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April 7 was the First Day Forms were available for Write-In Candidacy. Any qualified person wishing to file as a write-in candidate may pick...

April 7 was the First Day Forms were available for Write-In Candidacy.
Any qualified person wishing to file as a write-in candidate may pick up
papers beginning this date. Papers must be filed with the Registrar of
Voters no later than 14 days prior to election day.


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  1. Pick up where?

  2. Pick up at Registrar of Voters.

  3. No one from the Romoland area on the ballot? Draft Bill Gould and Garrick Stein from the Romoland School District. Young leaders is what we need.

  4. Face it this is a Red Community, that is why nothing is done for the benefit of the whole community but the elite few. They are now trying to run our city council. They dominate school boards and development from here to Perris, Here are your examples Fred Twyman and his wife both on Menifee and Perris School boards respectively, John Denver and his wife, developer and former and current school board member. Do you see the patterns here folks. Keep going and you will see the group of people contolling all of these boards. Stop this madness and lets get fresh faces on our city one comment made stop the hand shaking soap washing candidates. Move the old OUT and in with the new. Forum for candidates set for Saturday April 26 3-5 pm in Sun City at Church of Christ and Paloma High April 30. Low voter turn outs help hmmmm who is it again..we know in the voting world.

  5. Anonymous April 13, 2008 11:06 AM, Put your money where your mouth is and run for a seat. Take the reigns. Do it. Take the plunge. Save us lemmings from ourselves before it's too late.....

  6. Steve from Menifee 24/7 should run for mayor...

  7. The Californian is doing a short piece highlighting each candidate's running platform. Click above...

  8. We are not a city as of yet. I hope the majority vote NO. Who are these people and why are they on the same ballot for city hood? A little presumptious aren't they. Why is the Civic Center/City Hall under construction prior to voters approval? The taxes will not support the city. No new development, even the ones that were under construction are not being completed. Readjustment of property values which are down 27 per cent, will mean 27 per cent less, at least in tax revenue. Established citys are failing.
    Temecula's city councilmen are employed by a developer or partners with him in a bank. Real Estate developers do not good councilmen make. What's two more years? In this 2 year period maybe all the citizens will be aware of the possibility of city hood not the elite 1029 out of 60,000 citizens can be included in the process. Please vote NO on F (cityhood). The economy might be better, property values higher, fewer empty homes and we can become more educated about potential council members. Why are they putting the horse before the cart?

  9. Sense did not make the last poster.

  10. I don't know why any one would vote no.
    I agree that I don't want the same people on city council that is already on the school board, but we need to become a city.
    Property values will turn around, the economy will get better and we need to have cityhood in tact to take advantage of it when it does happen. We don't want money spent at the new mall to go to Riverside County, it needs to stay here in Menifee to help fund community enhancement. We need the property taxes to stay here.
    Is there really ever a good time to take on a business endeavor (cityhood)? Sometimes you just have to go for it.
    Just vote the right people in.

  11. I actually think Dallas Mc has a pretty valid point. Building a civic center and city hall prior to being a city is very presumptuous.

    I am personally not sold on the idea that becoming a city is a "magic fix" to all the issues stated in the previous posts. While I respect the opinions of all voters, I will also be voting 'no' for becoming a city.

  12. The community needs local control now. If you live in the outlying areas of Menifee there is a good chance you'll be annexed to Perris or Murrieta if you don't take a stand now. There are many things in a community you can't control, here's one you can.

  13. I have heard that a developer is absorbing the costs of constructing a city hall/civic center. Hopefully, someone with more information will provide more details. Meanwhile, I will do research to get more valid information and post my findings on this blog.

    I can not understand why someone would vote no to cityhood after reading the incorporation documents found on the Riverside County Local Formation Commission (LAFCO)web site.

    The Comprehensive Fiscal Analysis (CFA)used to justify incorporation efforts will show almost $5,000,000surplus after the first year. In addition, the County will incur all costs for the first nine months (October 1, 2008-June 30, 2009 and not the city. After June 30, 2009, the new city will start with a budget surplus to incur costs by itself. If the CSA is followed, there should be a budget surplus for the next ten years.

    Many seniors are afraid that their taxes will increase. Pursuant to Prop 13 and Prop 218, the city will not be able to raise taxes with putting tax increase proposals on ballots for voters to decide. There must be 2/3 vote for a tax measure to pass.

    It would be great for everyone to read the available information on the internet. Incorporation documents can be read on Riverside County Local Formation Commission web site. One set of information can be found on LAFCO main page. Additional information can be obtained on the October 25 Meeting of LAFCO. Information on Prop 13 and Prop 218 can be reviewed by typing either Prop 13 or Prop 218 and then hit the search button of your search engine.

    There are issues that can be discussed but this response is getting very long.

  14. Cityhood Is a big step.Do your home work. If we do get cityhood don't vote for anyone who has anything to do with our school systems. It doesn't seem like there Is anyone In office who knows how to manage the budget or run a school system. All I've heard from the school boards since my child started school here 7 years ago has been "cut backs". I pay taxes and then we have to go out and by supplies for the classroom. There are to many kids getting free rides off our education system. They get free meals, free bus rides etc. Our we going to start our city this way, In debt and free rides to the special to many???

  15. April 25, 2008

    Scott A. Mann, Candidate for City Council, Proposed City of Menifee proudly announces his official endorsement by the Coalition of California Law Enforcement Associations and the Riverside Sheriffs' Association.

    ..."On behalf of the Riverside Sheriffs' Association (RSA), which represents more than 3,500 Deputy Sheriffs, Correctional Deputies, District Attorney Investigators, Probation Officers, and Deputy Coroners, nearly the entire Criminal Justice team for the County of Riverside, it is my pleasure to announce the RSA's endorsement of your candidacy for Menifee City Council. Your staunch commitment to public safety and law enforcement concerns along with your devotion to community service has made our decision an easy one."

    //s// Pat McNamara
    President, Riverside Sheriffs' Association

  16. Scott Mann is the reason our kids now walk to school. He is not good for our community as a leader. Twyman and Denver fall in the same category, Darci Castillejos is involved in many organizations and does none well.

  17. Dear "Anonymous" on May 2nd,

    Your comment demonstrates a lack of understanding of how the school district operates. Because this comment has been made before, I can no longer remain silent on your erroneous claim.

    Temporarily eliminating elementary school busing was one of 16 cost saving measures presented to the Menifee School Board as a result of the looming state budget crisis. I highly doubt that you were even at one of the three board meetings where these tough decisions were made. In the state of California, no school district is required by law to provided busing to school. I am not saying that is right, I'm simply stating a fact. Under the ed code, a school district is required to provide transportation for special needs students.

    The Menifee School Board is comprised of five members: Mr. Fred Twyman, Mrs. Phoeba Irey, Mr. Robert O'Donnell, Mrs. Rita Peters, and Mr. Victor Giardinelli all elected by you the voter (if you even voted). They had very tough financial decisions to make with the upcoming budget cuts. The vote was 3 - 2 on the issue of "temporarily eliminating elementary school busing".

    With respect to the organization of the District, the Board is the top layer of management, then under the Board is the Superintendent. Underneath the Superintendent is the Assist Superintendent of Business Services. As the Risk Manager for the District, I report to the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services. Therefore, the Risk Manager is two levels of management below the School Board where the decision to cut busing was made.

    So your claim that "Scott Mann eliminated busing" is a ludicrous and completely false statement. In this country, the constitution guarantees you the right to say nearly anything you want. In the future, I would encourage you to continue voicing your opinion and to take credit for it by identifying yourself. Hiding behind a handle of "Anonymous" does not carry alot of weight with the reader.

    Vote 'Yes' on Cityhood!


    Scott A. Mann

  18. During the forum at Paloma High School on Wednesday Scott Mann singled out a write-in candidate stating he should not be involved in the forum. I find it very interesting that the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department would endorse a candidate that does not believe in the Democratic process.

  19. I was there too. That was not the question and that is not what Scott Mann said. Supervisor Stone asked all candidates the same question... "Who of your fellow candidates would you not support and why?"

    Mann simply stated that he felt Cuomo, since he has only lived in the community two short years, that Mr. Cuomo would not have a grasp of issues in the Sun City core, Quail Valley and Romoland.

    That is not stopping the democratic process in any way. He simply answered the moderator's question.

  20. I wonder how many people are tired of hearing comments like "since he has only lived in the community two short years".

    These types of comments could be alienating many voters, which I'm sure is not the intention.

    I've only been here a couple years (3) as well. I'm sure that there are quite of few of us that have only been here a few years.

    I understand that people who have been here for a long time feel they are a bigger part of the community because they've been here longer. I'm just glad our votes all count the same...

  21. Scott Mann-
    Your post was very condescending and rude. Is this the way you will conduct yourself if elected. I know of a letter you sent to the teachers of Menifee, at the beginning of the year, that was so rude and nasty you had to later apologize for it this sounds like a pattern of bad temper and improper behavior. Believe me this letter will get to the local press very soon. By the way I was at all three board meetings and find it interesting that administrators raises were not cut but busing was.

  22. Wow! You are so off base. I happen to know that Mann did not have anything to do with eliminating school busing. I was at those school board meetings you are talking about. Further, the administrators at one point offered up their COLA increases as a cost saving measure and the BOARD said "thanks but, we don't need to do that".

    I thought his post about him not being involved in that decision was well written and answered your claim that "he was responsible" for eliminating elementary school busing. What beef do you have with this guy?

    You know, you talk about these things as if you work for the school district. If so, let me ask you this... Were you willing to give up your COLA and your precious step and column increase in order to save elementary school busing or prevent closing Menifee Elementary School for a year? Or did you just get another 'pass' on your performance evaluation thereby receiving yet another raise at taxpayer's expense?

    ... I didn't think so!

  23. It is interesting that the assumptions being written by Mann and his supporter, towards anonymous posts, are being created by assumptions directed at Mann? I guess it is okay for some to make assumptions but not others?

  24. I'm voting NO.

  25. Mieke is right! (April 18th) We do need to become a City for own voice and control!!! A couple years ago Murrieta tried to annex some of Menifee but was only successful up to Mapeleton behind JBar ranches on Scott. Perris tried to annex before too and failed but now has 3 legal suites (1 settled) about Menifee becoming a city. Perris and Murrieta are WAITING and READY to take us over if we don't become a city NOW! They just want your money not your best interests!! Vote YES for Cityhood and make 5 people that LIVE HERE in the area accountable to YOU!!!!!



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