School Board Revises Transfer Request Policy

The Press Enterprise and The Californian report that the Menifee Union School District Board has changed its criteria for allowing transfer ...

The Press Enterprise and The Californian report that the Menifee Union School District Board has changed its criteria for allowing transfer requests.

A transfer request is when parents request that their child be allowed to attend a public school outside of the MUSD boundaries.

In short, the criteria no longer includes cases where parents cite the need for childcare as a reason for requesting transfer.

The way I read this, however, doesn't sound like the board will always deny such cases, it only means they will no longer grant them automatic approval.


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  1. When is the school board going to wake up and see that people want out of the district when the kids are in middle school and HS. There is a problem and if they want the kids to stay they need to fix it.

  2. I am allready looking for different highschools for my daughter. She is in the 8th grade and I am not sure about her being in the perris union school district. She has always been apart of the Menifee Union School District and now she would change because we don't have a highschool in the district. I will be using my work address to get her transefered.

  3. Does anyone who is leaving the district because they don't like the schools have a suggestion on how it could be better?

    The High Schools are Perris Unified School District and Menifee Union is trying to acquire them but it sounds like it will not happen for a few years at the earliest.

  4. The Perris Union High School District allows transfers out its just the Menifee District (k-8) that is denying some requests.

  5. I have taught at Paloma for years and my daughters go there as well. I believe Paloma is a great school and has the exact same students that attend the Menifee School district. IF you have specific ideas of how it can improve please call the principal or a school board member. Just because its governed by the Perris district is no reason not send your kids there. You could always volunteer your time toward the unification effort by educating the public and volunteering at the high school.

  6. We need to continue the efforts to unify Menifee Union School District K-12. We should be ready, if necessary, to have our representatives in the California Assembly and Senate to pass special legislation to allow Menifee to unify such as Temecula and Murrieta were able to split from the Elsinore School District. We should also encourage the Menifee Union School District and the Perris Union School District to aggresively file a law suit in the courts to allow Menifee Residents to consolidate their school district. We should also elect school board members who are strong advocates for unification. The Menifee City Council should also pass a resolution pushing for unification. A major issue in this community is unification and all elected respresentatives and legislative bodies should be pushing hard to obtain the objective of school unification.

  7. I am upset that two Board Members of the Menifee Union School District forces Fred Twyman to resign before October 1, 2008. Mr. Twyman has yet taken the oath to serve as City Council Member of the yet to be official City Council. Also, Scott Mann at the last city council elect meeting on July 9 requested that the temporary city attorney research any conflict that any of the council elect may have. Why couldn't the Two Board Members wait until the temporary city attorney prepared her report? Why the rush? Now, someone will be selected by the School Board and have a "leg up" on other school board candidates in general election in November. With Fred Twyman resigning, there will be three vacancies, which represents a majority vote on the new School Board.

    Maybe Mr. Twyman should rescind his resignation and serve until October 1, 2008 (Incorporation Day of the City of Menifee) or at least wait until the temporary City Attorney renders her opinion whether Fred is in conflict on being a School Members and a Council Elect member, whose term has yet to begin.

  8. Nobody is addressing the major issue that appears to be blocking unification. GEOGRAPHY. Half of Menifee students (West of the 215) will attend Paloma and those east of the 215 will attend Heritage. Perris Union High School District is certainly not about to allow its brand new school to leave the district which means that Menifee (which will be growing once again when this housing slowdown ends) would have to send all of its students to Paloma. Paloma is crowded already serving only half of Menifee. Can you imagine what it would be like if it served 100%?

  9. Is there any truth to the rumor that Paloma is in severe debt and Menifee USD will have to take on the debt if they get Paloma? Does this district really need any more money issues?

    I wish Menifee USD had control of Paloma but I don't want this to be rushed into and the district to bite off more than they can chew.

  10. Yeah, this whole unification process seems rushed and strained. Is the only reason that unification is being pushed for because Perris is on the district letterhead? That is a pretty stupid reason to unify. Paloma would be pretty much the exact same school in a Menifee Unified District but would come with all of the headaches associated with buying a school off of another district. It just does not seem worth it.

  11. yes it is. I don't want my kids going to school within the perris school district there are other concerns with having that on the letterhead and not just where it is located. I want my kids to get the same typr of education they get in Menifee and not have the perris stigma I am sorry but I moved to menifee not perris for a reason so if that makes me a snot than that is fine. My kids will go to another school before they go there.