Menifee Union School District Board Meeting

I attended the MUSD Board Meeting earlier today. School Bus Passes One very angry father addressed the board about the new school bus pas...

I attended the MUSD Board Meeting earlier today.

School Bus Passes

One very angry father addressed the board about the new school bus passes. He said he wasn't notified that bus passes were now required.

His daughter somehow was able to ride the bus to school anyways. But in the middle of class, she was pulled out, and sent to the Multi-purpose room to wait for her parents, and was not allowed to continue her studies for that day.

The father addressed the board by saying it was totally inappropriate to remove his daughter from studies for something that she was totally unaware of. The school should have left her alone, and instead addressed the matter with him.

He did obtain a bus pass since then, but said the action against his daughter left her feeling guilty and is now apprehensive about returning to school.

Board member Twyman said he would have Dr. Callaway handle the matter.

Out of District Transfers

Several more parents are wanting to transfer their kids out of MUSD. Several motions were allowed, but at least one was denied.

There are some cases that mostly involve convenience, such as parents' need to balance commutes, coordinate daycare, and keeping old friends together. Often times these get approved, due to a predefined list of criteria of what constitutes acceptable transfers.

Then there are the tough cases, such as one today where a girl with hearing loss encountered difficulty in maintaining academic pace with other students. Her teacher, not realizing she had hearing problems, even asked her if she was "stupid", and then asked her not to report that to her parents.

The frustration and embarrassment of not measuring up to her fellow students, combined with the demeaning statement from her teacher, has tainted her impression with Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary, and she doesn't want to return.

Her parents pleaded with the school board to let her leave the district to attend Lisa J. Mails Elementary in the Murrieta School District. Mails is a "performing arts" school, meaning that it uses performing arts as a tool towards helping kids learn their reading, writing, and arithmetic. Kids seems to love it, and parents seem satisfied with the outcomes.

I've listened to several other transfer requests, and some of them also involve Mails Elementary. It seems to be a popular choice for kids with learning disabilities.

But the school board denied this request, offering a transfer to Freedom Crest Elementary, which this particular girl actually attended before. The parents found that as disppointing, though they accepted it as a consolation. The father questioned the board making this decision on financial grounds, arguing that they saw his daughter as a sum of money, instead of a girl with special needs.

I guess what I'm saying is that transfers tend to be approved as part of a criteria when they are cases of parental convenience, while cases involving a child's educational needs are not part of a criteria and have to evaluated separately. I can understand that a child's needs will vary from child to child, but I just find it thought-provoking that a school board will give up that sum of money without question when a parent's convenience is at stake.


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  1. I hope that teacher has been fired, or at the very least suspended. Are you kidding, a teacher asking a student if they are stupid? That is so distrubing!!! Not only is it horrible for the child but what does it say to other students who many have overheard the comment. The parents of that student should demand some sort of disciplinary action. There are too many fabulous teachers out there to put up with that bad behavior.

  2. I must agree. What happened to "Children First"? When it is clear that a child with a learning disability can benefit from a new school, our district should be obliged to do what is best for that child.
    You know it makes you wonder how many times our kids have had a teacher disrespect them in some manner, but our kids are too afraid to speak up.
    Personally I had the VP(Mr White) at BMMS call my son a "Eddie Haskell" and what I hated about that is that you label a child with a negative comment and what good can possibly come from that? Sadly, my son was going through the Young Marines program and had learned to address adults as "Yes Sir & No Sir" and Mr White took that as him being a "Eddie Haskell". Stupid huh??

  3. well, my son was chosen to be the speaker at the 8th grade graduation for his middle school graduation. a girl in his class felt she should have been chosen instead for that honor so she complained to a 6th grade teacher at the school. that teacher then told my son she had heard he had been chosen to make the speech and didn't think it was fair or that he even deserved it. she told him she was going to make sure the promotion plans changed and because he did not deserve that. she belittled him (as her class listened through the door and windows) and made him feel worthless and undeserving, even though he had a 4.0!! she even called other teachers who basically told her to butt out. he did the speech and did it well. since when do teachers get to say and do these things to our kids? i didn't go to anyone because we are now out of there but i don't feel anything would have been done about it anyway. it is appalling that teachers feel they have the right to say these things to our young impressionable children.

  4. I'm so sorry I missed this meeting. I'm shocked about the transfer denials I've heard of here as well as some dealing with neighborhood schools.
    I think we need to find out more about the school board openings. I think there are 3 openings, 2 have 'incumbents'. Does anyone know how to go about running for the school board?
    This needs to stop. First we must do NO harm to students....or parents.

  5. I was having a bad day yesterday after a run-in with a credit card "service" rep, so when I first read this article, I was ready to go down to the Menifee district office and kill someone. After re-reading it this morning, however, I am left with more questions than anger.

    First: how could the angry father have not been notified about bus passes? While I think it was wrong to have pulled his daughter out of class, I know the district has bent over backwards to notify parents about the new bus policy. The information is posted on the district website (, letters were sent home via students and by mail, and voicemail messages were sent. I guess this father just doesn't pay attention, which is fatal in any school district, but especially this one.

    Second: the transfer case that was turned down was heart-wrenching. I just don't understand why the district wouldn't allow it. I wasn't at the meeting and therefore don't know all the facts, but I have the feeling that if I'd been the parents, I would be pulling my child out of the district completely and making other arrangements (home schooling or whatever else it took to remove her from this poisonous atmosphere).

  6. I agree with the above comment. I don't see how that father could've NOT known about the bus policy changing with all the forms, calls, etc. that the district has sent to parents. I don't know why the child was pulled out of class though, maybe there is something else to the story that we don't know?

  7. That is weird that the father did not know about it. I got letters & a phone call about the buses. Maybe there is more to the story than they said. There had to been a reason why his child was pulled out of class.

  8. I think there's more to all these stories than what's being posted here. Teachers and school officials are, in general, a kind and thoughtful group of people. They care about kids and have their best interests at heart.

  9. Both my daughters went to Menifee schools from Kindergarten to 8th grade, and it was the most dissapointing time of their lives (and mine)! I never received any cooperation from administration, and dealt with uncaring teachers who should have never been allowed to teach in the first place. I witnessed so many humiliating confrontations between teachers and students, and when I would speak up I was told that "I must have heard wrong", or "This really isn't your concern". When either of my daughter's fell victim to a teacher's wrath, the administration always took the teacher's side. I can say with great delight that I am glad my children are now in another district, but it pains me when my daughters and I look back on those times, that they are saddened.

  10. It is interesting how different people can have different experiences in relatively the same places. My 3 daughters have all attended MUSD k-8th. With a few small exceptions, they have had many extremely GOOD experiences. Sure, there are always going to be bad encounters, we are all people. All my kids had nurturing, caring teachers that have challenged them and prepared them for the challenges ahead. They all had positive experiences, especially the two that were involved in the music programs. Students and adults need to learn to work with people who they may and may not agree with. This will make us stronger people. Nobody is perfect or right all of the time. Menifee is a good district. I would love to hear from more people who have had GOOD experiences like our family has!

  11. WOW what school do these kids go to?? My kids & I have a great experience in our school. The teachers are great, always letting us get involved. Our kids get praised for doing a good job. So far we've had a good experience with the school & the district. Like someone mention earlier, "no one is perfect or right all the time"



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