Menifee Union School District Board Meeting

I attended the MUSD Board Meeting earlier today. School Bus Passes One very angry father addressed the board about the new school bus pas...

I attended the MUSD Board Meeting earlier today.

School Bus Passes

One very angry father addressed the board about the new school bus passes. He said he wasn't notified that bus passes were now required.

His daughter somehow was able to ride the bus to school anyways. But in the middle of class, she was pulled out, and sent to the Multi-purpose room to wait for her parents, and was not allowed to continue her studies for that day.

The father addressed the board by saying it was totally inappropriate to remove his daughter from studies for something that she was totally unaware of. The school should have left her alone, and instead addressed the matter with him.

He did obtain a bus pass since then, but said the action against his daughter left her feeling guilty and is now apprehensive about returning to school.

Board member Twyman said he would have Dr. Callaway handle the matter.

Out of District Transfers

Several more parents are wanting to transfer their kids out of MUSD. Several motions were allowed, but at least one was denied.

There are some cases that mostly involve convenience, such as parents' need to balance commutes, coordinate daycare, and keeping old friends together. Often times these get approved, due to a predefined list of criteria of what constitutes acceptable transfers.

Then there are the tough cases, such as one today where a girl with hearing loss encountered difficulty in maintaining academic pace with other students. Her teacher, not realizing she had hearing problems, even asked her if she was "stupid", and then asked her not to report that to her parents.

The frustration and embarrassment of not measuring up to her fellow students, combined with the demeaning statement from her teacher, has tainted her impression with Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary, and she doesn't want to return.

Her parents pleaded with the school board to let her leave the district to attend Lisa J. Mails Elementary in the Murrieta School District. Mails is a "performing arts" school, meaning that it uses performing arts as a tool towards helping kids learn their reading, writing, and arithmetic. Kids seems to love it, and parents seem satisfied with the outcomes.

I've listened to several other transfer requests, and some of them also involve Mails Elementary. It seems to be a popular choice for kids with learning disabilities.

But the school board denied this request, offering a transfer to Freedom Crest Elementary, which this particular girl actually attended before. The parents found that as disppointing, though they accepted it as a consolation. The father questioned the board making this decision on financial grounds, arguing that they saw his daughter as a sum of money, instead of a girl with special needs.

I guess what I'm saying is that transfers tend to be approved as part of a criteria when they are cases of parental convenience, while cases involving a child's educational needs are not part of a criteria and have to evaluated separately. I can understand that a child's needs will vary from child to child, but I just find it thought-provoking that a school board will give up that sum of money without question when a parent's convenience is at stake.


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