Cityhood Inaugural Event Committee - July 29, 2008

I attended the Inaugural Event Committee this evening. It ran from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, at Boston Bill...

I attended the Inaugural Event Committee this evening. It ran from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, at Boston Billies.

I counted 30 people that showed up, not counting Darcy Kuenzi, who's chairing this committee. Scott Mann is also chairing, but was absent on vacation.

Since the inauguration is an official process, this event will be a two-part function, with the official inauguration beginning at 6:00pm, and then migrating into a party. The location of the official hasn't been nailed down yet, but the party afterwards will be at Menifee Lakes Country Club.

The City is sending out invitations to elected officials, including State Assemblymen, State Senators, County Officials, even the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger (can't guarantee that he'll show up though).

And of course, everyone who lives in the new City of Menifee is invited to witness some local history in the making.

There will also be a Mayoral Ball to be held on the following Saturday (which is October 4, I believe). Sounds like this is going to be a formal affair. It'll be hosted by the Rotary Club, and the whole city is invited to that too.

Darcy Kuenzi Menifee Cityhood

As for the Inaugural Event Committee, several sub-committees were formed to tackle specific tasks. There's a committee to come up with a theme, and some themes were suggested, such as a mining theme, a farming theme, a "road to the future" theme, even a "prison break" theme because we're breaking the bonds of County-control.

There's a decoration committee, a set-up committee for the city council meeting, a security committee, a sponsorship committee, and a parking committee. Just about everyone who attended this evening has at least one role in one of the sub-committees.

Sponsorship Committee

The inaugural event will incur some costs, but since the City doesn't have any money right now, sponsors are sorely needed.

So, the sponsorship committee is looking for local businesses and organizations willing to donate services and money. All donors will receive an advertisement in the official Cityhood Inauguration Program.

If you have some talents, services, materials, or money to donate, Contact Judee Edgerton (951) 218-2450.

Parking Committee

The City is looking for someone to lead the Parking Committee. Anyone reading this is urged to volunteer.

People are needed to direct drivers over to available parking spaces. Your job is to gather up the volunteers to do this job, and coordinate them.

Please e-mail Darcy Kuenzi ( if you're interested.

Other Jobs

An event photographer was discussed, and one of the attendees happens to be a professional photographer and was given the job.

It was also noted that a lot of heavy lifting would be required in setting up the formal inauguration and party, and one person took the job of gathering some guys together.

There was also the idea of getting some artwork created. Darcy talked about getting a mural painted depicting Menifee's history. One MSJC student who was in attendance accepted the job of getting some art students together to see what can be done.

More Volunteers Welcome

If you couldn't attend this evening's meeting, but wanted to, you can still play a role. Contact Darcy at the e-mail address above.

Next Meeting

Or, you can attend the next meeting, scheduled for August 11, at 6:00pm, at Boston Billies, banquet room.


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  1. What a great process to get the community involved in city projects. I find it a little patronizing that after weeks of watching and listening to the community try to address the city council on matters concerning the selection of city contractors, even asking for ad hoc committees before making selections, that this 'party' is the first concerted effort to involve volunteers.
    Thanks so much for attending the meeting to keep us informed.

  2. There are other ad hoc committees planned. But since the inauguration is the first thing the City will ever do as an official entity, it's logical its the first ad hoc commmittee.

  3. Thank you for a very informative and well-covered article. How nice it is to involve the talented people of the area in photography and artists; especially getting the college kids involved. Again, thank you for your personal time and energy in staying on top of things around here.

  4. Nice to see artwork coming in perhaps. This could be such a nice group effort. Also, what about involving the neighborhood (city) schools? Esp. elementaries? It could be a verey good thing to involve students with a art, writing or poster contest?! Thanks for always putting up the next meeting and contact info. I'd still love to get an Arts Council started this year too-



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