Top 3 City Council Requests

Was listening to Fred Twyman speak on Menifee Valley Talk Radio last night, and heard him mention that he wants to hear from residents on wh...

Was listening to Fred Twyman speak on Menifee Valley Talk Radio last night, and heard him mention that he wants to hear from residents on what we want for our new city.

I've heard other city council members say that they want to hear from residents, and the fact that they keep saying this, makes me wonder if anyone is communicating with them.

So here is my top three "to do" items for the city council...

  • Bring in more high-paying jobs. I'd like to see more office buildings and industrial parks here. What can we do as a city to make Menifee an attractive place for companies to move to? I thought I heard Twyman say last night that Pardee Homes is backing out of building homes next to Countryside Marketplace. Good. Then let's build industrial and corporate centers all along the I-215 between Newport and Scott. We also have space to build along Hwy 74.

    As it is now, Menifee is a commuter town. We can't go on paying $4-5 a gallon for gas. We need to build jobs here.

  • Gang task force. We need more police, but we need it where it counts the most. Gangs are what bring in the violence, the prostitution, the drugs, the tagging, and corrupts the kids. We need a team of investigators tracking every gang and gang member in this town, watching their every move, busting them everytime they make a mistake, and making Menifee an awful place for them to operate.

    I've already made my opinion known about traffic patrols. You can make arguments on speeders, child safety seats, lack of registration, etc. But having more cops hiding behind bushes and busting moms on their way to the grocery store is petty, compared to gangs moving into Menifee and recruiting your kids into their ranks.

  • Infrastructure. Part of the success towards luring more employers into Menifee is creating the thoroughfares to improve the flow of traffic. Complete the Newport Rd realignment. Get the Scott Rd overpass widened. Extend Bradley all the way to Scott. Pave Holland Rd all the way into Canyon Hills.

    Improving the flow of traffic is something we're going to need for trucks to carry materials to and from the business and industrial centers. Employers won't move here if they can't move around in here.
There are other things I'd like to see done, but that's my top 3.

Knowing that some, if not all, city council members are reading this, what are your top 3 "to do" items?


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  1. Those three sound good to me!

    Speaking of infrastructure, is it possible that we could get another route west from Menifee/Quail Valley besides Railroad Canyon? Has this even been looked into by the county? Going north to Perris and then south on the 74 is not really an option. We need another route going to N. Lake Elsinore, somewhere off of Goetz and going over the river/Canyon Lake would be nice. Just food for thought.

  2. There are already plans underway to extend Ethanac westward and connect into Hwy 74, somewhere in the Meadowbrook area.

  3. I have heard that, but also that it's dependent on developers building there. At this point, it doesn't seem that that's going to happen any time soon.

    Ethanac is a little far north still, but better than nothing. I was hoping for something closer to Canyon Heights, maybe even near the "grid" in QV off Goetz going west.

  4. I am all for a Gang Task Force and believe this is very important. The tagging is already out of control and needs to be stopped. Any and all gang activity needs to be met head on and with immediate consequences. We need to keep Menifee clean and safe for all of us.
    I would like to see a bridge overpass connection holland rd. over the 215 freeway. No onramps or offramps for the 215. This will reduce the traffice congestion at both the Scott Rd. and Newport Rd. bridges by about 30 percent if not more. It will also provide convenient access to Countryside Marketplace for all of the residents east of the 215.

  5. They need to do some traffic studies to figure out how to fight this growing congestion. Now that Dominigoni connects from Hemet, it takes me 10=15 min to get from my Menifee Lake home to the 215 on ramp. I am looking foward to the Countryside shopping center but I am afraid the traffic is going to be increasingly worse.

  6. Those three sound good to me!

  7. oh yeah, I'm glad that Pardee is backing out making homes by the new shopping center. We don't need more houses, we need more businesses for jobs.

  8. Put a road right down the middle of the river/spillway between the 215 and quail valley. I'm sure they could find a way to run it straight through to the 15 as well. And we need more greenery around town! Walkways and parks!