members(3 years ago) and since it involved Paloma HS it was turned over to the Sheriff's office. Because the kid spent 5 days in Juevenille hall, he and his gang are out to get his younger brothers as well.
    Nice stuff huh?
    If anyone has heard of this gang, please comment.

  24. those are three good ideas

  25. #1. Planning commission to firm up and define the identity of Menifee's housing, transportation and commerce.
    #2. Create a logical and walkable downtown/civic center; industrial & commercial area; rural, mid & hi density housing.
    #2. Public transportation in and around the city to be addressed for schools, hospitals, shopping, and commuter centers.
    #3. A solid place in the states' long term rapid transit plan.
    #4. Redistricting school districts to align with city boundaries.
    #5. Perhaps expand Valley Health to be a state of the art hospital and trauma center.
    #6. If we ban strip malls now and carve out a pride of menifee downtown then the rest of the city can be pastoral and green.

  26. With each City Council meeting I attend it becomes more evident that the Council themselves knows nothing and truly will have no control over what goes on in this City. The Mayor turns to the City Attorney and now the City Manager for everything. He ran a campaign that told us he could help. He has experience. He is proving that he knows nothing. Telling the Council what we want and then thinking they are the ones that are actually going to make it happen is just a dream.

  27. I agree that we should have a walkable area that is more of a "downtown" environment than random stripmalls.Incorporate parks and/or walking paths with trees. How can we ask the council to combat any type of crime when that should be an inate duty of law enforcement?

  28. Considering that Pardee has abandoned the home building across from the Countryside Marketplace, we should push for enlarging the shopping experience or push for some industrial business.

  29. I don't know if anyone here has ever heard of Mira Mesa? It's a Pardee ghetto and the homes there are crap. I hope Pardee has abandon building homes in Menifee. They make crappy homes.

  30. The problem with Pardee delaying their homes is that they contribute to the infrastructure of that whole 215/Newport project. The funds for the community center, water park, community room(area), city hall will all be delayed.

  31. I agree that we need to attract more business/ medical centers...better paying jobs and widden roads to combat conjestion.

    I would love to see more greenery, parks, open space, hiking trails and an official dog park in Menifee. It would be great to offer community, art, children's sports etc.

  32. Another dog park?? Why so people can ignore the rules posted on there. That is what they do at Pete Peterson park. Some people don't pick up after their dogs or walk their dogs around with no leash when its clearly posted on the signs in the park. Everytime I take my dog for a walk around the neighborhood, we go through the park. It never fails someone has to have their dog with no leash and they run towards us. Yes my dog is friendly but if the dog growls at him, he'll growl back too. So then I get the "oh my dog is always friendly lecture". Hello? Not my fault or my dog's, he is on a leash enjoying his walk. Also the poop on the sidewalks or in the grass...CLEAN UP AFTER THEM. Kids play there. So people please if you go to Pete Peterson, follow the rules that are posted.

  33. Yes a dog park...but if you read my post I said an "official" dog park. Meaning an area of the park that is completely fenced off so dogs can be off leash and play, seperate from walking trails and play equipment.

    I personally don't take my dog to the park you are referencing. I have to drive all the way down to Temecula for a dog park. Bags and trash cans are provided for cleaning up your dog's waste. Also when in a true "dog park" setting, like the one I'm referencing in Temecuala, if someone doesn't clean up after their dog other people don't hesitate to point it out and ask them to clean it up.

  34. Poster who commented on Menifee Lakes being the only place for kids to swim: Isn't their swimclub for residents only? I've been told it is. Agree we need a BIG Y-Center for families to enjoy having something to do in the area. We need a well-rounded community with activities for all ages, good paying jobs and a safe environment. Maybe we all need to pay attention to all the graffiti to see if its identifiable with gang-insignias, words or names. I also foresee increased walkers going and coming from the new mall from close-by neighborhoods, so I really hope the mall security stays alert for walkers leaving storefronts with shopping carts and stop them. We already see carts abandoned blocks away from the Target Center; not good for our area.

  35. Has any thought been given to our logo or tag for our new city? I like Steve's sunset, would make a nice logo. I really hope we don't get stuck with "the town of a lifetime" that has been played to death around menifee lakes. How about a contest amongst the schools and/or the San Jacinto campus to see who can come up with a winner? PLEASE..nobodys name on things...keep it generic.

    Another question: Was I imagining it by thinking we're getting a Michaels store? I don't see it listed, so maybe I was.

  36. I've read all the postings here and I don't see any concern over the homeless situation. Assuming that what is now Sun City will truly be a part of and concern for our new city of Menifee I would like to know if there is any kind of plan for ridding the area of homeless who now populate the area in and around Sun City Blvd, Bradley and McCall. I've seen these people approach elderly people in a threatening manner, walk out of Von's without paying, drinking and heaven knows what behind various buildings. I've even seen teenagers (both boys and girls) hanging around with these people and fear what may happen to one of them someday. In addition they leave garbage, empty bottles and overflowing shopping carts all over. They sleep in our neighborhoods out in the open and hidden away. I'm not so comfortable walking after dark anymore, even on my own block. Any thoughts and/or backup on this issue with the council would be greatly appreciated as it appears right now that either they aren't aware or nobody cares.

  37. To the above poster about the Menifee Lake Swim & Beach club...
    Yes it is for residents only! I also called and wanted to take my kids there. Until we get our "aquatic center" there is a REALLY fun water park (if you want to call it that) in Hemet at Diamond Valley Lake. Here is the link.
    Diamond Valley Aquatic Center
    (951) 929-0047 for location, pool times and fee information.

    Cheap, fun for everyone and clean! Hope this helps.

  38. Anonymous