Modified Single Track School Year Survey

The Menifee Union School District yesterday, at the school board meeting, announced the results of the survey regarding the move towards a modified single track school year.

If you recall last February, the school district adopted new school boundaries in preparation towards migrating away from a multi-track school year, to a single track, and then would later on survey the parents to see if they really wanted a single track.

Well, results are in.

And it shows that over 77% of those surveyed wants a single track.

The district actually surveyed three groups of people: the parents, the teachers, and other classified staff (bus drivers, custodial, etc.). Here's a breakdown of how these groups voted...

Parents (Yes) - 543 votes
Parents (No) - 126

Teachers (Yes) - 267
Teachers (No) - 102

Classified staff (Yes) - 209
Classified staff (No) - 66

Total votes (Yes) - 1019 77.61%
Total votes (No) - 294 22.39%
Dr. Linda Callaway announced that the first modified single track year will begin with the 2009-2010 year.

The board went on to explain that their definition of a modified single track is to mimic as closely as possible the high school year of Perris High School District. That's effectively a year that starts in mid-August and runs through May 31, with a three-week vacation for Christmas, and one-week vacation for Easter.

School Busing

The board of trustees also discussed the return of school busing. I don't have a full understanding of what they discussed yesterday since I missed the last several meetings. But here's the jist of what I got. School busing will continue next year, as opposed to being cancelled due the budget restraints. However, there will be walking-radius of 1.25 miles for elementary students, and 2.0 miles for middle school students. If you live within that radius, you get no busing.

Trustee Irey made the argument that the proposal had called for this radius to cut through several housing tracts. She felt it wasn't fair that the radius would create one house being deprived of busing while the house next door could get it. So the board voted to strike "option B" from the proposal, and I don't really know what option B is.

The point was also made that kids living on the border of this radius could walk as little as across the street to get on the bus, and cheat the system. So the board talked about issuing photo ID cards to bussed kids and having drivers kick out the kids trying to capitalize.

I'll try to make a point to attend more of these meetings.

New California Distinguished Schools

The school board meeting also recognized Menifee Elementary and Callie Kirkpatrick Elementary as achieving the honor of being the newest California Distinguished Schools. The honor comes as bitter-sweet for Menifee Elementary now that's its closing down for a full year due to budget restraints.

Menifee Elementary School
Students from from Menifee Elementary School proudly displaying their school's achievement.


  1. Yeah!!!!! No my kids can do things during the summer like other kids, and they won't waste so much to reviewing stuff they learned.

  2. That is great news about the modified single track!! Did they say it was official then? If not, do you know when they will decide if it is official?

  3. Is the Modified single track school for middle school and elementary?

  4. It's official.

    As for middle school and elementary, I believe it's both. I hope a school board member can comment here.

  5. Yes, the modified single track will be for middle schools and elementary schools. Although we have not officially voted on going to a single track, it is highly unlikely it would not pass. The board has asked to bring it back for an official vote. With as much support for single track, I do not know of any board member who might vote against it.
    Phoeba Irey,
    MUSD School Board Member

  6. Yay! I'm so happy we will be going traditional!! It is going to be so nice to have all the kids on the same track for once! One schedule to follow from kindergarten through high school and everyone on vacation at the SAME TIME!! So nice!

  7. Alright!! This is great news!! Now I won't have to fight to get my other child on B track once he starts school. Now all my kids will have the same schedule!

  8. I am very sorry we couldn't make this happen sooner but we need to open the 3rd middle school in order to have room for middle school students to fit on a single track schedule. If that wasn't the case we could have done it this next year. I will be glad to see this happen even if it happens after I no longer serve on the school board.

    Unification will also happen after my term ends. Please come to the June 19th joint Perris, Menifee School Board meeting at Bell Mountain Middle school to find out and support the next step in the unification process.

  9. Thanks for the unification efforts Fred. You said it was a priority and you're making it happen... Good for you!

  10. Unification IS NOT HAPPENING yet! Do not be fooled by Fred Twyman's rhetoric! It is true that there is a unification agreement between MUSD and PUHSD. There is even a joint school board meeting next Thursday, June 19th of the two boards. However, that is where the fairy dust settles.

    The Riverside County Office of Education has stated, in their recent vote, that Unification is not feasible. Further, both Giardinelli and O'Donnell 'abstained' from that vote! Why? If you felt that strongly about unification...why not vote for it? It was YOUR DUTY TO VOTE FOR IT!

    Now, the ultimate decision rests with the lame California Department of Education (CDE) led by that Democrat Jack O'Donnell and the 'Unions' that he and others represent... the California Teacher's Union. A 'Union' that Fred Twyman belongs to!

    Don't get me wrong... I am ALL FOR unification. Why? Because one of the revenue streams for the PUHSD is property tax revenue. Did you know, that over 63% of PUHSD's property tax revenue comes from MENIFEE HOMEOWNERS? Wake up people...when are you going to stand up and DEMAND that Menifee take over not only Paloma Valley High School but, Heritage High School as well.

    The lion's share of your property tax dollars are going to fund the education of students in the City of Perris!

    Why are we allowing this injustice and imbalance to occur? This, and other reasons, are exactly why the Val Verde Unified School District broke away from Perris and created their own District.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, parents of the newly formed city of Menifee, if the unification process dies at CDE then you have an olbigation to throw BOTH TWYMANS out of office. They have run on Unification Platforms!

    Do not be fooled by their rhetoric that 'unification' will happen at the end of Fred Twyman's term!

  11. I agree with everything the previos poster commented on, but hasn't Fred been pushing hard for the unification effort all along?

  12. What a weird post! All the "shouting" with caps and such. It is the publics duty to be informed on all these processes in our city and with our school district. Unification, everyone knows, and has been informed is not an over-night process. It could take many, many years. Twyman, who I did not vote for, never said he is responsible for unification nor did he say it was happening soon. The joint meeting is the next step...that means they are working on it. Give the credit where credit is due. Before Twyman the board was closed on the subject. As for standing and "demanding" to take over any school...what a rediculous statement. Twyman is doing what he can to change the system the only way it can be changed. We, who moved to Menifee and Sun City should have found out a head of time we would be supporting Perris high and their money sucking district. I would love to just pay for one money sucking district, MUSD. However, that is not reality in our new city. Thanks to people like Twyman the ball is rolling to keep those dollars in our local district. Ultimately, it is not up to him but let's appreciate what he's working hard for on our behalf.

  13. Yippee!!! I can't wait for single track. See you all at Disneyland. We can chat while waiting 3 hours in line for the ride. And don't forget to call those state parks and reserve your week one year or so in advance. They get totally crowded...

  14. In Response To 'Anonymous 6/13/08 9:42 pm'

    You are still missing the point. Twyman promised and did not deliver! That is both Twymans... Fred for MUSD and Carolyn for PUHSD.

    One of the biggest financial aspects of the transaction is the 'leveling' of salaries between the two districts. That is the biggest arrow in the quiver! This stupid, ludicrous, outrageous mandate by the Education Code (and Unions) that states that salaries must be leveled as a result of unification is a waste of our taxpayer dollars and is the current Achilles Heal of the Unification Process.

    The Teacher's Union is 'ruining' public education with their outrageous demands for continued salary increases, step and column increases (which are automatic and do not reflect performance), and health & welfare benefits that are outdated from long ago management philosophies! When you add in that Menifee is experiencing 'flat' to 'declining' enrollment... the salary isssue, especially the stupid 'step and column' increases, results in the District ACTUALLY LOSING MONEY as a result!

    No one runs a business this way in America! This is the fleecing of Menifee's youth at the expense of the Teacher's Union.

    Wake up and smell the Starbucks...! The Twyman's have failed to deliver on their promises to unify because they did not educate themselves on the process and what it will take to successfully make it happen!

    Further, don't even get me started on the Bond Debt that we would assume for the construction of Paloma Valley High School. Hey voters! Remember Measure Z?

    Thought so!

    So...what is the saving grace for Unification? You - the Taxpayer! If the CDE fails to allow us to unify, then we as the citizens of Menifee can sign a petition (equal to 20% of registered voters) to put "Unification" on the ballot for voters to decide!

  15. Anyone else NOT excited by this?

  16. I would imagine that all 294 people that voted no are probably a little less than excited about going back to single track. Perhaps others are going to be a little less than excited about it as well. But I think the overwhelming results in favor of single track speak for themselves as to what the community at large wants.

  17. We enjoy our children being on multi-track. Being out of school for a month they find themselves bored and looking to go back.

  18. After having children in both high school and elementary school, I must say I am thrilled with the decision to go traditional. Finally our family can all be on the same schedule, and we can take a family summer vacation without having to pull our elementary students out of class. We have a special ed student, so our only track choice has been track B. It completely conflicts with the high school schedule. I am glad the board has listened to the 77% who prefer the change.
    -Diane Draper

  19. I believe there are lots of people who are not thrilled with the Perris schedule. There are lots of possibilies when it comes to "blended" track schedule. To simply take Perris' schedule and adopt it is rediculous. We don't want anything else they have to offer. Give us a couple of weeks for Easter at least so we can all recognize the religious holidays and take a spring vacation without the crowds. Also, scheduling Dr's visits for all the kids and family just in the summer? I doubt it. You will have to pull the kids out of school. The vote was for single track. What about a vote for what kind of schedule? Will the district allow for that?

  20. To the person who said "they won't waste so much time reviewing": Not so! Year round is better for remembering what is learned. On Traditional the entire month of Sept. is spent reviewing the previous year. After Easter break everyone is burned out and the rest of the year is a waste.

  21. Single track is for the best. Its too darn hot in the summer for my kids to go, rather be at the beach than stay here. Plus its a drag when my kids are off track, I don't know if I should let them have fun vacation time or make them study. At least now they'll be off, have fun & then be ready for school in August/September. We all did it, well at least my husband & I grew up on single track & we turned out fine. So be happy with it. I'm all for single track!

  22. Just wanted to thank the school board for handling the track change decision the right way. With the survey, everyone had their input and the majority showed their preference for the traditional school schedule. The dogs will bark, but the survey results speak for themselves. Also, I am glad that we have school board members - and now city council members - who are willing to give of their time and talents to make Menifee a better place to live. By doing so they open themselves up for personal character attack; public service can truly be a thankless job. I for one would like to thank the board for doing their best in the wake of criticism. Fred Twyman has clearly made his best effort towards unification, and continues to give it his best effort.

  23. Well I'm glad to see that I am not the only one that is NOT excited about the traditional school year! We are in the minority it seems. What's wrong with you people that voted yes to switching? As the other poster pointed out, have you been to Disneyland or on vacation when the traditional schools are out? Not to mention that the children will have more time to forget what they have just learned while off for the summer. I have 2 kids going to elementary school, one of which is AD/HD. Keeping him focused is hard enough and just when he feels like he can't go on anymore...a month off! It is a great system. Then just as the month off is coming to an end, he is dying to go back. Look, I can understand the frustration of the people that have kids in all grade levels that feel like they can't plan a family vacation because the "year-round" kids are on a different schedule. My kids are off for Christmas and 3 other months during the year. One of those being a summer month just like the "traditional" school kids. What's wrong with going then? All I can say is I am really disappointed in the way the votes turned out. I guess we won't be renewing our Disneyland passports next year :(

  24. To the above poster - I don't think there is anything 'WRONG' with the "you people" who voted for traditional. Just because they (and they being a majority) differ from your opinion doesn't mean there is something wrong with them. They could ask the same from you. And it isn't just a matter of kids in different grade levels as you mention, there are kids from the same family who are all at the elementary school level who are on different tracks with no time off together except for Christmas. I agree with the majority - I am VERY happy we are moving to a traditional schedule.

  25. Keep in mind that these results were a's not set in stone yet. Hopefully if enough people get involved and write to the school board it won't go through. I am! I know it's a stretch, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    -To the above poster- I think that it is highly doubtful (I could be wrong) that any school would let kids from the same family be on different tracks. You may not get to pick what you consider the "best" track, but they will accommodate you to be all together. I know this because my kids were put on the same track and I had a choice. All you'd have to do is ask.

  26. Dear Cathy
    Oh well about not renewing your Disnyland passports. Year round is terrible for us & others like myself. I am THRILLED that they are going to single track! Like the comment posted on June 17, 2008 10:12 PM- I don't know if I should let them have fun on their vacation or keep reviewing the stuff they learned so they won't forget 4 weeks later about it. I don't care about lines at Disneyland, go on the weekends instead of the summer-I do. And before you say anything yes I do have annual passes.

  27. Cathy
    No, you do not always get all your kids on the same track. That will only work if they have room to accomodate them all on the same track. There are absolutely times when kids have to be on different tracks even if you ask. You got all yours on the same track and you are lucky. But it is NOT always that way for everybody. True they try to work to put them on the same track, but like I said, if there is not room you have to deal with different tracks and be on a waiting list and HOPE that something opens up to eventually be on the same track together. Traditional, or at least single track is THE WAY TO GO!!! You may have more luck convincing people to stay year round IF all go to one track rather than multi track.

  28. All these comments and not one of them took into consideration the TEACHERS! Year round school gives the teachers regular breaks to do planning and re-evaluation of lesson plans based on the advancement the current class is making ~ So on traditional they get to use their "VACATION" time at Christmas and Easter to do this? I think the 3 on 1 off is wonderful for teachers. How many of you parents are GLAD to see your kids go back to school after dealing with them for 2+ months day in and day out? I think the break is good attitude adjustment time for both teachers and students! Apparently none of you like to take vacations to the desert - try doing that in July and August! Spring is beautiful in the deseert!

  29. To the poster June 23 8:04pm-
    My Disneyland passes are not the issue. Although it stinks that it will ALWAYS be busy when we will have to go, it's not that important to me. I was merely agreeing with another poster about how any amusement park is busy in the summer (and weekends too). You're comments about having your children review for their month off is what I find ridiculous! What in the heck do you think that the teachers have to do the entire month of September?? Do you really believe that the kids retain less while being off for a month at a time vs. the 3 months they'd be off for summer? Read the post from the teacher below your post. Teachers are one of the most important and underpaid professions whos job it is to guide and teach our children. I feel terrible that they are not only underpaid, but with a single track will now have to use their vacation time to do lesson plans. I know from experience that the teachers that my children have had also use money from their own pockets to provide special things for their classes that the budget wouldn't.
    I have a question that maybe someone can answer...Does going to a "traditional" school year mean that there will be more kids per class?

  30. Has anyone heard how the board meeting went tonight? Did they vote to officially move to traditional schedule for 08/09? I HOPE SO!!!!

  31. I just read an article on that the board voted unanimously to go to the traditional schedule effective a year from now.

  32. ....Just for the record, over 72% of the teachers surveyed preferred moving to traditional. That record also speaks for itself.

  33. As the mother of 3 kids (one in High School, one in middle and one in elementary)I don't have a preference (year round vs. traditional) HOWEVER just make it the same for grades 1-12!