More value in a name?

An aquaintance of mine, who is actively house hunting in this area, made the comment to me recently...

"I am so glad that the cityhood passed, now I feel better about shopping for a home in parts of Quail Valley and Romoland because there is not going to be the stigma attached with those names."

I admit that I actually had to stop and think about what she said. I remember moving here from O.C. in 1998 and choosing to buy a house in Menifee over Temecula. I remember being referred to (by some that shall remain nameless) as the "dirt people."

That irony being pointed out, Do you think the incorporation of local areas under "Menifee" will change anything about this so-called stigma?


  1. Im glad that the cityhood passed but if you think the people in Menifee are any superior than anyone else in the new city you're mistaken. Menifee has just as many less desirable people as Romoland and Qual Valley do. The problem is that there isnt enough college educated people in Menifee period.

  2. I think it's just the Heritage Lake community in Romoland that wants to change it's address to Menifee.

  3. For clarification, I live in "Sun City" now and have so happily for the past 2 years.

    Remember, I am referring to a comment that was made to me. The question is not so much about the specific addresses that will change their names, but the attitude towards it.

    I hope that can re-direct the conversation.

  4. I heard of a nickname the other day.....Methafee........

  5. "The problem is that there isn't enough college educated people in Menifee period."
    Nice comment!
    Like this isn't going to hit a nerve or too
    We even have a college in town, but we are not educated, huh??

    For instance, the teachers of the Menifee School district,
    A lot of these teacher live in this community, I think they had to go to college to be doing what they do.
    So, before you throw Menifee people under the bus, think first!

    Take Menifee for what it is, a not so little rural town.

  6. Steve, your right! When I said I was moving to Romoland, people looked at me like I was crazy 'your moving to a trailer in the ghetto?'. If I say to people I live in Menifee, there like 'oh i hear its a nice growing community there.'

  7. When I moved to Menifee 5 years ago from San Diego People would say "Where". I would respond "20 Miles North of Temecula" and they would say "Oh!". I was glad nobody knew about Menifee. I wanted to get away from the cities!

  8. my kids refer to it as either menifizzle or lame-ifee

  9. "The problem is that there isnt enough college educated people in Menifee period"-EXCUSE ME??
    What is that about? I know people in my tract or that live in other areas that have been to college, including myself. I agree with one of the comments above, you don't think the school teachers live around here.

  10. Since some of us are sharing funny little nicknames of Menifee:

    Heck, I moved from "Klantee" (Santee, Ca) to the sister city of "Klanfee"....


  11. While my kids and I like to call it Meniweeee (drag out the weeeee) we havent found any stigma for Menifee other than "Where?" Most ppl have no clue where it is. As for as stigma's for the other areas - I think Quail Valley will always hve a stigma - people will just say "You live in the Quail Valley part of menifee" Just like Riverside - there are areas that are better than others. Orangecrest area of Riverside has a better reputation than say Arlanza area of Riverside. Its just the way it is. Sun City will always be where the old folks live etc.... BTW - Im have a college degree and live in Menifee!

  12. We are both delighted that cityhood passed and love the name Menifee as its so different and distinct...and by the way, I and my husband are both collage graduates...that poster doesn't have a clue..

  13. You can add another two to the number of college grads in Menifee--my husband and I.

    We moved here two years ago from Pomona, where we lived for 14 years. Let me tell you, you have no idea of what 'stigma' means until you live in Pomona!

  14. To the poster RE college educated: YOU, my friend, "may" be college educated BUT have absolutely no sense of how to relate to people. THAT shows you need to go back for some down to earth social skills and manners. Yes, I have a master's, but have never used that to qualify whether I either respect or disrespect my fellowmen..regardless of how big their house is. Shame on you!

  15. My husband and I both have graduate degree's and post graduate degree's and we live in the "blighted area called Quail Valley!"
    When will the madness end?

  16. My family and I have lived in Sun City( now Menifee, I'm happy to say) for 20 years. I didn't think of, or was concerned about how many people living her, were college educated. What is important to me (was and will always be) is having good- hearted neighbors, who take pride in
    where they live and treating others with respect.
    I have a Master's, work hard for a living and try to take nothing for granted. I want others to value me for who I am without any labels.
    The people around me work just as hard and I'm proud to know them.

  17. Amen to the last post! Some very famous and successful people have no degrees.

    I see that the FIRST meeting of the new council is Wednesday, 5p.m. at the Kay Ceniceros (?) Senior Ctr in Sun City. My question is - what room? I can't think of a room there that will hold a good crowd. Is it open to the public? I'm sure everyone wants to hear the first one! And I really hope we go in a good frame of mind ready to listen and show them support. We're ALL treading uncharted waters now...SCARY BUT EXCITING !

  18. I am happy about cityhood and hope to see more and more chances for all of us to use our time (little of it that we have) and brains (college educated or not) to better our areas. Menifee Valley, if it had been voted in, would have just been shortened to Menifee-so the vote makes sense-Sun City is generalized as retired areas-in this area of course it is not. I've never had an attitude about Romoland or Quail Valley except there are bigger lots and not so many tracts and more horses maybe. Icare more if people have clean yards and are not jerks than college or background. That doesn't always happen in the best of neighborhoods-I say good luck to us-we've got a good basis for a nice community-lets make sure it stays that way by not fighting on the comment page. My 3 college degrees make me a "hot" Mamma-but I work from the house-I have neighbors with none that make a far higher income and are just as well informed and educated as I-so what!

  19. Whether anybody will admit it or not, there is a lot in a name. Romoland has been called a lot of derogatory names over the years. There has been a stigma on Romoland and Quail Valley since we moved here over a decade ago.

    We purchased a home in the Heritage Lake community after living in Menifee for many years. When we bought our home, all of the sales information referred to the location as Menifee. It wasn't until we received our contract packet to sign that it was disclosed to be Romoland. It would seem even the sales people here were aware of the stigma.

    I had known about the cityhood efforts and have been a huge supporter from the beginning so I knew it was just a matter of time before that boundary line at Simpson Road would disappear. I love this area, my community, and I love that we are still living in Menifee.

    Oh yes, and I'll include for the poll, I am a college-educated stay-at-home mom.

  20. Okay wait a minute people you guys are talking about Menifee like if this was Bel Air or something like that. Ilive in Sun City and I am proud to tell you that I work very hard and pay taxes, there is nothing wrong with wanting our name to change, we all want what is best for these cites that have incorporated. All you snobs that think you are better than everyone, why don't you guys just MOVE to 90210, HOPEFULLY you wont loose your home! By the way there a lot of very nice homes in Sun City and Romoland. We are neighboring cities if you think we are not good why did you buy a home here!!! EDUCATED PEOPLE DONT'T ACT THAT WAY, HAVE SOME CLASS! Obviously you don't have a degree, do you??????