Names Chosen for New Elementary Schools

This evening at the Menifee Union School District Board of Trustees meeting, names were chosen for the two new elementary schools.

"Quail Valley Elementary School" was the name chosen for School #8. They noted that in the voting process, another name "Quail Ridge Elementary School" had actually received the same number of votes, but that "Quail Valley" eventually won the tie breaker. The "Quail Ridge" name came about as a cross between Quail Valley and the canyon ridges that dominated the landscape in Quail Valley.

In my opinion, "Quail Valley" is a better choice since Menifee Cityhood will incorporate Quail Valley, and hence the community of Quail Valley will likely lose its namesake as a result. Thus, Quail Valley Elementary School will be one of the few fixtures that the community will have left to remind itself of its origins.

"Southshore Elementary School" is the name for School #11. The name is derived from the street its located on, Southshore Drive. Lynne Hanke, its new Principal, is apparently already busy incorporating a "Mariners" theme.


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