Menifee School Lunch Programs

The Californian reported that Menifee schools removed some beef from its cafeterias, after an animal rights group made claims that abused co...

The Californian reported that Menifee schools removed some beef from its cafeterias, after an animal rights group made claims that abused cows may have diseased meat...
The society claims those actions are not only cruel, but that meat from "downed cows" carries an increased risk of disease. Hallmark supplies Westland Meat Co., which processes the carcasses and supplies meat for school and other government programs.
You can read the full article here...

I still don't know why schools even bother to serve food.

Years ago, I published an article here, where I reported on what some kids in my neighborhood told me, that they just throw away the fruits and vegetables that Ridgemoor Elementary serves up.

Does the school district completely recoup its spending on food service from sales? I guess I don't know that answer.

But in the midst of talking about higher property taxes to pay for more schools, and knowing that a lot of food gets thrown away in schools, I can't helping wondering if we're losing money here.


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  1. I worked for four years at a middle school in Lake Elsinore and the lunch ladies MADE the kids take the "whole" lunch (fruit, milk, sandwich, etc.). The kids would chuck the milk and fruit right into the trash can that was placed outside the door for the purpose of giving them somewhere to throw their unwanted food. I asked why they did this and they said the state required them to make the kids take the complete meal. If you ask me, that sounds odd.

  2. I am all for getting rid of the lunch program, the only kids that really benefit from it are all the illegal kids that are attending the schools.

  3. WOW! Can't believe the last comment! Not all the kids that eat lunch are illegal!!! How ignorant are you to make such a racist comment!

  4. I also would like to point out that the second post is asking us to STARVE children out of our public schools.

  5. To the above commenter about "STARVE". The point is that its the parents responsibility to provide their kids with a lunch, not the school district.

    If a family is TOO poor to afford food, the federal government provides subsidies for free food.

  6. Steve says schools should not give students food for free. He says that it is the parents responsibility to provide their children with lunches. Then he says that the government will give parents free food. Where does Steve think the funding for free and reduced lunch is coming from? Bake sales? Free and reduced lunch is a government program and is intended to feed those that cannot afford it themselves. Poster #2 wants to end free and reduced lunch because they think only illegals take advantage of it.

  7. Compare the cost of buying a loaf of bread,veggies and some lunch meat or peanut butter and jelly to send with a child, than the cost for the school to school to provide lunches, than tell me who is ignorant.

  8. oops, suppose to read than the cost for the schools to provides lunches

  9. Okay, let's do your comparison. Let's say that a single family can buy a loaf of bread for $2.00, a jar of peanut butter for $3.00, and a jar of jelly for $3.00. Throw in a box of sandwich bags for a few bucks and some brown paper bags for maybe a dollar and you've got two weeks worth of lunch for $10. Now, the school will buy in bulk, getting the bread cheaper, peanut butter cheaper, and jelly cheaper that you can and they do not have to buy bags. The schools feed our children at a much more cost effective rate than a single family ever could.

  10. I just want to say that right now we are having a hard time financially and the free lunch at the high school for our son really helps us out..we tried to get food stamps but were declined because we own two cars..and no we are not illegal..our family has been in this country for almost 400 years..since 1635.

  11. The author of comment #2 is a real idiot! Im an school administrator for a local district and in this area the majority of students receiving free and reduced lunch are "white" non latino. When I read posts like these it makes me wonder why in the hell did I ever move out here. In my opinion, people should not have kids if they cant afford them. Many good people fall on hard times, thats why our country provides benefits like these, but the bottom feeders who live off of al of us hard working people need to stop taking advantage of this country.

  12. Setting the record straight. I currently work for the MUSD as a teacher and have done so for over 10 years. Over these past years I have often had breakfast duty before school. We have many students in the morning who receive a free breakfast. For the record the ethnicity of the students is equal to all races. Poverty exists everywhere and has no boundaries. What bothers me is the amount of food wasted and its lack of nutrional value. Breakfast usually consists of a deep fried sausage dipped in batter and sprinkled with powdered sugar, a bowl of some brand of sugar coated cereal, a cinnamon sticky bun, or blueberry muffin. It is already prepackaged, not prepared by the MUSD. It comes with berry juice or apple juice and chocolate milk. Notice I never mentioned any fruit or anything nutritious. What sickens me every morning is the amount of carbohydrates and sugar our school children are eating. Do these students need something in their belly before school starts? Yes. They would go without eating if they couldn't eat at school. I just wish it was something that was good for them. The cost of this free breakfast is funded by the government and the cafeteria must serve both beverages. As I see the kids walk away from the cafeteria I see them throw away the milk before ever getting to the tables. The teacher on duty tries to collect the extra milks and give them away, but much of it is wasted. I have asked the workers to take it back, but they say they can't because of government regulations to serve X amount per day. Additionally it is served on a styrofoam plate, not recycled paper.

  13. Whatever happened to the school lunches actually being prepared by the "lunch ladies"? Chilimac, spagetti , grilled cheese.
    And let's not take out our political views on the children. They are all equal no matter who their parents are. Every kid deserves a meal.

  14. No one can argue that the lunches served in schools are not as good as they should be, nevertheless, school lunches (free or not) keep many of our children with food in their stomach throughout the day. You see, not all moms are stay-home moms and are able to provide a packed lunch all the time fo rthe kids, sometimes it's easier to give them money or create them an account for they to buy lunch. As you can see, it's not only the illigal children that benefit from school lunch but the rest of us as well. Next time you decide to give your opinion, do some research so that you don't appear as ignorant as you have.

  15. Why in the world are you guys arguing over this. The schools provide a well balanced meal for kids to eat. Including Fruit, Salad, milk and something hot to eat. There has always been reduced lunches for people that can't afford full price.
    Teach your kids at home to eat the fruit and vegies. If you want to waste your money and have them buy their lunch and then have them throw it out, thats your choice.
    The lunches are prepared by a lunch lady. Where to you people get your information?
    If you are financially burdened, then try to get on the WIC program. It provides Milk,Cheese, Cereal, and other things kids like to eat.
    Healthy Eating starts at home,and from the looks of some of the kids and parents around here, thats not happening.

  16. I find it quite amusing that the same people who cannot afford to feed their children drop off and pick up their children each day in their nice new automobiles with 22" rims (and the stickers to prove it) bumping systems, latest clothes, etc. The reason they can't "afford" it is because they have no REPORTABLE income - GET IT? It's not racist to call someone illegal - it's TRUE - but being the Pepsi Generation (Much too sweet these days), we are not allowed to speak the truth. My wife is a school teacher and we have two kids at Ridgmoor and one at MVMS so don't accuse me of making this up - we see it and live it everyday!. If they're "undocumented aliens" then I'm an undocumented border patrol agent! Stick that in your Politically Correct pipe and smoke it!

  17. To Minuteman,

    I hope your wife follows the ciriculum and does not give off as much hatred as yourself.

    My son also goes to MVMS and he has a hispanic name, but a legal father. I hope your wife does not jugde him like it seems you would.

    I cannot imagine anyone caring if a child receives a meal at lunch time? As a mom, I hope that no child is hungary while at school.

  18. As a Chumash Indian, I would hope all illegals go home.

  19. Dons72: Amen!

    To the Bleeding Heart Mom: Hatred? What hatred? My hard earned money is taxed to the max to ensure that people who break the law, lie about their income and don't pay taxes get free lunch (courtesy of me), 22" rims, housing assistance (again, thanks to me), etc. etc. The list goes on. I understand that you have been brainwashed that TRUTH = HATRED, and for that I really do feel sorry for you. I was raised to respect all, fear none, do more than my fair share and question everything. There are many laws that I disagree with, but i follow them, therfore I am not a criminal. I tell the truth, after researching the facts and according to you, that is hatred. How sad. I Never mentioned hispanic names - and for the record, my children are hispanic - so that removes your smokescreen!

  20. How sad it must be to be the Minuteman (perhaps he got that nickname from his wife). He claims he is "taxed to the max" but I highly doubt that (ask a European how much they pay!) He also assumes that these people that have 22' inch rims are getting free lunches for their children? How does he know that? He clearly is not friends with them as he considers them criminals. Some people just don't share well with others and hate to help those that they believe are not worthy of their assistance.

  21. To the Socialist above me - in Europe, people are taxed a great deal. For their taxes they get very little in return. The Health & Welfare Sytem over there is terrible - ever hear the phrase "You get what you pay for"? Look at EVERY government ran service in this country. Bureacracies that cold use some major overhauling. Ever been to the DMV? INS? Sharing with others, you say? If people like you had their way we could just knock down all borders and then we could all share. Our minimum wage would drop and your $8.75 an hour job at Wal-Mart would soon become $1.00 an hour. But you could be happy that you are sharing.As far as "Minuteman" goes - funny. Check your US History oh brainwashed one!

  22. Minuteman says that the Europeans pay a ton of taxes for very few services. Then he tries to prove his point by saying, "You get what you pay for." That makes a lot of sense. If that were true, wouldn't Europe have the best services?

  23. I do not believe that the poster that made fun of the sexual prowess of Minuteman was claiming to open up the borders. I believe they were just stating that not every poor person is an illegal alien (or even a minority) and that we cannot deport American children just because their parents are illegally here.

  24. Hey Minuteman,

    I will personally purchase you a set of 22" rims with my tax rebate check from the government.

    I was going to buy a bunch of school kids lunch, but the schools already have that covered.

  25. Who cares how much Europeans are taxed. You should care about what is coming out of your own pocket. My husband and I work hard for our money. I don't like paying for others to live and have health care, etc.
    I stood behind a lady at the grocery store who was on the WIC Program I mentioned, she was talking on her cell phone. You make scarifices to feed, clothe and shelter your kids. A cell phone should be one of them.
    I don't think that just because you are born here, should should automatically be a citizen. Your parents should have to be.

  26. So Holly wants to stop having her tax money go to government programs, ban poor people from owning cell phones, and rewrite the Constitution in regards to citizenship. Good luck with that.

  27. you better leave holly alone .....

  28. Holly,

    Liberalism is a disease. These people who are calling Minuteman's words "Hatred" have been blinded by the Left. Why would a FREE man or woman have their money taken from them to feed, clothe, and house criminals? Teachers, who are very underpaid mindyou, just received letters in the mail telling them that their raises have been put on hold due to the California budget crisis. Do you know how many millions of dollars we are paying each year to incarcerate illegal criminals in our jails? But when you state the facts, they call you a hatemonger? That money could be put to use employing more Police Officers, Firefighters and Teachers and paying them what they are worth. Instead those who have devoted their lives to teaching our children won't get their raise, but the criminals will have a roof over their head, free medical and dental, clothing and food, so I guess we should just be thankful for that! ALL children should eat - this is why we VOLUNTARILY donate money each paycheck to feed children all around the world. When you FORCE me to support other people who are breaking the law, I have a serious problem with that. Do some research people, don't let emotion blind the facts. In a few years, if it keeps going this way, America will be destroyed!

  29. All right. I agree. Let's do it. Let's get rid of all illegals in order to save moeny. Let's do it right now. Let's not waste anymore time about it. Ok, first things first. We'll have to FIND all of the illegals. Hmm, that might be difficult but if we hired more police and put them in charge of nothing else, they could probably round them all up. Everybody knows where every illegal is, right? What? What is that? THERE MIGHT BE AS MANY AS 12 MILLION OF THEM? Dear God! That will cost a pretty penny! If it comes out that hunting illegals costs more than a few bucks per success story, that could be millions and millions of dollars spent on hunting them down. Oh well, no matter. The illegals must be kicked out. OK, we have rounded them all up. We've got 12 million illegals sitting in holding pens all over the United States. Damn, we need to build some more holding pens because we don't have a jail large enough to hold an extra 12 million people. Hmm, how do we get them back to their country? Fly them? Yeah, 12 million coach tickets would be a nice use of tax-payer dollars. Drive them? Sure, with gas at $3.00 a gallon that would be very cost efficient. You could probably safely get 10 illegals into a van so you would only need to use 1.2 million vans to get them back where they came from. Not to mention the salaries of the illegal alien hunters, the detention camp guards, and the 1.2 million van drivers. But, after spending 100's of millions of dollars, we have them all kicked out. Well, we gotta keep them out. A wall! A border wall is the answer! Hmm, it's gotta be tall so they can't climb over it. It's also gotta be thick so they can't drill through it. Don't forget to make it deep in the Earth so they cannot tunnel through it. So how much would it cost to pay tens of thousands of workers to use millions of dollars of supplies to build a 15 feet tall, 3 feet thick, 10 feet deep, 1,969 mile long, concrete wall? Keep in mind that this is nearly 780 million cubic feet of concrete structure (with thousands of miles of rebar reinforcing it) Would that be a satisfactory use of tax payer dollars? Yes yes. We must do all of this in order to save some money.

  30. Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
    With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
    Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
    A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
    Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
    Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
    Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
    The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
    "Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
    With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

  31. Holly, if you had any sense at all, you would understand that your comment is ridiculous. I guess you are a Native American. If your comment is what you really think, then your parents would have to go by the same standards and grandparents too. Every single member of your ancestry was born here??? If a person is born here, it is their God given right to be a citizen. Stop being a hater. I wonder if you have ever benefitted from the government or others'???

  32. To the comment above me, Why don't you sign your name? I think you are ridiculous and stupid for your views, things are different now. If you like your hard earned money going to a family that is not a US citizen, because they had a baby here, thats your choice. I would rather not. Then again you probably are getting government help right now.
    I am not a hater. I just want people to take care of their own like I do and all of my friends do. Why do you accuse me and others of being haters when we don't want people getting freebies. And no I have never had any government assistance, and neither has my parents or my siblings. YOU?

  33. Holly claims she has "never had any government assistance."

    So, she has never...

    Driven on a public road
    Been in a public park
    Gone to a public school
    Voted in an election
    Gone to court
    Received a tax rebate
    Used money (Federal Promissary Notes!)
    Used student aid
    Been to a public library
    Swam in a public pool
    Been in the military
    Been on a military base
    Ridden on Amtrak
    Used the United States Postal Service
    Taken money off her taxes for business expenses
    Visited a public museum
    Visited a public beach
    Used public electricity
    Used public water supplies
    Dropped off something at the County dump
    Gotten a driver's license
    Received a Social Security number

    There are probably others but they are not coming to mind.

  34. I think Holly meant to say "handout".... Like that free cheese you stand in line for. That must be where you have time to think about what to list on Menifee 24/7.