Two families wanting out of Menifee school district denied

The Press-Enterprise

RIVERSIDE - The Riverside County Office of Education denied two appeals Wednesday from families wishing to transfer out of the Menifee Union School District to attend a Lake Elsinore school within walking distance.

Menifee recently restricted the number of students it lets leave the district because of financial strains. More students mean more state funds.

One appeal stems from the confusion caused with a territory transfer involving Menifee, Lake Elsinore Unified School District and Perris High School District. New development in Canyon Hills forced a boundary adjustment.

Some homes that used to lie within Lake Elsinore limits were shifted to Menifee and Perris, including the residence of Kenneth Thomas. His son, a first-grade student at Cottonwood Canyon Elementary School in Lake Elsinore, should never have been enrolled there.

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