Inland Empire Has 5th Highest Growth in the Nation

The U.S. Census Bureau today released statistics showing the top 10 metropolitan areas in the country that have had the highest population growth between 2006 and 2007, and the Inland Empire was #5...

Note that no other region of California is growing faster than the IE.

Also worth noting is that three of the top 10 metro areas, Phoenix, Inland Empire, and Las Vegas, all depend on the Colorado River for its livelihood, and this growth chart perhaps serves to warn us that available water will continue to be an issue.

In addition, nine of the ten areas are in southern states, which continues the story of this country's political power base continuing to shift away from the north in favor of the south.


  1. And the 2nd highest smog in the country!

  2. Now if we can get some of the companies these people work for along the coast to move annexes out here we would be sitting pretty! We need more businesses out here.