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Great News for Menifee Residents! There will be a new hospital located a few miles from Menifee . It will be located between Scott Road a...

Great News for Menifee Residents! There will be a new hospital located a few miles from Menifee. It will be located between Scott Road and Clinton Keith, off the 215 FWY. It is a physician backed hospital supported by over 60 community (Temecula, Murrieta and Menifee) physicians in conjunction with Loma Linda Medical Center, a leading national hospital. It will have an Emergency Room, Obstetrics Department, Pediatrics and Medical/Surg beds in addition to an Intensive Care Unit. Watch the short 2 minute video at the link below . It is schedules to break ground in October 2008 and will be completed in 2011.



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  1. That is Great News!!!!!

  2. It's about time we have quality medical care close to home!!

  3. I am so glad to hear that we will finally have quality healthcare in our area. Many times I have considered driving to San Diego or Loma linda for care because of the incompitence at the hospitals around here.

  4. Great, another tiny hospital with limited care! When are we going to establist a large, non-profit teaching/research hospital, with full cardiac, trauma, and pediatric specialties at one facility! We will not attract great physicans and nurses with out these services. Don't be fooled with only 100 beds, services will be limited, just like the other hospitals in our area.

  5. How wonderful! I just can not wait.

  6. All i can say besides 'Hooray'...is,
    please hurry!

  7. pablo hernandezJuly 26, 2009 12:54 AM

    I have worked in healthcare for over 15 years and I have not heard such ridiculous things in regards to Inland valley & Rancho Springs Medical Centers. I cannot believe the offences that the hospital committed. The government should step in and yank the credentials they hold and shut down the facilities. I take pride in the work I perform, I would never be part of an organization like the one Southwest Healthcare runs.

  8. I'm so glad Loma Linda hospital is coming to this area. We are in desperate need of a competent facility!!!! I would not take my dog to Rancho Springs.

  9. Loma Linda's Murrieta hospital can't open too soon. We need a good, clean, safe hospital to serve the Murrieta, Temecula, Menifee areas. What we have now is worse than nothing.

  10. Anonymous bashers of Inland Valley are working there now. They are the same ones that make Inland Valley have such a bad rep. IF you dont like your job go somewhere else. Be a better healthcare provider by doing your job right instead of whinning all the time. You will not make it through the hiring process for Loma Linda. You whine too much. GEt your attitudes out of the medical profession

  11. I'm so excited for the new center to open. I had my last baby at Inland Valley. My stomach was sewn up crooked from the cesarean and the bathroom floors were filthy. Thank God my baby and I are okay. I welcome a more experienced group!

  12. I understand the excitement about the new facility, I am excited as well. However I am PROUD I currently work at South West Health Care! My son just had an appendectomy there & I am glad about it. For too long now there has been a smear campaign against the hospital and that really affects the nurses that work SO HARD to take care of the community. That bashing ads unnecessary stress to the lives of those nurses and it is frankly unfair!
    The issues with the state are LUTICRISS. If it has gone unnoticed huge respectable hospitals in nearby areas have been fined for way worse offences then SWHC. In case it goes unnoticed the State is in recession & will use whatever means possible to get income including increasing fines of ALL hospitals, especially the ones that are not unionized. It breaks my heart that the community is being robbed of the facility that has already been built but has sat vacant now for 15 months!
    Nurses move around all the time & many of the nurses you will have at Murrieta Loma Linda will come from SWHC. Just because a nurses works in her home community small hospital does not make her incompetent & most those nurses have come from very large metropolitan hospitals. The facilities at SWHC are old which make the care difficult which is why they have several building project in the works. It’s a fact that patients feel better taken care of in newer fancier facilities regardless of the care they receive.
    My point being is that we can be excited about the new hospital and all that it will bring without the hostility toward the communities existing hospital. Peace & love to you all! =)

  13. Whew, I had to go to the maternity ward at Inland Valley one night and I had a very gruff nurse. She really must have had a bad day and she did not care what I had to say or how I felt. I never had such bad treatment before. My experience is something out of a Stephen King movie!

  14. Anonymous said.....Finally we can apply elsewhere.. not much competition around that's why some company takes advantage of employees who has no where else. Often work off the clock!

  15. I currently work at Rancho Springs and I have to say that the negative publicity we are getting from the local newspapers is terrible. There are many excellent nurses and other staff that go above and beyond to give the very best care to our customers. A lot of us that currently work there will be working at Loma Linda, so I wouldn't be so quick to judge. We may be taking care of you at sometime in the future.

  16. from the garbage strewn about the entrance to rancho springs hospital, to the cross contamination. the ineffective customer service/ lazy employees/ wow--- i could not take it anymore and pity the clinicians that feel this is good health care/ dirty place!!!!!
    great to have new hospital coming

  17. I think it's interesting that there are a few nurses here that say SWHC nurses will be working at the new hospital. You do know, there is a hiring process and not everyone who applies will be hired. A little too confident I would say.

  18. Mostly work off of the clock too. I'm surprised that SWHC hasn't got in trouble with the labor laws yet. Not just me but several other nurses do it too. We are afraid of losing our jobs so we do what they say even if it's a busy day. We get talked to and written up all of the time for staying over to accomodate our patients, doctors, and next shift staff. The current old hospital in Murrieta off of Murrieta Hot Springs is the dirtiest hospital I have ever worked for. They cut house keeping staff to a neal. But when State comes to inspect the hospital, they are overwhelmed with housekeeping staff all of a sudden. It's terrible. They make the nurses empty out the trash cans and clean out the linen at night. I didn't see that when I signed the contract with SWHC.
    Even all of the doctors ordering and nurses charting is all hand written like the old days. The new Loma Linda Hospital will be high and efficient in all computerize charting and doctors orders. There will be no or less chance of errors made.

  19. oh please, SWHC employees, spare the soon-to-be-opened Loma Linda Hospital/Clinton Keith, a lot of us have had already put up so much on your craps, stay where you belong, or anyways, you go through selection process, you need a miracle to be hired at a serious hospital like Loma Linda.

  20. How about a new Kaiser Hospital being built. The closest one is Riverside and with the populations of all the towns around here growing, we could really use one.

  21. Before we all go goggley about Loma Linda coming to Murrieta, just a few observations:

    1. I've been to LLUMC and waited 9 hours in the ER on 2 occasions, unnecessarily.
    2. LLUMC is not that clean either.
    3. LLUMC is not building a state of the art trauma or secondary care hospital.....it will be about the same as the other locals...and thats not good.
    4. What we really need in the area to serve Hemet, Menifee, Temecula, Murrieta, and the others is a university based, medical school supported Trauma Center.....who is going to take care of 100 patients when there is a earthquake, a plane crash, or even like the recent events in San Bruno with the gas fire....none of these facilities have or will have that ability.
    5. The University of California, Riverside will be opening a new Medical School....where are those medical students and doctors going to practice.....it won't be Loma Linda....they have ther're own Medical School.
    6. My best advice, built a UC Riverside Medical Center at March, and have state of the art Trauma Center....

  22. how awesome for the people in that area menifee valley hospital if you ever go in chances are you wont be coming out

  23. how about take down all kaiser hospitals everywhere pull liscenses from all medical staff



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