Menifee School Boundary Changes

At the MUSD Board Meeting this evening, the board of trustees voted to adopt a modified version of the boundary changes. Basically, the bou...

At the MUSD Board Meeting this evening, the board of trustees voted to adopt a modified version of the boundary changes.

Basically, the boundary changes will take effect for all elementary schools except for Ridgemoor Elementary. Ridgemoor's existing boundaries will remain in effect for at least the 2008-2009 school year.

The board chose from a total of four options...

  • Proposal 1 - which has Menifee Hills students living south of Honey Run Rd to attend Quail Valley Elementary School

  • Proposal 2 - which allows Menifee Hills students to stay at Ridgemoor, but move students living behind Stater Bros to Evans Ranch Elementary

  • Proposal 3 - which adopts boundary changes for all schools, except leave Ridgemoor's boundaries unchanged

  • Proposal 4 - postpone boundary changes until after they discuss budget changes this March

All five Trustees voiced their favor for Proposal 3, however Trustee Peters noted that Proposal 4 would be best since the upcoming budget changes could result in a loss of school busing for some students. Trustee Giardinelli responded that he has seen the budget proposals and he doesn't see anything that would change his preference for Proposal 3. Trustees Irey and O'Donnell noted that the heavy turnout and high emotions running at the Jan 14 meeting at Ridgemoor, could not be overlooked.

Trustee Twyman asked Assistant Superintendent Wood about the feasibility of the "attrition plan" that Todd Reed suggested here on Menifee 24/7 (link). Mr. Wood responded that it's not clear that an enrollment reduction by attrition would occur because of some unknown factors, primarily student growth in the community. Trustee Giardinelli responded that Ridgemoor's attendance is pretty much grown out with Sun City and Menifee Hills already being fully built. Mr. Wood noted that there's actually more construction on the way in the north-west sector of Sun City.

It's also worth noting that what the Trustees voted on today are the boundaries for the 2008-2009 school year, and that the year after that it'll probably change again.

At the end of the board meeting, Superintendent Linda Callaway announced that Callie Kirkpatrick and Menifee Elementary Schools have been nominated for "California Distinguished School".


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