Earthquake Felt in Menifee

It was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake, that hit at 11:42 am today, centered 2 miles south west of Chino Hills, CA. It shook my house pretty goo...

It was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake, that hit at 11:42 am today, centered 2 miles south west of Chino Hills, CA.

It shook my house pretty good.



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  1. Yeah, it was a good quick little rumble through here. Started low, built up and went on by.....

  2. me and my cousin woke up to it.. now we're unable to go back to sleep..

  3. it almost seemed like 2, here in Temecula close to the really good one then another wave that had my monitor waving at me...knocked over a few items.. and seemed like a long on

  4. The USGS has since revised it to a 5.4 quake.

  5. I was teaching at a middle school in Menifee and the earthquake struck as the 6th graders were going to lunch and the 7th and 8th graders were about to change classes. I was shocked that after we ducked and covered there was no announcement from the office as to what to do, and they did not evacuate the school. Obviously everything ended up ok, but I thought that was a standard procedure after an earthquake. I am very disappointed in the school and wonder how the other schools responded. I know it was lunch time for all of the grades in most of the elementary schools.

  6. I work at an elementary school and we DID evacuate. I wonder if you work at my son's school. He goes to a middle school and said they didn't evacuate. He didn't hear any announcements until the announcement stating everyone can go to their next period. Most of the students who were at lunch at the elementary school were outside and not even really aware there was an earthquake.

  7. Now would be a great time to talk to the schools your children attend to find out what their contingency plans are. Also a good time to talk with your kids about where to meet, what to do, where the supplies are.
    Also see:
    for a practical list of supplies. Be sure to store water and an emergency kit 'outside' your home, like in a plastic trash can.
    I'm sure I heard more than once this week that it felt like 'earthquake' weather. Do you think there is anything to that?

  8. Was in Stater Bros. when it happened, store began to shake at the roof, floor essentially didn't move, but then everything on the shelves started to move violentlty, and even some things were thrown off. Very crazy experience, but everyone basically blew it off and kept on shopping.

  9. I left a friends house immediately after the quake and drove past Callie Kirkpatrick - which also did NOT evacuate. My child recently left there and now attends Southshore. I drove past there just to see and they were all evacuated to the blacktop. I think its ridiculous that a school practices earthquakes drills and then when a significant size earthqukae rumbles through - they dont implement it. I would not be happy with a school that doesnt use it atleast for practice. Granted - everything was ok - but I thought it was mandatory practice to evacuate and then check the school out before allowing children back in.



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