Paloma Valley Pony Baseball - District Champs!

Stephanie Castaneda, a board member on Paloma Valley Pony Baseball, writes to tell us about Menifee's local Pony team becoming district champions...

Congratulations to the Paloma Valley Pony Mustang Division All-Stars, they became the District Champions on Saturday July 5th, after winning the Hemet Youth All Star Tournament. The boys played 6 games straight starting last Sat. losing their first game to Temecula and went on to win every game thereafter finally playing Temecula again for the Championship winning 15 to 16, the game was intense going 9 innings.

I have to say that Temecula is an awesome team and they played their hearts out, they are champs as well. We will go on to the Regional Tournament in Beaumont starting on Thursday.

Congrats to our team: Mario Arroyo, Brandon Castaneda, TJ Forster, Connor Gillette, Andy Otterson, Andrew Ramos, Nathan Raia, Brett Virgil, Jake Samarin, Ryan Hudkins, Noah Rosa, Aleva Hifo. Thanks to our awesome coaches: Shawn Forster, Randy Hudkins and Jim Raia.
Congrats to PVPB!


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