Menifee School Bond in the Papers

One thing about being in Menifee, is living smack dab in the middle of two newspapers, The Californian and The Press Enterprise. And on top...

One thing about being in Menifee, is living smack dab in the middle of two newspapers, The Californian and The Press Enterprise.

And on top of that, two editorial pages that seem to disagree with each other more often than not.

Today, The Californian stated its opposition against Measure B, the Menifee School Bond...
With several large housing developments already approved for Menifee, there's little doubt the district will one day need those schools, the question is when. If the housing market turns around within a year or two, it could be sooner than later, but it's fairly clear they aren't needed now and likely won't be for at least five more years, and possibly longer.
But a couple of weeks ago, the Press Enterprise stated is approval for Measure B...
The Menifee Union School District cannot provide enough classrooms for one of the state's fastest-growing regions without more money. That circumstance makes the district's school bond on the Feb. 5 ballot a necessity.
To add more confusion to the mix, the editorials offer up some conflicting numbers...

The Californian - "...the district would have about 9,250 students in two years. The capacity of its 11 schools ---- including the two new schools opening in July ----- is 9,600 on a traditional calendar, but 12,000 if it sticks with its year-round schedule."

The Press Enterprise - "But with more than 8,800 students, facilities are crowded. The district grew by about 1,000 students just in the past year, and projects another 3,100 students in the next five years. Without Measure B, the district will be hard-pressed to find places for those children to learn."

One paper seems to think the situation isn't that dire, the other thinks we're going to burst at the seams. Neither one is really touching the subject of moving to a traditional calendar, though The Californian did say it thinks the district isn't being up front with its intentions for Measure B.

Links to the editorials...

For those of you new to Menifee 24/7 and wanting to learn more about Measure B, I've provided links to all the articles published here. The articles involving school boundary changes are tied into the Measure B debate, you'll want to read them as well.

The vote is scheduled for Feb 5, this Tuesday...


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  1. I am not in favor of Measure B since I have no children and I am barely able to keep up with my current property tax. My main concern is if the measure does pass and then the state does not fork over the money it promises to help pay for the schools. Who will be stuck with the bill when they build all three schools? Would it be the homeowners who pass the measure? The governor did propose not release funds that they already promise to other school district due to budget cuts. Instead of trying to keep passing the expense to the homeowners the school district needs to pass the expense onto the parents of those children who are attending school. I know if my sister had to start paying something towards her kids education she will make sure they attend school on a regular bases and will get involve with there school work.



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